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Mrs. Marcia Feld

Libertyville, IL
(847) 362-4237

Marcia Feld, born in Washington DC, grew up with what was believed to be a German Shepherd/Boxer mix. "Pal" was her best friend, and the beginning of her love of dogs. A hint of the future came from a fascination with white swordtail fish and the attempt to produce a colony of them.

Marcia's education was heavy in science as a pharmacy student, and then in the arts and psychology as a result of a degree in music education. The world of dogs involves all three and allows for continual growth.

As a breeder, she worked with the Miniature Schnauzer, specializing in the development of the black/silver recessive color. The challenge was that anyone with enough money could buy a beautiful dog, but Marcia wanted to make one herself. The successful Feldmar line had a great impact worldwide.

Judging interest began with a trip to the AKC Institute - Cal-Poly-'91, and continues with the opportunity to constantly compare form/function/type from breed to breed . Dogs are a continuing fascination and wonderful source of pleasure.

Breeds Approved to Judge:

Tibetan Mastiffs
Number of Champions: 20
Number of years as an exhibitor: 25
Number of years as a breeder: 31
Number of years as a handler: 0
Number of years as a judge: 17