Genesee County Kennel Club, Inc.FlintMI 05/19/02Chinese Cresteds 501
Lima Kennel ClubLimaOH 06/30/02Chinese Cresteds 2044
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.New HopePA 08/01/02Chinese Cresteds
Livonia Kennel ClubBellevilleMI 08/31/02Chinese Cresteds 711
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansMandevilleLA 09/07/02Chinese Cresteds
Bronx County Kennel ClubFlushingNY 10/27/02Chinese Cresteds 1613
Marion Kennel Club, Inc.Fort WayneIN 11/02/02Chinese Cresteds
Dallas-ft. Worth Toy Dog ClubDallasTX 11/29/02Chinese Cresteds
Progressive Dog Club Of Wayne County, Inc.DetroitMI 04/26/03Chinese Cresteds 1211
Columbiana County Kennel ClubCanfieldOH 08/01/03Chinese Cresteds 3244
Delaware Ohio Kennel ClubDelawareOH 10/25/03Chinese Cresteds 1113
Cudahy Kennel ClubKenoshaWI 02/29/04Chinese Cresteds
Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountySan Juan CapistranoCA 05/09/04Chinese Cresteds
Kanadasaga Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 06/24/04Chinese Cresteds
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.BereaOH 08/22/04Chinese Cresteds 1522
Ingham County Kennel Club, Inc.East LansingMI 11/29/04Chinese Cresteds 601
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.KalamazooMI 05/30/05Chinese Cresteds
Greater Clark County Kennel Club IncHillsboroOR 07/12/05Chinese Cresteds
Gateway Toy Dog FanciersGray SummitMO 09/22/05Chinese Cresteds
Wright County Minnesota Kennel ClubHutchinsonMN 10/09/05Chinese Cresteds
Lorain County Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/15/05Chinese Cresteds 2534
South County Kennel Club, Inc.WarwickRI 04/30/06Chinese Cresteds 1222
Sequoia Kennel Club, Inc.HanfordCA 03/02/07Chinese Cresteds
Genesee County Kennel Club, Inc.FlintMI 05/20/07Chinese Cresteds 711
Sandusky Kennel ClubLimaOH 07/02/07Chinese Cresteds 500
Orchid Island Dog Fancier Club, Inc.HiloHI 10/06/07Chinese Cresteds
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Inc.BethlehemPA 12/16/07Chinese Cresteds
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/09/08Chinese Cresteds
Ingham County Kennel Club, Inc.East LansingMI 11/29/08Chinese Cresteds 1011
Nor-cal Toy Dog FanciersSan JoseCA 02/14/09Chinese Cresteds 1310
Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/19/09Chinese Cresteds
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/07/09Chinese Cresteds
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/12/09Chinese Cresteds
Fulton County Ohio Kennel ClubWauseonOH 10/03/09Chinese Cresteds 100
Illinois Capitol Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldIL 10/18/09Chinese Cresteds
Virginia Kennel Club, Inc.RichmondVA 06/26/10Chinese Cresteds 2434
Columbiana County Kennel ClubCanfieldOH 08/06/10Chinese Cresteds 2734
Mississippi Valley Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/04/11Chinese Cresteds
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel ClubMt. PleasantMI 06/11/11Chinese Cresteds 511
Bahia Sur Kennel Club Of Chula VistaChula VistaCA 06/18/11Chinese Cresteds
Clackamas Kennel ClubCanbyOR 06/25/11Chinese Cresteds
Dan Emmett Kennel ClubMarionOH 07/30/11Chinese Cresteds 1431
Alamance Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 09/02/11Chinese Cresteds 1311
Onate Trail Dog Fanciers AssociationEl PasoTX 11/06/11Chinese Cresteds
Hernando County Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 11/13/11Chinese Cresteds 2323
Lake County Kennel Club Of Northern CaliforniaVallejoCA 06/07/12Chinese Cresteds 1614
Greeley Kennel Club, Inc.GreeleyCO 08/19/12Chinese Cresteds
Old Dominion Kennel Club Of Northern Virginia, Inc.MillwoodVA 09/30/12Chinese Cresteds 601
Tucson Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/16/12Chinese Cresteds
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/09/13Chinese Cresteds
Cabrillo Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterCA 09/01/13Chinese Cresteds
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/11/13Chinese Cresteds

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