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(GREENSBORO, NC...)The Dog Show Superintendent's Association (DSSA) annual meeting was held December 8, 2010 in Seattle, WA. The following members were present: President Bob Christiansen (MB-F); Secretary-Treasurer Sharon DelaBarre, Del DelaBarre, Sheila Raymond and Jane Anderson (BaRay Event Services); Tyler Brudi (Sleeper/Jones Dog Shows); Tim James and Terry James (Onofrio); Ed Smizer, Kristie Shiller and Kathy Berkheimer (Rau Dog Shows); Jack Bradshaw (Bradshaw Dog Shows), and Susan Trent (Foy Trent Dog Shows). Robin Stansell and Bobby Birdsong represented the American Kennel Club.

Robin Stansell and Bobby Birdsong conducted the AKC portion of the agenda and gave the group updates on several AKC Programs, including the Grand Champion program, the Exhibitor Mentoring program, the Certificate of Merit program, and a "Beginner's Title" currently offered in Miscellaneous Class entries to encourage participation. The CM is also being proposed for the "4-6 Month Beginner Puppy" program. The "4-6 Month Beginner Puppy" competitive program will be offered as special attractions in January at shows in Portland, OR and Detroit, MI. Among other programs AKC is considering are: the "Open Show" event (similar to a Match, CH and Professional handlers are not permitted and "points" towards Certificates of Merit can be earned and FSS and Miscellaneous Breeds "Groups" will be offered) and the "Owner Handler Series in which the best Owner-Handled dog in BOB would move on to the Owner Handler Group and BIS.

AKC also discussed some of the initiatives structured to help reduce expenses. These include items expanding electronic results submissions to show secretaries handling over eight events annually, encouragement of online event applications, a reduction in paper correspondence between the AKC and the Superintendents and providing automatic correction of dog data errors when noted in results processing. The goal is to ultimately permit electronic submission of show catalogs and eliminate the hard copy requirement. Ultimately the Judges Books would be the only remaining paper requirement.

Points computation is being adjusted for the 2011-12 Schedule. All Parent Club specialties will be eliminated from the computations. They will be able to "designate" the breed classes at an all breed show as a parent specialty and remove them from the competition. Making this adjustment should eliminate spikes in point schedules based on Parent Club Specialties that travel around the country with larger entries.

Other discussions included: Overloads, Parent Club titles, judges books sheets and forms changes and the Breeders of Merit Program.

During the business portion of the DSSA Annual meeting, the following officers were elected for 2011: President, Bob Christiansen, MB-F; Secretary/Treasurer, Sharon DelaBarre, BaRay Event Services. Jane Garvin was elected for a new three-year term to the Executive Committee.

The Association discussed AKCís announcement that they have convened a new committee to look at the possibility of going from the current seven Variety Groups to possibly as many as 12. Per information from AKC, this proposal may be made early in 2011. Last year AKC had a committee that recommended going to 10 Variety Groups and the DSSA came out in opposition to this change citing some of the following reasons: 1) The state of the general economy; 2) The significant additional costs to Clubs (i.e. trophies, ribbons); 3) The additional time, equipment and/or complications of scheduling more groups leading to BIS; 4) The need to concentrate efforts on maintaining and building entries due to the current downturn; and 5) The cost to all show secretaries, Superintendents and/or Clubs to retool, update and change existing programming and materials. While other concerns were expressed, these still continue to be major concerns for the DSSA members. While the Association understands the reasoning behind the proposal and knows such a change will eventually need to take place, with all the other critical issues facing the sport, DSSA remains in opposition to this proposal at this time.

Formed in 2002, the Dog Show Superintendents Association represents professional AKC licensed superintendents in all important matters impacting superintendents and the Dog Fancy. The DSSA is a group of Professional Superintendents that represents well over 100 years of experience in providing support services to the AKC, show giving clubs and dog show exhibitors.

Left to Right Ė Jack Bradshaw, Susan Trent, Robin Stansell, Bobby Christiansen, Tyler Brudi, Bobby Birdsong, Terry James, Ed Smizer, Kristie Shiller, Kathy Berkheimer, Sheila Raymond, Sharon DelaBarre, Tim James