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Why in the world would you advertise on InfoDog?

InfoDog offers the following advertising options...

Bi-Annually (6 month term)  $ 60  ($10/mo)
Yearly (12 month term) $100  ($8.33/mo)

Link Order Form

Page Set-up*

$ 25

Bi-Annually (6 month term) $ 90 ($15/mo)
Yearly (12 month term) $150  ($12.50/mo)
Additional pages half price

*The page set-up charge applies to new subscriptions
or subscriptions not renewed before term expiration and
can include set-up for one photo or graphic, 1 photo or graphic
up to 125 words of text, e-mail link, link to another web site

Additional photos or graphics can be added or changed for a
one time charge of $10.00 each  (up to 5 photos or graphics
per page at no additional monthly charge).

Advanced Media such as graphics, video, audio, slideshows,
and animations can be added to your web page. 

Web Page Order Form

  • Classified Ad Web Page
    We will create and host a classified ad Web Page and Link to it from our Classified Ad Index.  This option is for folks wishing to post non-retail items they have for sale, employment opportunities or employment search, real estate offerings, etc...

Quarterly (3 month term)

$ 45

Classified Ad Order Form

  • Banners
    Advertisers may purchase space on selected InfoDog pages for the placement of a graphic "Banner" that will link directly to their Web Site.  

    There are 2 Banner Positions available per page

    Top Banner
    ( 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high) and 
    Side Banner
    ( 98 pixels wide x 280pixels high)

    Banner Advertiser can occupy the space exclusively or can choose to rotate within the space with up to 2 other Advertisers (5 sec intervals).  The monthly rate is discounted accordingly.

    Monthly Rates and Pages Available 

Winners for the Week  View Page

Monthly Rate

Top Banner



Show Calendar   View Page

Infodog Home Page  View Page


Monthly Rate

Exclusive 1/2 Space 1/3 Space
Top Banner $750 $375 $250
Side Banner $500 $250 $175


Show Information Main Menu  View Page

Show Information Search Panels  View Page

Show Information Search by State View Page
(Top Banner only)


Monthly Rate

Exclusive 1/2 Space 1/3 Rate 
Top Banner $500 $250 $175
Side Banner $300 $150 $100


Show Information Judges Directory  View Page

Dog Fancier Products Directory  View Page

Dog Fancier Services Directory  View page

Classified Ads Directory  View Page

Monthly Rate

Exclusive 1/2 Space 1/3 Space
Top Banner $300 $150 $100
Side Banner $200 $100 $85

How to order a Banner on InfoDog

E-mail sales@infodog.com,  fax (336 643-9434), or mail to: InfoDog Sales, 8006 Willow Glen Trail, Greensboro, NC 27455,  the following Information:

1). the URL for the web site to which your banner will link

2). the page on which you will want your Banner

3). the term (# of months)

4). payment in full (check, *VISA, or Master Card)

5). the graphic you have created for us to post (We can create the Banner Graphic 
     for you at an additional $35 charge).

 *Provide credit card number and expiration date


We also offer:

  • Free Rescue Organization Link or Web Page
    InfoDog will post a free Link to Non-profit Rescue Organizations' web sites.  If the organization does not have a web site,  we'll create and host a general information/contact web page for them and then link to it from the Rescue Org Directory. Rescue Link Order Form

  • Show Catalog Advertising
    Kennel Clubs can advertise in the MB-F Catalog.

Kennel Club Advertising in the MB-F Catalog
Kennel Clubs - please use the following forms to place your order for ads within the MB-F Show Catalogs
Note: these forms are available in Adobe PDF file format.  To view them you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  This is a free utility that comes pre-installed on most computers.   However, if you need a copy of this free utility, click the Adobe Icon below and then select the "Download Now" option...

adobe.gif (897 bytes) ęClick the icon to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (It is a FREE utility for viewing and printing)

Advanced Media
InfoDog also offers advanced media to enhance your web page.  Take a moment to explore the following demonstrations and contact our creative services department for complete details on how you can put these options to work for you.

Photos and Graphics
InfoDog hosted Web Pages include one photo or graphic at no set up charge.   Additional photos or graphics can be added or changed for $5.00 each. (Up to 5 photos or graphics per page).

Send your photos or graphics (logo, drawing etc...) by regular mail (to: InfoDog Web Site, 8006 Willow Glen Trail, Greensboro, NC 27455) or by e-mail  a .jpeg file.  Just be sure to include your order confirmation on the back of your photo or if submitting by e-mail, use your order confirmation number as the name of the .jpeg file. 

Video and Audio clips and Slide Shows using RealMedia from Progressive Networks
Give us your video, audio or photographs and we will prepare a multimedia clip that users can view from your ad or web page. All that is needed is the RealPlayer plugin available from Progressive Networks. RealPlayer is now included with Windows 98.  Click here for a video sample

Brighten up your web page or ad with a custom animation. Our creative services department can turn your pictures or ideas into exciting motion that will enhance your message.
Click here for an animation sample

Contact our creative services department and describe your ideas or preferences and we will give you a price quote..

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