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    Jeannine E. Adams in memory of Mark
    Tim Albertson in memory of Oakley
    Mike Allen in memory of Jack, Rosie & Autumn
    Tom Allen  
    Yvette Alley in memory of Am & Can Jo Na Da's Qashq'ai F Ch.
    Maria Alonso  
    American Boxer Club  
    Betty Anderson  
    Angeles Canyon Dog Club  
    Anonymous in honor of Robette Johns
    Carl C. Ashby III  
    Asheville Kennel Club  
    Fred Askin of CHURCHWARDEN WESTIES in memory of Alice Shepard Paddyhill Westies
    Frederic B Askin in memory of Lanny Hirstein
    Dianne Atkins in memory of My Otie
    Howard & Barbara Atlee  
    Howard & Barbara Atlee  
    Patricia G. Babuin  
    Jill Baker of Hound Ears Kennels in memory of Bloodhound--""CH. Lady Alexis Vom White"" You made me proud.
in honor of This contribution is in honor of all Gods Creatures and including my beloved past Dogs that have brought much Love and Happiness to my life as well as others. You all are Very Special!
    Beth Banerjee  
    Kathleen M Barber  
    Lindy Barrow  
    Suzanne Bartow in honor of Kevin Chestnut PHA
    Bonnie Bastow  
    Mike & Shirley Bavilacqua  
    Alice Berd  
    Tonya Berger of Vagabond Australian Shepherds in memory of CH Tri Ivory Savon A La Bruyere HS CD
    Courtney Best in honor of Linda O'Briant
    Joan Van Blarcom in honor of Shoney McNabb & Vicky Bailey
    Florence Blecher  
    Angie Cross Bly of Sundog Australian Terriers in memory of Cambridge Red Ryder UDX2 MX AX RA
in honor of CH Sundog No Regrets
    David & Anne Bolus  
    Susan & Joe Bonness  
    Sara Bonser  
    Catherine Borklund in memory of Nick Vidnovic
    Cathy Bosnic  
    DONNA BOST of FREE FLITE WHIPPETS in honor of Spencer and Keely
    Leslie Boucher in memory of OTCH U-UD Harmony Smooth N Sassy UDX, TDX, JH
    Tom Bradley in memory of Annie and Chet, Tom and Ann
    Marcia Bresson in honor of Kent & Beth Wegner
    Judith E. Brown in memory of Barry Christy
    Bonnie Burman in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Barbara Burri  
    Karen Byrd in honor of Bobby Christiansen whose efforts and determination remind me that one person really can make a difference
    Cathy Caceres in memory of Best Bet's Ozzfest ""Ozzy""
    Jack Cadalso  
    Kimberly/Anthony Calvacca in memory of Chester Collier
    Jeanne & Malcolm Campbell  
    Laurie April Cantone in memory of Marge and Lou Cantone
    CARLA CAREY of AnjaDane in memory of ""Anja My Sweet""
    Pamela Carlock in honor of Raspberry,Sophie,phantom and Sassy
    Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.  
    Carolina Terrier Assoc., Inc.  
    Central Ohio Dachshund Club  
    Judy and Ron Cerney in memory of Our much loved Flat-coated Retrievers, CH Wingmasters Greyfriar Deacon UDX2 SH AX MXJ WCX HOF and Brabdybuck Ease On Down the Road UDX SH NA OAJ WCX HOF
    Rachel Chappell  
    Loren Chiever in memory of Gladys Trout
    Diane M Chiucchi in memory of Janis Butler, Dotte David & Olga Bunch
    Bobby Christiansen of MB-F in memory of Jacob
    Dainese Clippinger  
    Thomas Coen in memory of Bobby Fowler
    Dorothy Collier in memory of Tom Crowe
    Columbia Kennel Club  
    Mike Conrad  
    Sherry Cooper in honor of Mary Ellen Hatfield
    Jan Covey-Bruni in memory of Tom Bruni
    Brenda R. Cox of MB-F, Inc. in honor of Lois D. Crowe
    John & Suzanne Cox  
    Dorie Crowe of MB-F, Inc. in memory of Tom Crowe
    Lois Crowe in memory of Tom Crowe
    Sallie Cummings  
    Maryann Czerwinski in memory of Gene Czerwinski
    Carol Dean in memory of Maurice & Joan Ferrero; Kenneth Olney; Tom Bruni
    Kent Delaney in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Delaware Ohio Kennel Club  
    Marlene Dexter in memory of Jack A. Dexter
    Sandie Dietz  
    Deborah A. DiLalla  
    Lori DiLorenzo in memory of Shirlee Murray
    Robert & Angela Dinicola in memory of Richard Furrer
    Virginia Dorris of NELCO Realty Holdings Inc.  
    Wendy Doss of Wildivy Yorkies in honor of Roy and Priscilla Christiansen
    Michael & Michelle Dougherty in memory of Jack & Marion Dougherty
    Ernie & Darla Duffey in memory of CH Fayrwynds Lad Of Trailwood Beloved Sheltie friend ""JJ""
    Bradford Dunn in honor of Framingham Dist. KC
    William Chris Edmonds of William Christopher Exteriors  
    Dr. Kate H. Eggleton of Shenandoah Australian Shepherds in memory of Ch. Shenandoahs Free As A Bird, CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, PT
    Employees of MB-F, Inc. in memory of Tom Crowe
in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Employees of Rau Dog Shows  
    Carol Esterkin in memory of Jackie Hungerland
    Janice Farinon  
    John and MaryEllen Ferguson in honor of every Flat-Coated Retriever who has crossed the ""Rainbow Bridge""; they are loved and missed.
    Meryl Fiedelman  
    Raymond Filburn, Jr.  
    Beth and Bill Fink  
    Patricia Floss  
    Robert & Jane Forsyth  
    Ron & Karen Galipeault of Kavalor Kennel  
    Kathi Galotti in memory of Nat Friedman
    Edna ""Katie"" Gammill  
    Gayle Garbush in honor of Jason Loper
    Gate City Animal Hospital  
    Kit Gateley of Cykic Software, Inc  
    Rita and Rick Gatlin of MB-F, Inc in memory of Chuck Henrendeen
    Sharon Gerling of My-Ida-Ho Kennels in memory of Dorothy Christiansen
    Jessie & John Gerszewski  
    Susan S Giles  
    Lynda Gillaspey of Sierra Le Bone in memory of Christine Bradley ~ Virshina Borzoi
    Julia A Gleeson of Wisdom's Gate Norfolk Terriers in memory of Rustle
    Baird & Suzana Godley in honor of Cozmo & Lilly
    Suzanne Godley  
    Diana Grasseler  
    Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Assoc.  
    Linda Greeson in honor of The World Mastiff Forum
    Mary Gregory in honor of Myrtle Embry Myers
    Linda Grieder of RiverTweed Border Terriers in memory of Beverly Peabody
in honor of Beverly Peabody
    Gene & Linda Hains  
    Gwen Hales in memory of Annie Clark, My mentor and model. Very missed.
    Francee & Hollie Walker Hamblet in honor of Felicia Jan Hamblet-Jackson
    Richard & Eleanor Hamlin of MB-F  
    Kelly Harrill in honor of Bobby Christiansen, who is inspiring to me as afriend in so many ways. Run Bobby Run!
    Harold Harrison in honor of Jason Loper
    Bud Haverstock  
    Kristine Hejna  
    Phyllis Henderson of PJ'S Precious Pugs in memory of CH PJ'S Texas Twistin Tornando
    Bob & Jean Hetherington in memory of Jean Witt
    Rachel T. Hill of Blacfriar in memory of Phineas,Phoenix,Phaedra,Oliver and Lyric, five of the nicest FC retrievers ever!
    Louis Hoffman  
    Ted Hollander  
    Cheri Hollenback in honor of Jason Loper, survivor and beneficiary of ""Take the Lead"" support!
    Jill L Holt  
    Maltbie L. Holt, Jr in honor of Renee R. Holt Renee R. Holt
    Deb & Alan Hubbard of Friday Goldens  
    Nelson & Pat Huber  
    Laurence E Hughes of American Boxer Club  
    Georgette Hurst in honor of Shoshana's papillons
    Lydia Coleman Hutchinson in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Chris and Kate Hutchinson in honor of Zu
    D. Jay Hyman in memory of Michael Hagen
    Inverness Florida Kennel Club  
    Linda Jacob  
    Mark Francis Jaeger  
    Linda Jarrett of Sera Mar Lhasas  
    Karen Jennings of Royalist Skye Terriers in memory of All my beloved Skyes of the past 40n years.
    Sally & Ted Jennings in honor of Bobby's finish
    Karen P. Johnson  
    Dennis & Marti Johnson  
    Evelyn Jones  
    Jerry & Tonya Jordan in memory of T.Crowe,A.Harper & J.Witt
    Angela & Andrew Kalmanash in memory of Charlie De Alavalade, Gozo do Mar and Trist of Grandeur
    Lois F. Kasey in honor of Gordon Setter Club of America
    Ida Kavafian in memory of Saul Himmelfarb
    Jim & Sue Kennedy  
    Mary Klein in memory of Barbara Bentley & Bob Downes
    Kim Klipple in memory of Dale Berkheimer
    Kathryn Knepley  
    Lisa Knock  
    Kathleen Kolbert in memory of Bud Sliney
    Jaime Koskowski  
    Yelena Kuznetsova in memory of Barsi
    Carol Kyle in memory of Carl Fabian
    Ladies Dog Club  
    Kim Langlands in memory of To all the great dog people that have affected each and every one of us every day. They will always be in our heart. Pauline Waterman, Bob LaRouch,Annie Clark, Jackie Hungerland,Allen Harper. You will never be forgotten
    Xiomara B. Larson in memory of Dale Berkheimer
    Patricia Laurans  
    Grace Lichtenwald  
    Carri J Lindblom in memory of Roland Wilson
    Karen Locke in memory of Leo's by the Sea Furion
    Marilyn Locke  
    Jenn Loge of Candlelight Irish Setters in memory of Spencer Loge
    Jason E Loper in honor of Myself, Jason E Loper whom without Take The Lead I wouldn't be here today ! My Gracious Thanks!
    Scott & Kristina Loper in honor of Jason Loper!
    Micky & Linda Low  
    Melinda L Lyon  
    Suzanne Macre of Snowood Shibas in memory of Agnes Cowsert
    Paddy Magnuson in memory of Kache: The beloved Great Dane owned by my friend Shirley
    Barbara J. Marcello in memory of Rottweiler, ""Immerstolz Bono von Kernecht""
    Marion Ohio Kennel Club  
    Marjorie Martorella in memory of Bob LaRouche
    Lorraine Matherly of Pet Pals  
    Lynn Mathers of Blue Mtn Terriers  
    Misty L. Matthews in memory of Scooter
    Frank McCartha Jr. in memory of Dana McCartha Williams
    Terry McConnell  
    Randy Garren & Dennis McCoy in memory of Jackie Hungerland & Allan Harper
    McNulty Dog Shows  
    James McTernan in memory of Bob LaRouche
    Mensona Kennel Club  
    Pat Merrill  
    Tom & Theresa Meyer  
    Middle Peninsual Kennel Club in memory of Douglas Higgins
    Suzanne Miller in memory of Julia Wood Lord, Golden Retriever lover extraordinaire.
    Alicia Moore  
    Loran Morgan in memory of all of the great people we have lost in our dog world family
    Francena Morrissey  
    Lynn Moser in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Teresita Motola of Moongaze Whippets  
    Sharon Mudgett in honor of My friends at MB-F who help make my life easier at the MMKC dog shows and MMGRC specialty.
    Sharon Lee Mullaney of Lachki Collies  
    Embry Myers in memory of Harold Bray
    Caryl Myers of Cejam Chows in memory of Alan Harper
    Ellen Jo Myers  
    NANCY NADEAU of WINDFALL MIN PINS in memory of Strut, Rosie and Rhythm
    National Capital Kennel Club in memory of JoAnne O'Brien, Jim Holt, Marvin Fishler
    New Jersey Boxer Club  
    Frances Nicholson  
    China Niemann in memory of Anne Halm and Elaine Niemann
    Jennifer Nowell  
    Blackie Nygood in memory of Jean Witt
    Linda O'Briant in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Thomas Michael O'Briant II in memory of Betty Ballinger O'Briant
    K. James O'Connor Jr.  
    Mari Beth O'Neill  
    Nancy O'Rourke in memory of Stephan O'Rourke,Sr.
in honor of Nancie Skrocki
    W. Henry Odum III in memory of CH K Dee B's London Apprentice
    Cortney Oliver  
    Susan E Orth of Chalet Kennel in memory of Rhea
    Marc Ralsky & Correen Pacht in memory of Kodi and Monty our 1st 2 Siberian Huskies!
    Joanne (Jan) Paulk  
    Cliff & Sandy Pembleton in memory of Robert Double
    Jeffrey Pepper in memory of Jean Witt
    Laura Perkinson  
    David Pike in honor of Thank you for your inspiration Bobby!! You are a great friend
    Karen Plansky in honor of Newdfoundland Dogs and their owners
    Andria Plonka  
    Maureen Pogorzelski  
    Jeri Poller in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Lesley Anne Potts of Falconeer Kennels in honor of Robert Potts
    Madeleine Prince in memory of Dr. Jim Holt, PhD.
in honor of in honor of Take The Lead
    Raleigh Kennel Club in memory of Jean Witt
    Raleigh Kennel Club (2) in honor of Bobby Christiansen's 50th
    Becky L. Rao  
    Marianne Reder  
    Nancy Resetar of Chances'R Australian Shepherds  
    Bruce & Bert Rettick in memory of Armando Miro
    Nonie Reynders  
    Elizabeth Roberts  
    LuAnn Stuver Rogers in memory of Zeke
    Bonnie Rubin in memory of Molly
    Judith Ann Mayfield Ruggles in honor of Molly, Monte, Haley and Glory
    Glenine Ryan of glenlyn Collies in memory of Clarion Lion in Winter(AVA)
    Saginaw Valley Kennel Club  
    Stanley Saltzman in memory of Tom Crowe
    Nancy P Sanders  
    Sandusky Kennel Club  
    Savannah Kennel Club  
    Elaine Saxen in memory of Jack Onofrio and Tom Foley
    Peggy Schmidt in memory of Cienna, Duncan, Leia & Ericka
    Brenda Schuettenberg  
    Don and Barbara Schwartz in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Jennifer & Randy Scotten in memory of Lawrence Campbell & Sandra Scotten
    Seattle Kennel Club in memory of Janet Wilcox
    Jack Secrest, Jr. in memory of Bob Stebbins
    Margaret Sherman in memory of My beloved Cobber.
    Shih Tzu Fanciers of Florida  
    Jay Shippole of Jesse Harlow House B&B  
    Patrice Shramko  
    Mary M. Simpson  
    Robert Simpson in memory of Phebe Stewart & Joan Brennan
    Jim & Connie Smalley in memory of Lanny Hirstein
    Laura Smith  
    Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Smith in memory of Jimmy Gerarge
    Allen & Diana Smith in memory of .
    Ed and Mary Smizer in memory of Dale Berkheimer
    N. Carlene Snyder in memory of Beau
    Beth Sokohl  
    Ed & Colette Sparks in memory of Carla Hyndman
    Ronald & Carol Spritzer  
    Terry & Jackie Stacy  
    Robert and Helen Stein in honor of Bobby Christiansen
    Marylyn M Stevens-Bugbee of Featherstone Labradors  
    Raymond Streeter  
    Craig & Linda Swanson in honor of Canine Health Foundation & Shetland Sheepdogs
    Sally & Ted of South Gate Labradors  
    Ann Tracy  
    Dr. Elizabeth Trainor in memory of Bill Trainor
in honor of Take The Lead
    Diane Trauber in memory of Rafter and Tucker
    Rebecca Trollinger  
    William/Tina Truesdale in memory of Of our dog friends who are gone but not forgotten...and have taught us so much about the sport...
    Jeff & Rhett Trull in memory of Tom Crowe
    Deborah Van De Ven in memory of Janie LaRiviere
    Darryl Vice  
    Cindy Vogels  
    Buddy Voshell in memory of Martha Lee Voshell
    Sandra Walker in memory of Bunny Markowitz
    Wallkill Kennel Club  
    Mrs. Judy L Webb  
    Mike Wenig  
    Erika Werne  
    Westchester Kennel Club in memory of Bill Metz
    Sharon Wheeler of Infinity Insurance Company  
    S. R. White in honor of Jean Lade
    Cynthia Fellows-White & Leigh White in memory of Dod Remen
    Carol A Wicki  
    Susan & Barbara Wise in memory of John Wise
in honor of Barbara Wise
    Julianne Wiseman in memory of John May and Mildred Wilson
    Hugh III & Jean Witt  
    Ruth Zimmerman  
T A K E T H E L E A D . O R G