Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.BainbridgeNY 07/02/00Aire Terr
Tioga County Kennel ClubOwegoNY 08/20/00Aire Terr
Ramapo Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 10/15/00Aire Terr
Wyoming Valley Kennel ClubAlexanderNY 05/20/01Aire Terr
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 09/02/01Aire Terr 701
Naugatuck Valley Kennel ClubDanburyCT 11/11/01Aire Terr 401
Del-otse-nango Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 06/28/02Aire Terr
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 11/16/03Aire Terr
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.Ludwigs CornerPA 04/25/04Aire Terr
Tioga County Kennel ClubOwegoNY 08/15/04Aire Terr
Boca Raton Dog Club IncWest Palm BeachFL 09/19/04Aire Terr 200
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 06/19/05Aire Terr 701
Chenango Valley Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 07/03/05Aire Terr
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 11/18/05Aire Terr
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.BostonMA 12/08/06Aire Terr 1914
Chester Valley Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 05/11/07Aire Terr 601
Monticello New York Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/12/07Aire Terr
Lake Shore Kennel Club, Inc.CreteIL 11/24/07Aire Terr
Ashtabula Kennel ClubHamburgNY 01/11/09Aire Terr
Elmira Kennel Club, Inc.RomulusNY 09/27/09Aire Terr
Desert Empire Terrier Club Of Southern CaliforniaIndioCA 01/08/10Aire Terr
Ponce Kennel ClubBayamonPR 04/23/10Aire Terr
Warren County Kennel Club Of OhioHamiltonOH 05/28/10Aire Terr 401
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers AssociationWrightstownPA 06/04/10Aire Terr
Riverhead Kennel Club, Inc.RiverheadNY 07/16/10Aire Terr
Green Mountain Dog Club, Inc.Essex JunctionVT 07/18/10Aire Terr 711
Newton Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 09/03/10Aire Terr 501
Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club, Inc.AlbionNY 09/05/10Aire Terr
Lizard Butte Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/17/10Aire Terr
Hernando County Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 11/14/10Aire Terr
Greater Monroe Kennel ClubConcordNC 11/20/10Aire Terr 100
Montgomery Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 11/28/10Aire Terr
Oakland County Kennel Club, Inc.NoviMI 01/23/11Aire Terr 300
Rockland County Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/27/11Aire Terr
Kings Kennel Club Of CaliforniaHanfordCA 03/05/11Aire Terr
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.Whitney PointNY 07/03/11Aire Terr 301
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc.MedinaOH 07/24/11Aire Terr 511
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 09/04/11Aire Terr 200
Atlanta Terrier ClubAtlantaGA 10/20/11Aire Terr
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 10/29/11Aire Terr 610
Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.PuebloCO 11/12/11Aire Terr
Kennel Club Of Philadelphia, Inc.OaksPA 11/19/11Aire Terr 1231
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 02/04/12Aire Terr 300
Berrien Kennel ClubMarshallMI 08/05/12Aire Terr
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/25/12Aire Terr
Mobile Kennel ClubBiloxiMS 09/08/12Aire Terr
Huntsville Kennel ClubDecaturAL 11/11/12Aire Terr
Imperial Valley Kennel ClubYumaAZ 12/02/12Aire Terr
Nolan River Kennel ClubGlen RoseTX 01/06/13Aire Terr
Carroll Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 01/19/13Aire Terr 201
Erie Kennel Club, Inc.EriePA 01/27/13Aire Terr
South County Kennel Club, Inc. (BREED/OBED #1)RichmondRI 04/27/13Aire Terr 600
Greater Kingsport Kennel ClubGrayTN 05/18/13Aire Terr 100
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.PuyallupWA 06/08/13Aire Terr
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.New PaltzNY 06/20/13Aire Terr 200
Newton Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 08/31/13Aire Terr 200
Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/15/13Aire Terr 501
Back Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.BloomsburgPA 11/02/13Aire Terr
Plum Creek Kennel Club Of ColoradoDenverCO 02/14/14Aire Terr
Troy Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 04/05/14Aire Terr 811
Ravenna Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 05/10/14Aire Terr 100
Burlington County Kennel Club, Inc.WrightstownPA 06/01/14Aire Terr
Riverhead Kennel Club, Inc.YaphankNY 07/12/14Aire Terr 501
Chambersburg Area Kennel ClubCentre HallPA 07/17/14Aire Terr
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 08/31/14Aire Terr 301
Erie Kennel Club, Inc.EriePA 01/24/15Aire Terr 100
Union County Kennel Club, Inc.WildwoodNJ 01/28/15Aire Terr
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.W Windsor TwpNJ 05/04/15Aire Terr

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