Dear Applicant:

The Dog Handlers Guild, Inc., formed as a non-profit organization in 1963, is devoted to enhancing and preserving the dignity of the handling profession. The Guild continues to be an elite group of top professional handlers, and the organization demands high standards for the care and presentation of clients' dogs. The Guild puts strong emphasis on full time participation and kennel facilities and a travel vehicle appropriate for the breeds of dogs shown. A professional demeanor and sportsmanlike conduct at all times are of utmost importance. At the present time, our membership numbers thirty-nine, most of which are full time professional handlers with visibility and credibility in our profession.

The Guild is a fraternal organization of professional handlers that exists to represent the best interests of its members and to further promote their professional services to the fancy. Because most Guild members are full time handlers with minimal time available for meetings, the Guild holds an annual meeting once a year, and occasional meetings as necessary are held at dog shows. The business of the Guild is conducted by the Board and its Officers, who regularly communicate with members of the A.K.C. Board and staff and the fancy regarding important issues of the day. The Guild speaks out regarding important issues though editorials in Dog News and discussions with A.K.C. delegates. Other benefits of membership are a one thousand dollar disability/hardship payment for full members of at least five years in good standing.

The Guild welcomes applications from those who meet our criteria for membership. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors, and inspections of kennel facilities and travel vehicles are an integral part of the review process,


Jane Flowers


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