A Show Chairman’s Dream Come True
by Bobby Christiansen

* Please note: This system is only available for MB-F superintended shows

MB-F has a philosophy that what is good for all-breed clubs, specialty and obedience clubs and all exhibitors is good for MB-F. For us over the years the philosophy has remained true. In the early 70’s we persuaded the AKC to allow us to accept telephone entries on the basis that a credit card was legitimate cash and that we would keep master entries and signatures on file. The computer became the only way to go and now we could not live without it and maintain the low costs involved in dog shows.

Everyone has benefited from this beginning. Fax machines were used in our dealings with the AKC during this early period and were just becoming useful. They were, however, too slow for entries and were abandoned at the time. Later, when the technology caught up and they became faster, the same logic applied as it did with Dial-N-Entry.

Recently MB-F introduced Internet entries online and the success has been phenomenal. It has been made available to all exhibitors and clubs and it greatly simplifies the entry situation. There have been other instances too numerous to mention where our philosophy has paid off for everyone, but what we are about to introduce will truly make the show chairperson’s nightmares become sweet dreams.

Are you ready for this? Hold onto your seat! We’re going to take you into the immediate future and beyond. Beginning right now we are introducing the MB-F Show Person’s Show planner. A short time ago we introduced as a first step, the Premium List copy submitted online. It is for all MB-F, Inc. clubs to use. The second step is “The Judges Available System” and other steps will follow in the near future.

The Judges Available System works this way:

1. The InfoDog web site helps your club select available judges based on the AKC rule of 30 days and 200 miles.

2. Access your Club’s home page. InfoDog has a complete list of home pages for all clubs superintended by MB-F. It’s free. Club Home Pages can be accessed through the Calender of Shows, searching panels by show name or directly at http://www.infodog.com/clubs/########.htm where ######## is the eight - digit AKC event number.

Try It From Here

Please enter some portion of your show name:

3. At the bottom of each individual club home page is a box where at least four letters of a judge’s last name may be entered and submitted. The InfoDog system will find and display a list of all matching judges’ names. The list is clickable to display the breeds your selection judge is licensed for and eligible to judge, as well as possible conflicts within 30 days and 200 miles.

By the time you read this information the system will be expanded to include the number of dogs in each breed at the previous year’s show plus, in the near future, the tools to submit a complete new panel online to your InfoDog home page. A newly dedicated secure server for this club informational use only has been made available with backup. The general public, nor other clubs, nor superintendents (including MB-F) will have this information available at any time. It is strictly for your club’s use. InfoDog at your request and at the completion of your panel selection and coded release will provide you with a stream of screened data that you may print or e-mail directly to AKC for quick approval.

The entire system will be password oriented and will only be available to your club. The password will be known only to you. We suggest not more than two club persons have this access. In the event it is lost, strayed or stolen a method will be available for you to make a change.

Can you imagine? No more tedious arithmetic and waiting for an answer? This free InfoDog tool available to all MB-F, Inc. clubs will take the guesswork out of planning a panel for a dog show, and will help resolve any Judging Program overloads.

Infodog really does do (almost) everything except take your dog into the show ring.

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