Central Ny KcSyracuseNY 11/17/96G S H Pointers 19
Monticello Ny KcKiamesha LakeNY 03/01/97G S H Pointers 5955
Butler Co KcProspectPA 09/20/97G S H Pointers 10
Annapolis KcBaltimoreMD 02/07/98G S H Pointers 1511
Mid-hudson KaPine PlainsNY 06/20/98G S H Pointers 1111
Coyote Hills KcHaywardCA 07/18/98G S H Pointers 911
Elm City KcTerryvilleCT 07/26/98G S H Pointers 1411
/ / G S H Pointers 4733
Merrimack Valley Kennel Club, Inc.ConcordNH 05/29/99G S H Pointers 1311
Myrtle Beach Kennel ClubFlorenceSC 06/12/99G S H Pointers
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 11/27/99G S H Pointers 5844
Butler County Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/27/00G S H Pointers 1111
Ashtabula Kennel ClubGeneva on the LakeOH 07/15/00G S H Pointers 3132
Cabrillo Kennel Club, Inc.Rancho Santa FeCA 11/12/00G S H Pointers
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.MiddletownNY 01/27/01G S H Pointers 1501
Canada Del Oro Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 03/26/01G S H Pointers
Kenilworth Kennel Club Of Connecticut, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 07/06/01G S H Pointers 3232
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubHaywardCA 07/22/01G S H Pointers 710
Beaver County Kennel Club, Inc.CanfieldOH 08/04/01G S H Pointers 4943
South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/15/01G S H Pointers 501
Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon, Inc.PortlandOR 01/21/02G S H Pointers
Tuxedo Park Kennel ClubTarrytownNY 09/06/02G S H Pointers 2921
Heartland Dog Club Of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL 04/19/03G S H Pointers 300
Tidewater Kennel Club Of Virginia, Inc.WilliamsburgVA 05/23/03G S H Pointers 801
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubHaywardCA 07/20/03G S H Pointers 1511
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.GilbertPA 09/12/03G S H Pointers
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc.AliquippaPA 10/04/03G S H Pointers 1311
Mid-del-tinker Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 10/17/03G S H Pointers
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc.FlushingNY 10/25/03G S H Pointers 800
Pearl River Kennel Club, Inc.BiloxiMS 12/05/03G S H Pointers
Hendersonville Kennel ClubGreenvilleSC 02/15/04G S H Pointers 1923
Crawford County Kennel ClubBucyrusOH 05/02/04G S H Pointers 1111
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.KingstonNY 06/17/04G S H Pointers 1201
South Hills Kennel ClubWashingtonPA 06/19/04G S H Pointers 910
Lorain County Kennel Club, Inc.Henrietta TwpOH 08/08/04G S H Pointers 710
Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/15/04G S H Pointers 1211
Albany Kennel Club, Inc.TroyNY 10/16/04G S H Pointers 1121
German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of MichiganEast LansingMI 11/26/04G S H Pointers 5134
Maryland Sporting Dog AssociationBel AltonMD 03/05/05G S H Pointers
Del Sur Kennel Club, Inc.Del MarCA 03/27/05G S H Pointers
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/30/05G S H Pointers 300
Annapolis Kennel Club, Inc.ArnoldMD 08/21/05G S H Pointers 1321
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/21/06G S H Pointers 811
Middle Peninsula Kennel Club Of VirginiaCharlottesvilleVA 06/01/06G S H Pointers 1011
Flagstaff Kennel ClubFlagstaffAZ 06/11/06G S H Pointers
Erie Kennel Club, Inc.AlbionPA 06/18/06G S H Pointers 1311
Altoona Area Kennel Association, Inc.EbensburgPA 09/09/06G S H Pointers
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc.New YorkNY 10/27/06G S H Pointers 801
German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of AmericaFort MitchellKY 04/20/07G S H Pointers
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansBiloxiMS 05/17/07G S H Pointers
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 06/10/07G S H Pointers 1111
Sturgis Kennel ClubMarshallMI 08/04/07G S H Pointers
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 03/30/08G S H Pointers 1421
Albany Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 10/18/08G S H Pointers 2843
Vancouver Kennel ClubRidgefieldWA 10/25/08G S H Pointers
Wine Country Kennel ClubNapaCA 11/08/08G S H Pointers 911
Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers AssociationCentraliaWA 04/05/09G S H Pointers
Longshore-southport Kennel Club, Inc.Yorktown HeightsNY 06/07/09G S H Pointers 2111
Catonsville Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 10/09/09G S H Pointers 911
Framingham District Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 11/07/09G S H Pointers 3425
Kennel Club Of Palm Springs, Inc.IndioCA 01/10/10G S H Pointers
Erie Kennel Club, Inc.EriePA 01/31/10G S H Pointers 901
Sara Bay Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/19/10G S H Pointers 200
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 04/11/10G S H Pointers 911
Treasure Coast Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.Vero BeachFL 05/02/10G S H Pointers 400
West Central Oklahoma Kennel ClubElk CityOK 09/11/10G S H Pointers
Tucson Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/20/10G S H Pointers
Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.DenverCO 02/20/11G S H Pointers
Rockland County Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/27/11G S H Pointers
Macomb Kennel ClubArmadaMI 06/25/11G S H Pointers 600
Chenango Valley Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 07/01/11G S H Pointers
Whidbey Island Kennel Club IncMonroeWA 11/19/11G S H Pointers
Greater Collin Kennel Club, Inc.DallasTX 12/09/11G S H Pointers
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 02/04/12G S H Pointers 1511
Sara Bay Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/18/12G S H Pointers 300
Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 03/31/12G S H Pointers
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/19/12G S H Pointers 1003
Susque-Nango Kennel Club, Inc.Whitney PointNY 07/01/12G S H Pointers 912
Hanover Kennel ClubWilmingtonNC 10/14/12G S H Pointers
Tucson Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/17/12G S H Pointers
Ingham County Kennel Club, Inc.East LansingMI 12/02/12G S H Pointers 1841
Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 02/16/13G S H Pointers 2343
Berrien Kennel ClubMarshallMI 08/04/13G S H Pointers
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.RomulusNY 09/27/13G S H Pointers
New England Sporting Group AssociationWest SpringfieldMA 03/16/14G S H Pointers 6042
Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 03/30/14G S H Pointers
Trumbull County Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/25/14G S H Pointers 1113
Ventura County Dog Fanciers AssociationVenturaCA 07/06/14G S H Pointers
Livonia Kennel Club (BREED/OBED #1)NoviMI 01/16/15G S H Pointers 2935
Rockland County Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/22/15G S H Pointers
Crawford County Kennel ClubBucyrusOH 05/02/15G S H Pointers 700
Lancaster Kennel Club, Inc.LebanonPA 05/10/15G S H Pointers

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