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A Bronze Grand-Champion and 2013 AKC/Eukanuba Award of EXCELLENCE winner: SPARKLE completed her championship at The Atlanta KC Show in Perry, GA on April 17, 2010! She earned her first MAJOR on MOTHER'S DAY 2009; her first time in the AKC point-ring at six-months and two days of age! Pictured beside her win ,SPARKLE is shown taking First Place in the 6-9 month Puppy Bitch Class at the 2009 TSCA National Specialty in Dallas, TX, and with Janet Wright of THE GEMBOX TIBETAN SPANIELS,completing her AKC Grand Championship on March 3, 2011 at "The Orange-Blossom Club of Florida Regional Specialty" under distinguished Scottish Judge:Ian Prentice. SPARKLE was ranked by The AKC as #1 Tibetan Spaniel in Grand-Champions for the State of Alabama, as of March 16, 2011! She was the first Tibetan Spaniel in Alabama to become a Grand Champion! SPARKLE was the proud mom of a litter of three boys and two girls born....almost on "THE FOURTH OF JULY" 2012 at GEMBOX. SPARKLE became the dam of her fourth AKC champion and her first AKC Grand-Champion at The 2014 Country Music Cluster in Franklin, TN on Saturday, March 8th. Daughter, AKC Ch Gembox Kofuku Sparks R Gonna Fly At Miramichi, OAKLEY, was OWNER/HANDLED by DEBI KOOPMAN, and son, AKC GCh Gembox Kofuku Sparks The Imagination, IMAGE,was OWNER/HANDLED by JANET WRIGHT. Son, AKC Ch Gembox Kofuku Sparks A Legend, ELVIS,finished his championship at The 2013 Montgomery KC Shows,Montgomery, AL, OWNER/HANDLED by DONNA HAMNER of DeNEWT Tibetan Spaniels, Foley, AL. Daughter, Ch Kofuku Gembox Court 'N Spark, COURTNEY, completed her championship at The 2013 Greater Monroe KC Show, at Concord, NC. SPARKLE, OWNER/HANDLED by Ann Terry of CHATAWA, Chattanooga, TN., completed her BRONZE LEVEL at The February 2014 CRAWFISH CLUSTER in Hattisburg, MS. SPARKLE & COURTNEY are co-owned by Ann Terry & breeder, Marilynn Miller of KOFUKU Tibetan Spaniels, Dawsonville, GA. Son, IMAGE is ranked the #1 Grand-Champion in ALABAMA with more than 35 points toward his BRONZE LEVEL as of October 2014. SPARKLE received her ROM at The 2014 TSCA National Specialty Show in Canton, OH.

Name: Ann Terry & Marilynn Miller
Name: Marilynn Miller
Name: Ann Terry
AKCBronzeGChUKCINTCh Kofuku Adds A Sparkle At Gembox Too,ROM
Call Name: 'SPARKLE'    Sex: Bitch

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NAME: AKCBronzeGChUKCINTCh Kofuku Adds A Sparkle At Gembox Too,ROM
SEX: Bitch
BREED: Tibetan Spaniels
DOB: 11/06/2008
SIRE: GCh Ch, INT Ch Gin-Tai Chatawa Peter Punkin,ROM,RN,CGC,TT
DAM: Ch Kofuku Windom Sweet Shorty, Too,ROM-X
AKCBronzeGChUKCINTCh Kofuku Adds A Sparkle At Gembox Too,ROM
Southeast Alabama Kennel Club 05/08/2009 Dr. Robert D. Smith Puppy, 6-9 1/W 3 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Expertly owner/handled by Janet L. Wright, to her first MAJOR in her very first AKC point show, "SPARKLE" made her breeder/owner, Marilynn Miller, enjoy a very special "MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND 2009"!
Tibetan Spaniel Club Of America 07/02/2009 Lester R. Mapes 6-9 Puppy 1 - Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "SPARKLE", skillfully handled by owner/handler,Janet Wright, finished first in her class of ten! We were proud to gain the opportunity to compete for Winners Bitch at this level! Congratulations to the winners!
Anniston Kennel Club 11/20/2009 Miss Maxine V. Beam 12-18mo WB,OS - No
Tuscaloosa Kennel Club 11/21/2009 Mr. Edd E. Bivin 12-18mo WB,OS - No
Montgomery Kennel Club 11/22/2009 Mrs. Elaine E. Mathis 12-18mo WB,OS - No
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of Georgia 02/05/2010 Mrs. Molly Martin Open WB,OS 2 No
Newnan Kennel Club 04/03/2010 Mrs. Peggy J. Hauck Open WB,BW,BOS 2 No
Douglasville Kennel Club Of Georgia, Inc. 04/04/2010 Mr. Joe C. Walton Open WB,BW,BOS 1 No
Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc. 04/09/2010 Mrs. Mildred K. Bryant (EMERITUS) Open WB,OS 1 No
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/16/2010 Mrs. Lesley E. Hiltz Open WB/OS 2 No
Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/17/2010 Mr. Kenneth E. Miller (RESIGNED) Open WB,BW,BOS 4 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This Major Win completed the requirements for "SPARKLE's" AKC Championship. Congratulations to her Breeder/Co-Owner: Lynn Miller, and her Owner/Handler: Jan Wright!
Douglasville Kennel Club Of Georgia 10/22/2010 Dr. Robert A. Indeglia Best of Breed BOS, Major Select 4 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Expertly Owner/Handled by JAN WRIGHT of The Gembox Tibetan Spaniels, "SPARKLE" is now on the Road to her Grand Championship! Congratulations!
Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. 10/23/2010 Mr. Michael J. Dachel (DECEASED) Best of Breed Major Select 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This was "SPARKLE'S" second MAJOR SELECT in her first weekend out for her Grand-Championship owner/handled by JAN WRIGHT.
Newnan Kennel Club 10/24/2010 Mr. Luc Boileau Best of Breed BOS, Major Select 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "SPARKLE" and JAN took three MAJOR SELECTS under three different judges and defeated one or more champions at each show! She officially has eleven of the twenty-five SELECT POINTS required for her Grand Champion title..all earned at "THE GEORGIA CLASSIC" Cluster her first weekend out. Way to go! She now needs fourteen SELECT POINTS to become GCH Ch Kofuku Adds A Sparkle at Gembox Too.
Anniston Kennel Club 11/26/2010 Dr. Steve Keating Best of Breed BB, SELECT 1 Yes
Tuscaloosa Kennel Club 11/27/2010 Dr. Harry Smith Best of Breed BB, SELECT 1 No
Montgomery Kennel Club 11/28/2010 Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser Best of Breed BB, SELECT 1 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:"SPARKLE" now has 14 points toward her Grand Championship, according to our records! Congratulations to her owner/handler, Jan Wright, & to her breeder/owner, Lynn Miller!
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of Georgia 02/04/2011 Mrs. Joan Goldstein Best of Breed SELECT 2 No
Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc. 02/06/2011 Mrs. Anitra Cuneo Best of Breed SELECT 4 No
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc. 03/03/2011 Mr. Ian Prentice Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 5 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Pictured at RIGHT this OWNER/HANDLED Major-Select win completed "SPARKLE's" AKC Grand-Championship title. "SPARKLE" was the FIRST Tibetan Spaniel Grand-Champion in the State of Alabama, according to the AKC Grand-Championship Ranking System. Congratulations to Jan Wright & BREEDER/OWNER:Lynn Miller!
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc. 03/04/2011 Miss Sheila Thomson Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 5 Yes
Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association, Inc. 03/05/2011 Mr. Eugene Blake Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 4 No
Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association 03/06/2011 Dr. Alvin W. Krause Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 1 No
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/11/2013 Mr. Jon R. Cole Best of Breed SELECT 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE was Owner/Handled to this SELECT MAJOR by her new Co-Owner:Ann Terry of CHATAWA, Chattanooga,TN
Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/13/2013 Lawrence E. Stanbridge (DECEASED) Best of Breed SEL/BOBOH/OHG4 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE was handled by Ann Terry, Owner/Handler, to this five-point MAJOR SELECT & OWNER HANDLER NonSprtg.GR 4 in her first week-end in competition toward her AKC Owner Handler Ranking & Grand-Champion Level Progression! She is back in the Conformation Ring after producing her first litter of puppies, including IMAGE & ELVIS, who are being shown by Owner/Handlers: JANET WRIGHT & DONNA HAMNER currently.
Greater Kingsport Kennel Club 05/18/2013 Mr. James E. Frederiksen BB SELECT 1 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE was handled by Frances Crownover.
Greater Kingsport Kennel Club 05/19/2013 Mrs. Joan Goldstein Best of Breed SELECT 1 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Frances Crownover handled SPARKLE for this SELECT win while Breeder/Owner Marilynn Miller Breeder/Owner/Handled New Champion MERLIN to BOS & Owner/Handler ANN TERRY handled RUSSELL to SELECT DOG, all in Best of Breed Competition. Fran enjoyed the privilege of handling SPARKLE to this SELECT Grand-Champion point. Photo Collage of SPARKLE by JANET WRIGHT!
Greenville Kennel Club 07/27/2013 Mrs. Dawn Hansen Best of Breed BB, SELECT 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:This Five-Point SELECT MAJOR Best of Breed Win was Owner-Handled by Ann Terry of CHATAWA, Chattanooga,TN! Thank you, Mrs. Hansen, for recognizing SPARKLE'S quality!
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of Georgia 08/23/2013 Mr. Jon R. Cole Best of Breed OS/BOBOH 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:"SPARKLE" defeated a total of six Class,two Champion, and one Grand-Champion bitches for a total of ten, including herself. She also competed as BEST of BREED OWNER-HANDLER in the Non-Sporting Owner-Handler Competition. Congratulations to "SPARKLE", ANN TERRY & LYNN MILLER!
Maury County Kennel Club Of Tennessee 09/07/2013 Mr. Gabriel Valdez Best of Breed SELECT 1 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "SPARKLE" defeated a total of four bitches, including a Champion, for this Owner-Handled SELECT under JUDGE:Gabriel Valdez of Bogota, COLUMBIA.
Clarksville Kennel Club 09/08/2013 Mrs. Lawrence J. (Janet) Sinclair Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 2 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:"SPARKLE" defeated a total of six bitches for this Owner/Handled SELECT win.
Greenville Mississippi Kennel Club 09/12/2013 Mr. Fred C. Bassett Best of Breed BB, GR 4 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This Owner/Handled SELECT BEST of BREED and GROUP 4 Placement was "SPARKLE" and Ann Terry's first Non-Sportng Group win! Thank you, JUDGE BASSETT for recognizing her in the Group, where she gained 43 All-Breed Points* according to our records.
Greenville Mississippi Kennel Club 09/13/2013 Dr. Robert D. Smith Best of Breed BB, GR 4 5 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Although this was "FRIDAY THE 13th",it proved a LUCKY DAY for "SPARKLE" & Owner/Handler, Ann Terry,who garnered a second GROUP PLACEMENT under distinguished judges. Dr. Robert D. Smith awarded "SPARKLE" another SELECT MAJOR BEST of BREED and Dr. Robert Indeglia honored her with a Non-Sporting Group 4 and, *according to our records, 37 All-Breed Points!
Mississippi State Kennel Club 09/14/2013 Mr. Dana P. Cline Best of Breed SELECT - No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "SPARKLE'S" champion son, IMAGE, Owner- handled by JANET WRIGHT of GEMBOX, took A MAJOR SELECT BEST OF BREED today! Son, ELVIS, owner-handled by DONNA HAMNER of DeNEWT took points as WD, while daughter, COURTNEY, took points from the classes as WB. Needless to say, SPARKLE is a proud mom!*According to our records
Mississippi State Kennel Club 09/15/2013 Mr. Elliott B. Weiss Best of Breed OS/BOBOH/OHGR1 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Thanks to Judge Weiss for awarding "SPARKLE" another SELECT MAJOR Win and to Judge Richard Mullin for the OHGR1 Placements. *Awaiting Official statistics from AKC, "SPARKLE" is in the TOP-TEN TIBETAN SPANIELS.
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc. 10/05/2013 Ms. Elizabeth Muthard Best of Breed SELECT-MAJOR 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE and Owner/Handler, Ann Terry of Chatawa, Chattanooga,TN continued their "Winning-Streak" with this SELECT MAJOR from a total of nine bitches*, according to our records.
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc. 10/06/2013 Mrs. Ann D. Hearn Best of Breed Major SELECT 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Another Owner/Handled Major SELECT for SPARKLE and Ann Terry!
Douglasville Kennel Club Of Georgia 10/18/2013 Mr. David L. Kittredge BB Major-Select 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Another Owner-Handled Major win for SPARKLE & Ann Terry on the way to her BRONZE LEVEL. SPARKLE. Ann, and litter-sister, SUGAR, added UKC Championship titles in Cleveland, TN last weekend!
Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. 10/19/2013 Mr. David J. Kirkland Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE was Owner-Handled to this four-point SELECT MAJOR by Ann Terry of CHATAWA. Her son,ELVIS,took Winner's Dog,Owner-Handled by Donna Hamner of DENEWT;while, daughter, COURTNEY,took WB & BW,Breeder-Owner-Handled by Marilynn Miller of KOFUKU! Thank you, JUDGE Kirkland, for recognizing the quality of these descendents of SOX & SPOT, my first Tibetan Spaniels!
Kennesaw Kennel Club 10/26/2013 Ms. Sandy I. Wheat Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 2 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:*According to our records, SPARKLE needs only 13 Single SELECT points to reach the BRONZE LEVEL in Grand-Championship points!
Kennesaw Kennel Club 10/27/2013 Mr. Jon R. Cole Best of Breed SELECT - No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Ann Terry and SPARKLE took another SELECT, while MARILYN MILLER guided her half-sister, FARRAH, to an Owner-Handled WINNERS BITCH.
Greater Monroe Kennel Club 11/16/2013 Mrs. Cate Elizabeth Cartledge Best of Breed SELECT MAJOR 4 No
Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc. 02/02/2014 Mrs. Mary Ellen Meyer Best of Breed SELECT 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:SPARKLE and Owner/Handler:Ann Terry took another SELECT Major win,*according to our records, giving her 95 SELECT GrCh points toward her AKC BRONZE LEVEL. Congratulations to all!
Meri-miss Kennel Club, Inc. 02/21/2014 Mr. Jon R. Cole BB BOS 4 No
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel Club 02/22/2014 Mr. Joe C. Walton BB BOS 2 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: SPARKLE completed her BRONZE Grand-Champion Level with this win!
Meri-miss Kennel Club, Inc. 02/23/2014 Mr. Fred C. Bassett BB BOS 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: SPARKLE reached THE BRONZE AKC GRAND-CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL and a total of 105 Grand-Championship points at THE CRAWFISH CLUSTER in Hattisburg, MS to become the first BRONZE LEVEL Tibetan Spaniel bitch in The State of Tennessee! We appreciate those judges who have recognized SPARKLE for her exceptional movement, structure, quality, and TYPE! She qualified to receive her TSCA ROM Certificate at The 2014 TSCA Specialty in Canton, OH. by the time her progeny reached only 20 months of age. Out of a litter of five puppies four have completed AKC championships and one his grand-championship; all Owner-handled.




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