Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.Fort WayneIN 11/01/09Nov Scot Tollers
Inverness Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/16/10Nov Scot Tollers 1104
Sand And Sea Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 02/04/10Nov Scot Tollers 200
St. Joseph Kennel Club, Inc.St JosephMO 02/06/10Nov Scot Tollers
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/20/10Nov Scot Tollers
Bee-tex Kennel ClubBeevilleTX 04/24/10Nov Scot Tollers
St. Hubert Kennel ClubN StoningtonCT 05/14/10Nov Scot Tollers
Key City Kennel Club, Inc.St. PeterMN 05/30/10Nov Scot Tollers
Calcasieu Kennel Club, Inc.Lake CharlesLA 06/12/10Nov Scot Tollers
Brevard Kennel ClubOrlandoFL 06/25/10Nov Scot Tollers 811
Duluth Kennel ClubDuluthMN 07/17/10Nov Scot Tollers
Panhandle Kennel Club Of Texas, Inc.AmarilloTX 09/02/10Nov Scot Tollers
Singing River Kennel Club Of MississippiBiloxiMS 09/10/10Nov Scot Tollers
Chattanooga Kennel ClubEast RidgeTN 09/19/10Nov Scot Tollers
Beaver County Kennel Club, Inc.AliquippaPA 10/10/10Nov Scot Tollers
Bell County Kennel ClubBeltonTX 10/23/10Nov Scot Tollers
Onate Trail Dog Fanciers AssociationEl PasoTX 12/12/10Nov Scot Tollers
Heart Of America Kennel Club, Inc.Kansas CityMO 03/20/11Nov Scot Tollers
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.MonroevillePA 04/02/11Nov Scot Tollers 100
Utah Valley Kennel ClubSouth JordanUT 05/08/11Nov Scot Tollers
Greater Kingsport Kennel ClubGrayTN 05/21/11Nov Scot Tollers 100
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandME 06/26/11Nov Scot Tollers
Licking River Kennel ClubLancasterOH 09/18/11Nov Scot Tollers 100
Hobbs New Mexico Kennel ClubHobbsNM 02/05/12Nov Scot Tollers
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/18/12Nov Scot Tollers
Bartlesville Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/12/12Nov Scot Tollers
D'arbonne Kennel ClubBossier CityLA 04/22/12Nov Scot Tollers
Oconee River Kennel ClubWatkinsvilleGA 05/06/12Nov Scot Tollers
Ravenna Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 05/13/12Nov Scot Tollers 210
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubValley CenterCA 05/20/12Nov Scot Tollers
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/26/12Nov Scot Tollers
Holyoke Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 07/08/12Nov Scot Tollers 1204
West Oahu Kennel ClubEwaHI 08/18/12Nov Scot Tollers
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.UnionME 08/31/12Nov Scot Tollers
Rio Pecos Kennel ClubRoswellNM 09/08/12Nov Scot Tollers
Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc.AtlantaGA 02/03/13Nov Scot Tollers
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 03/30/13Nov Scot Tollers
Midland Michigan Kennel Club (BREED/OBED #1)MidlandMI 06/07/13Nov Scot Tollers
Mensona Kennel Club, Inc.Santa RosaCA 08/24/13Nov Scot Tollers 400
West Central Oklahoma Kennel ClubElk CityOK 09/07/13Nov Scot Tollers
Anniston Kennel ClubAnnistonAL 09/21/13Nov Scot Tollers
Bartlesville Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/10/14Nov Scot Tollers
Lake Minnetonka Kennel ClubJordanMN 06/07/14Nov Scot Tollers
Blackhawk Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/11/14Nov Scot Tollers
Mobile Kennel ClubBiloxiMS 09/07/14Nov Scot Tollers
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 11/21/14Nov Scot Tollers 812
St. Joseph Kennel Club, Inc.St JosephMO 01/31/15Nov Scot Tollers
Heart Of The Plains Kennel ClubMidlandTX 02/22/15Nov Scot Tollers
Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/18/15Nov Scot Tollers
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of CaliforniaFerndaleCA 06/27/15Nov Scot Tollers 501
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 07/25/15Nov Scot Tollers

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