Name: Barbara Lefever
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2013 among Cairn Terriers in Conformation Dezi is worlds only AKC Grand Champion Cairn Terrier with an AKC UD title Dezi is first and only Grand Champion to also earn a CDX title- earned both titles- July 2013 First Cairn Terrier Grand CHampion to earn her CA Coursing ABility title DEzi recvd SILVER VERSATILITY AWARD from the CTCA in October 2013 Dezi recvd High Score award 199.5 from the CTCA ~ Cairn Terrier Club of America DEzi earned 5 AKC Titles in 2013- also gave birth to puppies January 2013 bounced back to become Grand Champion, CDX, BN, GO, and CA- huge accomplishment for this SnowedOn Cairn Terrier

Name: Barbara Lefever & Joan Eastman
Name: Joan Eastman
Name: Barbara Lefever
GCH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays UD BN GN GO RE CA
Call Name: Dezi    Sex: Bitch

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NAME: GCH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays UD BN GN GO RE CA
SEX: Bitch
BREED: Cairn Terriers
DOB: 01/11/2008
SIRE: Ch Bann Spring Valle Beckett
DAM: Ch Critterkin's Sparky's Sterling Silver
GCH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays UD BN GN GO RE CA
11 Points to Date
Mattaponi Kennel Club 05/22/2010 Mr. Kenneth M. McDermott Novice Bitches 1/W/BW/OS 1 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "Dezi" and owner handler Barbara Lefever selected by Mr Kenneth McDermott as Winner our first Big Win! btw, edged out a gracious Ms Lydia Hutchison that day- she smiled and tapped me on the shoulder, to tell me that I won, as I was so new to Conformation, did not think I had a snowball chance of beating the legendary Lydia who is kind, gracious and we had dinner afterwards, which heartily speaks of the Good Sportsmanship she embodies.
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc. 12/18/2010 Mrs. Thora P. Brown Open Bitches 1/W/BW 1 Yes
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc. 12/19/2010 Mr. Kenneth M. McDermott Open Bitches 1/W/BW 1 Yes
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc. 05/28/2011 Mrs. Polly (Mrs. Robert) D. Smith Open Bitches 1/W/OS 3 Yes
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc. 12/17/2011 Ms. Mary Jane Carberry Open Bitches 1/W/OS 1 Yes
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc. 12/18/2011 Mr. Fred C. Bassett Open Bitches 1/W/B 1 Yes
Saginaw Valley Kennel Club 04/07/2012 Peter J. Green Open Bitches 1/W/BW 3 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Owner Handler Barbara Lefever announces NEW CHAMPION "Dezi" on April 7, 2012 - Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays another superb SnowedOn Cairn Terrier, thank you Joan Eastman! For breeding this wonderful, Classic Cairn Terrier loved, owned, trained by Barbara Lefever
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc. 08/26/2012 Mrs. Kathleen M. Grosso B.O.B. B - Yes
Terrier Club Of Michigan 09/28/2012 Ms. Patricia Anne Keenan B.O.B. OS - Yes
Monroe Kennel Club 09/29/2012 Mrs. Anne Katona B.O.B. B - Yes
Agathon Kennel Club, Inc. 11/24/2012 Mrs. Joan Schurr Kefeli B.O.B. OS - Yes
Agathon Kennel Club, Inc. 11/25/2012 Mr. Robert E. Hutton B.O.B. OS - Yes
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc. (BREED/OBED #1) 07/06/2013 Mr. Kenneth M. McDermott B.O.B. B/BOBOH/OHG1 - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:New Grand Champion "Dezi" BOB and Thank you Ken McDermott! PLUS~ Dezi's puppy Chyp-BOOM O'Ray won his first 4 point major, at his debut dog show. Bred by Barbara Lefever and Joan Eastman's SnowedOn Cairn Terriers. a wonderful day ~ many thanks to all who shared in celebrations that day! What a day in history! Maa Maaa dog won her Grand Champion, and her baby won a 4 point major! Whew! photo of both jumping for Joy!
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc. 07/07/2013 Mr. Fred C. Bassett B.O.B. B - Yes
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc. 07/28/2013 Mr. Kent H. Delaney Open A 192.0/1 - Yes
Beaver County Kennel Club, Inc. 08/03/2013 Dr. Robert H. Knight Graduate Open 191.5/1 - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: NEW TITLE! Graduate Open 1st place First GRAND CH Cairn Terrier to earn a Graduate Open AKC Obedience Title!
Montgomery County Kennel Club 10/06/2013 Mrs. Carole A. Artim Begin Novice B 197.5/1 - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: NEW Title ! B.N. and 1st place
Columbiana County Kennel Club 01/03/2014 Mr. Jon R. Cole B.O.B. OS - No
Rubber City Kennel Club 01/04/2014 Mr. Rodney E. Herner B.O.B. OS - No
Terrier Club Of Michigan 04/25/2014 Mrs. Ann F. Yuhasz B.O.B. OS - No
Progressive Dog Club Of Wayne County, Inc. (Obed #2) 04/26/2014 Mrs. Cathryn A. Knight Utility A 183.5/1 - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: First Place in Utility A for GRAND CH Alkays SnowedOn Diamond Rays
Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club 06/07/2014 Mr. Charles W. Kline Utility A 1st place - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: GRAND CH Alkays SnowedOn Diamond Rays won 1st place in Utility A, second Q score towards her U.D. obedience title.
Columbiana County Kennel Club 08/01/2014 Ms. Carol Gray B.O.B. OS - No
Mahoning-shenango Kennel Club, Inc. 08/03/2014 Ms. Susan M. Napady B.O.B. OS - No
Central Ohio Kennel Club 11/16/2014 Dr. Edna K. Martin B.O.B. SEL/BOBOH - No




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