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  How to Judge a Virtual Dog Show

How to Judge a Virtual Dog Show

As a member of My Infodog, you have the opportunity to judge classes. There are two types of classes, and although the judging process is identical, the results are different:

  • Conformation Classes - You can judge any of the conformation classes for any breed. All are optional. Your picks are then displayed on the results catalog page, so you can compare your choices against the choices of the official judge. You will be the only one who can see your picks. This is for fun only - to see how well you stack up against the judges. And it is educational also - as you complete classes, you will see Best of Breed, Best of Group, and finally Best in Show appear, ready to be judged. As in a real show, these classes cannot be judged until lower classes have been completed.

  • Non-Regular Classes (Cutest Dog Photo, etc) - Your vote will really count towards who is selected as the winner. You can judge these classes for any or all breeds. We count up all member votes plus the judges to determine the winners.

Follow these instructions to judge any class in current My Infodog Virtual Dog Shows.

  1. This page shows all virtual shows where you can judge classes. All shows that say Judge Now can be judged at this time. Click Judge Now to continue.

  2. You will then be presented with a page of all breeds that you will be judging.. If you will be judging the Group and/or BIS classes, they will also be shown. Simply click Judge Now beside a breed to see the offered classes and number of entries for that breed.

  3. The next page shows all classes to be judged for this breed. To simulate a real show, you must judge them in the appropriate order. This page will let you know which classes have already been judged ("Judging Complete"), which ones are ready to judge ("Judge Now"), and which ones are still pending ("Pending").  You can  immediately judge any class with a Judge Now link. Non-regular "FUN" classes (i.e. Cutest Dog Photo, Best Costume, c.te) can be judged at any time. Click Judge Now beside a class to enter the virtual judges’ book and begin judging.

  4. You are now in the judging page. All dogs are initially displayed in the scrollable film strip at the bottom of the page. To review a dog, simply click on the image in the film strip. The dog will then be moved to the viewing area for consideration. If you are not interested in a dog, you can simply click the X in the upper right corner and return it to the film strip. You must review all dogs in the class (that is, move them into the viewing area).

  5. Click on the yellow left and right arrows directly above each photo to scroll through different views(images) of the dog. Note that the exhibitor determines how many and what views are available. The views will not be the same for all dogs. You may click the magnifying glass icons on any image to make them larger or smaller. By clicking on an image and holding down the left mouse button you may drag a dog around the screen.

  6. As necessary, click on the breed link in the upper right corner to pop up a window that describes the breed standard. Note that this page comes directly from the AKC.

  7. Select the placement of the dog by using the dropdown boxes above each dog picture. You must award all ribbons shown at the top of the screen for each class. When you are satisfied with your selections, you must click the "Judging Complete" button on the upper right. Once you compete judging, you can NOT go back and change results.

  8. Judging for breeds usually last three days with one day for groups and one day for best in show judging to follow. Always consult the schedule for the specific show for any variations. Always try to complete assignments as early as possible as group judges may be waiting for you to finish your breeds in order to judge their groups and spectators will be viewing results in real time. All results are final.

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