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Employment Opportunities

From time to time employment opportunities are available at MB-F. We offer a complete benefit package for full time employees which includes complete medical, dental, disability, and life insurance, vacation time, paid holidays, wellness plans, medical reimbursement accounts, 401-k, and a casual working environment where you can bring your dog to work. We operate a drug-free work place. You must submit and pass an initial drug test as well as periodic random tests. If you would like to explore employment with MB-F, please feel free to submit your resume, including your business experience, experience within the Fancy, and any other qualifications or skills you possess. We keep resumes on file for approximately one year.

Full Time/Part-Time Superintendents - Work at dog shows as a licensed AKC superintendent. Duties include: Overseeing the proper set-up of rings, collection and processing of show results and resolving any discrepancies, monitoring and coordinating the schedule on the show day, answer exhibitor questions, serve the needs of the club, work with the AKC field staff, and collect entries for future shows. Additional office duties apply to full-time positions during the week in Greensboro, NC. Depending upon the position, duties may include corresponding with clubs, proofreading premium lists, judging programs, catalogs, and advertising, answering exhibitor questions, etc. If you become a full-time superintendent you should be aware there are times when you work seven days a week (for example, in the office Monday-Friday and on the road Friday to Monday). In addition, you must possess the ability to leave the field of competition behind. While you may certainly appreciate a good dog, a superintendentís job does not require one to go over dogs, promote dogs, groom dogs at a show, etc.

AKC requirements to be a Superintendent:

  • Work as a superintendent at a minimum of three shows
  • Not under suspension
  • Cannot be a Judge
  • Cannot be a Delegate
  • Show no dogs for 30 days prior to or after working in the Superintendentís office at a show, or anyone in the same household.

MB-F requirements to be a Superintendent


  • All AKC requirements listed above
  • Work at shows as an Apprentice to the Superintendent to learn duties of a superintendent for a minimum of six months. There is no set number of shows.
  • Have dog show experience, i.e. exhibiting, handling, judging, active club member or experience in the dog business working for a Superintending organization, American Kennel Club or other related dog-oriented companies. Minimum 10 years total experience in any of these fields.
  • No longer show or have dogs shown that are owned by yourself or anyone living in the same household.
  • A least six dog-related references including current contact information
  • Thorough knowledge of AKC rules
  • A recommendation for a license by two or more MB-F Superintendents
  • Must work at a show with at least two members of MB-F management

Show Setup/Driver - Work in the MB-F warehouse during the week, clean/paint/repair and maintain show equipment, load trucks for shows. Drive trucks to shows, work closely with clubs, set-up rings, maintain rings during show, bring to the attention of the superintendents and/or club officials any noticed condition that may affect the smooth operation of the show, break down rings, reload, and return equipment to warehouse. Excellent driving record and Commercial Driving License required. For those who may wish to apply as assistant set-up crew members who will not be driving one of our DOT-mandated trucks, a CDL is not necessary. These positions require much time away on the road.

Other positions - From time to time we also have positions open that do not require the same skill set as superintendents or set-up crew. Those positions might include knowledge of printing, typesetting, graphic arts, bindery experience, mailroom experience or ribbon/rosette making.

Resumes may be emailed to mbf@infodog.com with a subject of "ATTN Personnel Manager" or mailed to Personnel Manager, MB-F, Inc., P.O. Box 22107, Greensboro, NC 27420.



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