Name: Kristen Fredericks
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Multi-Best in Field Group Winning, Multi-Group Placing, Multi-Award of Merit Winning National Specialty AOM Award of Racing Excellence Dual Purpose Champion Excellent CRIME SPREE! Stealing hearts everywhere...Crime Spree! Spree combines the very best International bloodlines from South America, Australia and the United States. She is the granddaughter of the incomparable "Sanibel" - Multi BIS Braz. Ch., Gr. Ch., Pan-Am. Ch., Int. Ch., Am. & Can. Ch. Surrey HillĀ“s Sanibel Sand and the beautiful, shapely Australian import Ch. Taejaan Innocent Eyes. The combination of international body styles and American showmanship make this little girl unstoppable! Spree goes from the ring to the field and down the track without missing a beat. She is a Multiple AKC Best in Field Winning DC, and is one of just a handful of dogs annually to achieve the DPCX title for racing and conformation. She is also an ASFA Field Champion. All of this she has fit in between shows, earning her Grand Championship before two years of age. Spree is shown fit for function, and function she DOES, beautifully and with style.

Name: Karen Lee & Kristen Fredericks
Name: Karen Lee & Kristen Fredericks & Saulo Biscoto Jr
Name: Karen Lee
GCH DC. Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree At Mariner SC
Call Name: Crime Spree    Sex: Bitch

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NAME: GCH DC. Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree At Mariner SC
SEX: Bitch
BREED: Whippets
DOB: 04/08/2011
SIRE: GCH Mariner Diablesse I Can't Believe It's Not Butters
DAM: Silkrock Fortune Of War
GCH DC. Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree At Mariner SC
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association 11/18/2011 Mr. Edward W. Hall Puppy, 6-9 Mo Bitches 1/W/BW 2 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This win was just for one point.
Eastern Dog Club 12/10/2011 Mr. Frederick R. Vogel 6-9 Puppy Bitch Best in Sweepstakes - Yes
Eastern Dog Club 12/11/2011 Mr. William F. Potter II Puppy, 6-9 Mo Bitches 1/W/BW/BP 2 No
Northern Neck Kennel Club Of Virginia 01/12/2012 Mrs. Jane M. Bishop Puppy, 9-12 Mo Bitches 1/W/B/BW 2 No
York Kennel Club 03/16/2012 Mrs. Denise Tatro 9-12 Puppy Bitch WB 5 Yes
Bronx County Kennel Club 03/25/2012 Bo N. Bengtson 9-12 Puppy Bitch WB/BOW 3 Yes
Catoctin Kennel Club 04/23/2012 Mrs. Jane E. Treiber B.B.E. Bitches 1/W/OS 1 No
Shawangunk Kennel Club, Inc. 06/22/2012 Mr. Edward W. Hall B.O.B. B - Yes
Newtown Kennel Club, Inc. 08/25/2012 Mrs. Priscilla A. Gabosch B.O.B. OS - No
Newton Kennel Club 09/01/2012 Ms. Jocelyne Gagne B.O.B. B - No
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc. 11/15/2012 Mr. Lawrence (Larry) J. Sinclair B.O.B. B - No
Kennel Club Of Philadelphia, Inc. 11/17/2012 Mr. Gary L. Andersen B.O.B. B - No
Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club 01/11/2013 Mr. James R. White B.O.B. B - No
Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club 01/12/2013 Mr. Dana P. Cline B.O.B. B - No
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc. 01/13/2013 Mr. Howard M. Yost B.O.B. B - No
American Whippet Club, Inc. 04/23/2013 Mrs. Mary Beth Arthur Lure Coursing Bitches Award of Merit - Yes
Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc. 07/14/2013 Mr. Ralph (Sonny) Ambrosio B.O.B. Group IV - Yes
Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc. 07/15/2013 Mr. Nathaniel Horn B.O.B. Group II - Yes
Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc. 08/01/2013 Mrs. Ann M. Billups B.O.B. OS - No
Columbiana County Kennel Club 08/02/2013 Dr. Judith A. Newton B.O.B. OS - No
Beaver County Kennel Club, Inc. 08/03/2013 Ms. Kathleen M. Davenport B.O.B. BOBOH/AOM/OHG3 - Yes
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc. 10/13/2013 Dr. Edna K. Martin B.O.B. OS - No
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. 10/26/2013 Mr. Del Richards B.O.B. OS - No
Potomac Hound Club 01/24/2014 Mr. Houston Clark B.O.B. B - Yes
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc. 02/01/2014 Mr. William R. Russell B.O.B. B - No
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc. 02/02/2014 Mr. David R. Miller B.O.B. B/G1/RBIS - Yes
Kennel Club Of Northern New Jersey, Inc. 08/28/2014 Mr. Ralph (Sonny) Ambrosio B.O.B. OS - No
Central New Jersey Hound Association 09/04/2014 Dr. A. Todd Miller B.O.B. OS - No
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 11/07/2014 Mrs. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero B.O.B. B - No
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 11/08/2014 Ms. Maria C. (Conny) Gutierrez-Otero B.O.B. B - No
Rock Creek Kennel Club 11/21/2014 Mrs. Paula Hartinger B.O.B. B - No




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