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February 25, 2008 Bobby Christiansen (336) 379-9352



(GREENSBORO, NC…) The Dog Show Superintendents Association (DSSA) announces they continue to be united in their position of the last four years that AKC taking any entries is an enormous conflict of interest, ethically wrong and not in keeping with AKC’s mission as a registry and governing body.

“AKC is the ruling body of the sport,” says DSSA President Bob Christiansen. “It controls clubs and superintendents with Rules, licensing fees, and fines. It is the adjudicating body when there are conflicts between Clubs and/or Superintendents and Exhibitors. AKC’s taking entries will now put the regulatory body in direct competition with Clubs and Professional Superintendents.”

The Association members further believe AKC’s involvement with online entries introduces unfair competition and predatory pricing which only serves to drive current free market initiatives out of business, thereby reducing revenues which will increase the prices superintendents must charge clubs, ultimately resulting in higher costs to the exhibitor.

“AKC is in a position to manipulate Rules and Policies and effectively end up with a monopoly, which would be a restraint to normal trade in the Superintending business,” adds Christiansen. “A price competitive, free market now exists and most superintendents depend upon the revenue generated from online entries in order to hold down direct costs to show giving clubs. It is only the fact that Clubs and Superintendents have worked judiciously in controlling their costs over the years through more efficient systems, alternative income and lean budgeting that entry fees are not now in the $60 range.”

DSSA supports AKC’s efforts to resolve their financial and registration difficulties through more efficient operations within their realm of responsibility as a registry and governing body. “The idea of electronic submission of results came from a superintending organization,” states Christiansen. “There are other ideas that will increase efficiency and revenue to the AKC without causing the upheaval that a morally wrong concept would create. This type of cooperative effort would take very little time or money on AKC’s part. We would rather work together with AKC to generate truly ‘new’ revenues instead of competing for existing sources of funds in the market.”

A letter expressing these concerns has been sent to the Delegate body and the Association hopes to work with them to prevent the initiative from advancing. The Association encourages all member clubs to speak with their Delegates to make sure their voices are heard.

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