Spotlighting MB-F Employees (Part II)


We continue to introduce and acknowledge the MB-F employees who have dedicated themselves to the success of each MB-F show.

BRIAN HENDRICKSON Accounting Department, North Carolina

Brian has been with MB-F for a little over two years. He is responsible for paying bills, compiling financial statements and budgets, daily deposits, payroll and the handling of employee benefits - most of his job responsibilities have to do with the operations of the company. “Generally, almost everything that deals with money will pass through my office at some time or another.” He has a B.S. in Accounting from Elon College and is currently taking a review course in his attempt to pass the CPA exam. While at college he was 1st Team, All Conference, in baseball. Brian is married to Susan, who works in corporate communications for a large well-known company. His current hobbies include fitness, camping, skiing and any outdoor sport/adventure. Brian came to MB-F right out of college. “When I came for my job interview I had no idea what MB-F stood for or what they did. As I waited in the reception area I looked around and noticed several paintings of dogs on the walls. I sat there thinking to myself, ‘Gosh, these people sure do like dogs a lot!’ Little did I know!”

CHARLOTTE STACY BROWN Superintendent, North Carolina Office

Charlotte first worked for MB-F as a Superintendent from 1979-81 coming from a career in Professional Handling. In the intervening years she worked at AKC in Raleigh in Customer Service and then as a Superintendent for Onofrio Dog Shows. She returned to MB-F in October of ’99. She has three grown children: Susan Lowder, William and Robert Stacy. She attended Northeastern University where she studied Accounting. Charlotte is married to Paul Brown and they share golf as their main hobby. She would like you to know, “I enjoy working with people and I try hard to satisfy their needs.”

KUNO W. SPIES Weekend Superintendent, North Carolina Office

Kuno describes the job of Superintendent as the front person, answering the questions of the clubs and the exhibitors. “We are a service organization” and “user friendly.” Kuno has been an MB-F Superintendent for 14 years. His regular job for the last 32 years has been in the financial industry. He is with ABC-Pershing as Vice President in charge of converting regional brokerages to the ABC system, spending three to four months on site with new clients, training and converting. He is licensed by the NASD as a general securities rep, a general securities principal and a financial and operations principal. He is married to Nancy and has two grown children, Susan and Mark. The Spies household is down to one Brittany, Gunner. Kuno’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, dogs and stained glass. He is a past President, Vice President, Treasurer and Director of Schooleys Mountain Kennel Club and a Delegate of the New Jersey Dog Federation. He has been a Director, Show Chairman, past President, Vice President and Treasurer of Somerset Hills Kennel Club. He is also involved with the North Jersey Brittany Club, a Founding Member of the Meadowlands Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, and a Director of Morris and Essex Kennel Club. His superintending duties have provided some humorous experiences, including the time several years ago when he went to some shows in New England. “When I got to the motel I checked in and got my key from the clerk. I proceeded to my room, unlocked and opened the door and, to my surprise, I found a couple in bed – and they were not sleeping!” As a superintendent, Kuno will “go out of my way to help the novice; they are the future of our sport.”

TONYA JORDAN Superintendent, Michigan Office

Tonya has been with MB-F for nine years, beginning in the set-up department, to an authorized representative then to a Superintendent. She is married to MB-F employee, Jerry Jordan, and they are expecting their first child. Their household has two dogs, a Gordon Setter, “T,” and a Jack Russell Terrier, “K.O.” In her off hours Tonya likes to play golf. She says that recently “all the great dog people in Florida surprised me with a baby shower over a weekend at Florida shows.” It meant a lot to her. Tonya would like you to know that, “I enjoy what I do and hope that it shows.”

RICHARD W. HAMLIN Superintendent, Michigan Office

Dick has been with MB-F, Michigan, for 10 years. Prior to joining MB-F he was involved in Management at General Motors Corp. in Engineering Budget and Cost. He is a weekend Superintendent, attending shows with his wife, Eleanore, and during the week he works as Insurance Manager with a Michigan bank. Dick’s education credits include the University of Detroit, Wayne State University Applied Management and Technology Center and Electronic Computer Programming Institute of Detroit. He has been sited with an Award of Service to Warren Cons. School’s Athletic Board and PTO Community Involvement, G.M. Men’s Club Church Governing Board and Youth and Sports Activities. His hobbies include travelling, sports, history and reading. Dick and Eleanore have three children, Rick, Donna and Christine and five grandchildren. They have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Mandy, at home. He says one of the humorous experiences he’s had in connection with his Superintending duties came at a show when a lady came to him and “very seriously asked what Group the Working Dogs were in”. He’d like you to know he is at your service and can be approached any time and is more than willing to help.

TARA PATEL Ribbon Dept, North Carolina

Tara has been a Rosette maker for three years. Tara, a widow, has four children, Smita, Jay, Meena and Vinay, and two grandchildren. Her hobby is sewing. She has two German Shepherd Dogs, Rocky and Sheba, and a parrot, Shyam. She says “everyone in our department is very conscientious about our product and we strive to make each show successful.”

JERRY JORDAN Superintendent; Set-up, Michigan Office

Jerry has been with MB-F, Michigan, for 21 years, beginning with set-up, rising to supervisor of the Michigan set-up crew, and now is a licensed Superintendent. He is married to MB-F Superintendent, Tonya Jordan, and awaits their first child. Although their two dogs keep them busy, Jerry also likes to play golf and fix and make things for their house. Jerry says, “I take great pride in how the shows look for the clubs and the exhibitors.”

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