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Mr. Kenneth Kauffman

Sellersville, PA
(215) 453-0399
I started with one Cairn Terrier in obedience in 1977. Since then I have bred and exhibited over 30 CHs. I began judging 25 yrs ago, an am currently approved for the terrier group, jr. showmanship, BIS, and 18 toy breeds. I am still actively breeding and showing Cairn Terriers under the Brehannon prefix. I have just retired from teaching art at Girard College in Phila., PA after almost 40 yrs., and live in Sellersville, PA in a historically designated, 150 yr. old farm house with my partner of 28 yrs, 7 dogs, and 6 cats. Everyone asks - Ken, what are you going to do now that you're retired, and my answer is, whatever I want!
Breeds Approved to Judge:
Best in Show
Aire Terr
Am Stafford Ter
Aust Terr
Bed Terr
Border Ter
Br Griffon
C Bull Terr
W Bull Terr
Cairn Terr
C K Ch Spaniels
Cesky Terriers
L C Chihuahuas
S C Chihuahuas
Dan Din Terr
Sm Fox Terr
W Fox Terr
Glen of Imaal Te
Irish Terr
Kerry Bl Terr
Lakeland Terr
Std Man Terr
Toy Man Terr
Mini. Bulls
Min Schnauzer
Norfolk Terrier
Norwich Terrier
Pars Russell Ter
Min Poodle
Std Poodles
Toy Poodles
Russell Terrier
Scottish Terr
Sealyham Terr
Silky Terr
Skye Terr
S C Wheaten Terr
Staff Bull Terr
Toy Fox Terr
Welsh Terr
West High Wh Ter
York Terr
Number of Champions: 35
Number of years as an exhibitor: 35
Number of years as a breeder: 36
Number of years as a handler: 0
Number of years as a judge: 25