InfoDog Survey Information

We have already shared with AKC your ideas and suggestions on ways to increase AKC dog registrations. Your responses are in the hands of several people at AKC and we expect they will be discussed and perhaps some of them, or a combination of them, might be used.

We are in the process of working our way through the responses regarding what you would do to increase dog show entries. Once we have it in an organized form we will be sharing it with our Show Chairmen.

Included in your ideas and suggestions for this question were a number of responses we thought might need to be discussed. There were many of you who thought clubs should (a) give a discount on the entry fee if you entered a dog in multiple shows over a cluster or if you entered more than one dog in a show. In addition, there were responses from individuals who thought that if you (b) entered a certain number of dogs at a show, or a certain number of shows over a cluster, that you should get things like free or preferred parking, etc. Further, some wanted a checkbox on the entry form to (c) enter the dog only if there were a major or points.

We know you are sincere in your suggestions and we donít want you to think that these particular responses were ignored, but the simple truth is that these things are a violation of the AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows which would subject a club to a fine, a reprimand, or possibly some other discipline that could be even more severe.

In the case of items (a) and (b), Chapter 11, Section 14, states that ďAny show-giving club which accepts an entry fee other than that published in its premium list or in any way discriminates between exhibitors or entrants, shall be disciplined. No show-giving club shall offer to any one owner or handler any special inducement, such as trophies, reduced entry fees, rebates, additional prize money, or any other concession, for entering more than one dog in the show.

In the case of item (c) Chapter 11, Section 5, states that ďNo entry may be made and no entry may be accepted by a Superintendent or Show Secretary which specifies any condition as to its acceptance. (Please note that the bold type is ours in both examples and used for emphasis only.)

All of us (Clubs, Superintendents, AKC, other exhibitors and members of the Fancy) appreciate and benefit from your taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas. Itís only by working together that we can make things better for everyone.

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