Augusta KcPerryGA 04/11/97Whippets
Seward Co KcSewardNE 04/27/97Whippets
Rolla Mo KcRollaMO 05/11/97Whippets
Central Wy KcCasperWY 06/15/97Whippets
Oshkosh KcManitowocWI 09/16/97Whippets
Abilene KcAbileneTX 01/24/98Whippets
Marion KcMarionIN 02/15/98Whippets
Southern Adirondack DcBallston SpaNY 08/08/98Whippets 2823
Alamance KcBurlingtonNC 10/18/98Whippets 1511
Gloucester Kc Of VaVirginia BeachVA 11/02/98Whippets 1812
Clinton Iowa Kennel ClubDe WittIA 03/27/99Whippets
Lewis-clark Kennel Club, Inc.LewistonID 04/26/99Whippets
Valley Isle Kennel Club Of MauiWailukuHI 05/01/99Whippets
Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club 06/23/99Whippets
Michiana Kennel ClubValparaiso IN 06/26/99Whippets
Del Monte Kennel Club, Inc.CarmelCA 07/10/99Whippets
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/07/99Whippets 1811
South Bay Kennel ClubTorranceCA 08/15/99Whippets
Marshfield Area Kennel ClubMarshfieldWI 08/21/99Whippets
Mckenzie Cascade Dog FanciersEugeneOR 09/11/99Whippets
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriSullivanMO 09/17/99Whippets
Danville Kennel Club, Inc.DanvilleVA 09/25/99Whippets 1511
Suffolk County Kennel Club, Inc.St JamesNY 10/02/99Whippets 1011
Idaho Capital City Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/21/99Whippets
Danville Illinois Kennel Club, Inc.DanvilleIL 11/21/99Whippets
Mississippi State Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonMS 01/21/00Whippets
Hobbs New Mexico Kennel ClubHobbsNM 02/05/00Whippets
Kennel Club Of Columbus, IndianaLouisvilleKY 03/17/00Whippets
Steel City Kennel Club, Inc.MerrillvilleIN 04/15/00Whippets
Central Wyoming Kennel Club, Inc.CasperWY 05/26/00Whippets
Talbot Kennel Club, Inc.EastonMD 08/19/00Whippets 1511
Lewiston-Auburn Kennel ClubLewistonME 09/30/00Whippets
Nasa Area Dog Fanciers AssociationCrosbyTX 10/14/00Whippets
Bald Eagle Kennel Club Of Williamsport, Pa., Inc.BloomsburgPA 11/03/00Whippets
Yuma Kennel ClubYumaAZ 12/02/00Whippets
Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.OcalaFL 04/08/01Whippets 2311
Northeast Oklahoma Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/15/01Whippets
Warrenton Kennel ClubFredericksburgVA 04/18/01Whippets 1611
Fargo-moorhead Kennel Club, Inc.West FargoND 06/01/01Whippets
Colorado Springs Kennel ClubColorado SpringsCO 06/09/01Whippets
Lackawanna Kennel Club, Inc.MeshoppenPA 07/27/01Whippets
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/03/01Whippets 2412
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubBangorME 10/14/01Whippets
West Central Oklahoma Kennel ClubElk CityOK 11/10/01Whippets
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/09/01Whippets 4644
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubJacksonMS 12/14/01Whippets
Camden County Kennel Club, Inc.PennsaukenNJ 01/20/02Whippets 3232
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 03/02/02Whippets
Brazos Valley Kennel Club, Inc.BryanTX 03/30/02Whippets
Cahaba Valley KcMontgomeryAL 04/26/02Whippets
Rolla Missouri Kennel ClubRollaMO 05/12/02Whippets
Spokane Kennel ClubSpokaneWA 05/25/02Whippets
Genesee Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HamlinNY 07/06/02Whippets
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 08/23/02Whippets 2123
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/15/02Whippets 1411
Mad River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldOH 10/13/02Whippets 2322
Canada Del Oro Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/17/02Whippets
Jupiter-tequesta Dog ClubWest Palm BeachFL 11/30/02Whippets 1211
Hoosier Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/09/03Whippets
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 03/29/03Whippets
Ephrata-moses Lake Kennel ClubMoses LakeWA 04/13/03Whippets 911
Golden Triangle Kennel Club Of MississippiTupeloMS 05/09/03Whippets
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel ClubMt PleasantMI 06/07/03Whippets 1511
Coos Kennel ClubBandonOR 07/06/03Whippets
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 07/31/03Whippets 2612
Santa Cruz Kennel Club, Inc.Santa CruzCA 08/17/03Whippets 510
Cheyenne Kennel ClubCheyenneWY 08/30/03Whippets
Caribe Kennel ClubCarolinaPR 10/24/03Whippets 732
Central Ohio Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/16/03Whippets 5043
St. Charles Missouri Kennel ClubWentzvilleMO 01/24/04Whippets
Suwannee Valley Kennel Club Of FloridaLake CityFL 03/20/04Whippets 1111
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubBrierfieldAL 04/03/04Whippets
Quincy Kennel Club, Inc.QuincyIL 05/15/04Whippets
Conewango Valley Kennel ClubStocktonNY 06/11/04Whippets
Wine Country Kennel ClubNapaCA 06/20/04Whippets 1111
Kenilworth Kennel Club Of Connecticut, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 07/02/04Whippets 2923
Conejo Kennel ClubOxnardCA 07/18/04Whippets
Missouri Rhineland Kennel ClubSullivanMO 09/11/04Whippets
Mississippi State Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonMS 12/09/04Whippets
Greater Fredericksburg Kennel ClubFredericksburgVA 04/08/05Whippets 1311
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 04/17/05Whippets 210
Montgomery Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 04/30/05Whippets
Scott County Kennel Club, Inc.Rock IslandIL 05/14/05Whippets
Durango Kennel ClubCortezCO 05/22/05Whippets
Central Wyoming Kennel Club, Inc.CasperWY 05/27/05Whippets
St. Lawrence Valley Dog ClubClaytonNY 06/04/05Whippets
Mckinley Kennel ClubCantonOH 06/12/05Whippets
Anoka County Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/24/05Whippets
Rock Creek Kennel ClubBel AltonMD 07/04/05Whippets 2011
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 08/07/05Whippets
Durham Kennel Club IncRaleighNC 09/03/05Whippets 2012
Richland Kennel Club, Inc.KennewickWA 10/01/05Whippets
Mad River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.UrbanaOH 10/14/05Whippets 1001
Acadiana Kennel Club, Inc.New IberiaLA 03/05/06Whippets
Coso Dog Fanciers Of CaliforniaRidgecrestCA 03/19/06Whippets
Onondaga Kennel Association, Inc.SyracuseNY 03/30/06Whippets
D'arbonne Kennel ClubBossier CityLA 04/23/06Whippets
Moberly Missouri Kennel Club, Inc.MoberlyMO 06/10/06Whippets
Lakes Region Kennel Club, Inc.HopkintonNH 07/12/06Whippets 501
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.MarionOH 07/30/06Whippets 1911
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/02/06Whippets 1411
Marquette Kennel ClubMarquetteMI 09/03/06Whippets
Berks County Kennel Club, Inc.KutztownPA 09/17/06Whippets
Tri-city Kennel Club, Inc.DavenportIA 09/23/06Whippets
Heart Of The Plains Kennel ClubLubbockTX 09/28/06Whippets
Chaparral Kennel Club, Inc.AlamogordoNM 10/08/06Whippets
Rubber City Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 01/06/07Whippets 2522
Kennel Club Of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/09/07Whippets
Silver State Kennel ClubLas VegasNV 04/09/07Whippets
Toledo Kennel Club, Inc.MaumeeOH 06/03/07Whippets 2212
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubHattiesburgMS 06/28/07Whippets
Huntington Kennel Club, Inc.HuntingtonWV 07/07/07Whippets 700
Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc.WestonWI 07/21/07Whippets
Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc.CanfieldOH 08/02/07Whippets 7344
Topeka Kennel Club, Inc.TopekaKS 08/16/07Whippets
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/16/07Whippets
Hot Springs National Park Kennel ClubHot Springs Nat'l PkAR 09/29/07Whippets
Illinois Capitol Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldIL 10/22/07Whippets
Metairie Kennel Club, Inc.GonzalesLA 12/08/07Whippets
Ponce Kennel ClubSan JuanPR 04/04/08Whippets
Baytown Kennel Club, Inc.BeaumontTX 04/26/08Whippets
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.GreensboroNC 08/09/08Whippets 1811
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/15/09Whippets
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 02/28/09Whippets 100
Coeur D'alene Dog FanciersCoeur D'AleneID 05/25/09Whippets
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/11/09Whippets
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/01/09Whippets 1811
Southern Adirondack Dog Club, Inc.Ballston SpaNY 08/08/09Whippets 2013
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 08/21/09Whippets
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 09/27/09Whippets 2111
Kennel Club Of Palm Springs, Inc.IndioCA 01/09/10Whippets
Greenville Mississippi Kennel ClubGreenvilleMS 01/23/10Whippets
Central Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/13/10Whippets
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc.Ft Walton BeachFL 03/05/10Whippets
Arrowhead Kennel ClubGlendaleAZ 04/12/10Whippets
Southeast Alabama Kennel ClubPerryGA 05/14/10Whippets
Greater Clarksburg Wv Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 05/22/10Whippets 200
Lake Minnetonka Kennel ClubJordanMN 06/13/10Whippets
Olean Kennel Club, Inc.StocktonNY 06/20/10Whippets 600
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/29/10Whippets
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/09/10Whippets 1521
St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel ClubSt ClairsvilleOH 08/22/10Whippets 711
Marquette Kennel ClubMarquetteMI 09/05/10Whippets
Grand Valley Kennel ClubGrand JunctionCO 10/01/10Whippets
Sooner State Kennel ClubEnidOK 10/16/10Whippets
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubCity of IndustryCA 11/06/10Whippets
Sahuaro State Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 02/07/11Whippets
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/20/11Whippets
San Antonio Kennel Club, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/12/11Whippets
Chintimini Kennel Club, Inc.AlbanyOR 04/03/11Whippets
Bartlesville Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/17/11Whippets
Valley Isle Kennel Club Of MauiWailukuHI 05/01/11Whippets
Laramie Kennel Club, Inc.LaramieWY 05/29/11Whippets
Pocatello Kennel Club, Inc.BlackfootID 06/18/11Whippets
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandME 06/25/11Whippets 200
Nita Nee Kennel Club, Inc.Centre HallPA 07/23/11Whippets
Coos Kennel ClubBandonOR 08/06/11Whippets
Singing River Kennel Club Of MississippiBiloxiMS 09/08/11Whippets
Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc.AliquippaPA 10/08/11Whippets 500
Mason City Kennel ClubMason CityIA 10/16/11Whippets
Sandemac Kennel ClubSpringfieldIL 10/22/11Whippets
Mississippi Gulf Coast Kennel ClubGulfportMS 12/04/11Whippets
Central Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/11/12Whippets
Greenville Kennel ClubGreenvilleSC 02/18/12Whippets 2021
Rockland County Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/25/12Whippets
Tupelo Kennel ClubVeronaMS 03/03/12Whippets
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubColumbiaMO 03/11/12Whippets
Fort Worth Kennel ClubFort WorthTX 03/25/12Whippets
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 03/31/12Whippets
Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers, Inc.LewistonID 04/20/12Whippets 1131
Heart Of Iowa Kennel ClubMarshalltownIA 04/29/12Whippets
Intermountain Kennel Club, Inc.South JordanUT 05/06/12Whippets
Mid-continent Kennel Club Of Tulsa, Inc.TulsaOK 05/27/12Whippets
Michiana Kennel ClubValparaisoIN 06/20/12Whippets
Duluth Kennel ClubDuluthMN 07/15/12Whippets
Lawton Dog Fanciers AssociationLawtonOK 10/20/12Whippets
Oakland County Kennel Club, Inc. (BREED & OBED #1)NoviMI 01/20/13Whippets 3333
Southeast Arkansas Kennel ClubPine BluffAR 02/02/13Whippets
West Texas Kennel ClubMidlandTX 02/10/13Whippets
Meri-miss Kennel Club, Inc.HattiesburgMS 02/22/13Whippets
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 03/02/13Whippets 100
Garden City Kansas Kennel ClubGarden CityKS 03/10/13Whippets
Greater Orange Park Dog ClubElktonFL 04/07/13Whippets 610
Paducah Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonTN 05/16/13Whippets
Kennel Club Of The California SierraPlacervilleCA 05/27/13Whippets 1111
Electric City Kennel ClubGreat FallsMT 06/21/13Whippets
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 07/13/13Whippets
Bismarck Kennel ClubBismarckND 08/04/13Whippets
Sioux Empire Kennel Club, Inc.Sioux FallsSD 10/27/13Whippets
Tidewater Kennel Club Of Virginia, Inc.Virginia BeachVA 11/01/13Whippets 1101
Coulee Kennel Club, Inc.WinonaMN 11/09/13Whippets
Umpqua Kennel Club, Inc.RoseburgOR 11/15/13Whippets
Greater Hickory Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/06/13Whippets 1612
Inverness Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/16/14Whippets 1011
St. Charles Missouri Kennel ClubLake St LouisMO 01/26/14Whippets
Hoosier Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/09/14Whippets
Kern County Kennel Club, Inc.BakersfieldCA 03/29/14Whippets
San Jacinto Kennel ClubCrosbyTX 04/06/14Whippets
Heart Of Iowa Kennel ClubMarshalltownIA 04/27/14Whippets
Indianhead Kennel ClubEau ClaireWI 05/11/14Whippets
Durango Kennel ClubCortezCO 05/16/14Whippets
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc.Ft Walton BeachFL 05/24/14Whippets
Grand Traverse Kennel ClubTraverse CityMI 06/15/14Whippets 200
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandME 06/21/14Whippets 200
Greater Shelby Kennel ClubSouthavenMS 07/12/14Whippets
Panhandle Kennel Club Of Texas, Inc.AmarilloTX 09/11/14Whippets
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.RomulusNY 09/27/14Whippets
Sandusky Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/13/14Whippets 1311
Rock Creek Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 11/21/14Whippets 1712
Central Iowa Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 01/18/15Whippets
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of GeorgiaAtlantaGA 01/30/15Whippets 4143
Meri-miss Kennel Club, Inc.HattiesburgMS 02/20/15Whippets
Kennel Club Of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/06/15Whippets
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 03/28/15Whippets
Sandemac Kennel ClubDecaturIL 04/24/15Whippets
Utah Valley Kennel ClubSouth JordanUT 05/02/15Whippets
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 06/07/15Whippets 300
Genesee Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RochesterNY 06/21/15Whippets 811
Woodstock Dog Club, Inc.TunbridgeVT 07/09/15Whippets 300

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