Merrimack Valley Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 01/16/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc.Prince FrederickMD 04/08/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 601
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 06/04/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Hockamock Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 07/01/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Nita Nee Kennel Club, Inc.Centre HallPA 07/21/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 08/27/00Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 200
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.Jersey CityNJ 10/13/01Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 100
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 11/26/01Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 300
Fox River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RosemontIL 12/14/01Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/24/02Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Central Iowa Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 09/07/02Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Warrenton Kennel ClubRectortownVA 09/28/02Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 5055
Gloucester Kennel Club Of VirginiaVirginia BeachVA 10/31/02Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 501
Kettle Moraine Kennel Club, Inc.West BendWI 11/17/02Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club Of America, Inc.OleyPA 05/08/03Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Livonia Kennel ClubBellevilleMI 08/31/03Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 100
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Inc.BethlehemPA 12/14/03Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaME 06/20/04Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Redwood Empire Kennel ClubPetalumaCA 09/04/04Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Chambersburg Area Kennel ClubGettysburgPA 12/04/04Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Livingston Kennel ClubNoviMI 01/22/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 601
Maryland Kennel ClubBaltimoreMD 02/20/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 820
Wilmington Kennel Club, Inc.BearDE 04/29/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Fort St. Clair Kennel ClubEatonOH 05/01/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 06/19/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 100
Putnam Kennel Club, Inc.StormvilleNY 07/23/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 301
Pontiac Kennel Club, Inc.DavisburgMI 09/10/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc.West FriendshipMD 11/26/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 701
Medina Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/16/05Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 721
Chester Valley Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 05/13/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 3145
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.BerryvilleVA 07/15/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 100
Richmond Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.DixonCA 08/05/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 811
Schooley's Mountain Kennel ClubMorristownNJ 09/04/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 620
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/30/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 3934
Tyler Texas Kennel ClubCantonTX 10/14/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Greater Sierra Vista Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/19/06Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Lancaster Kennel Club, Inc.LebanonPA 05/13/07Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Middleburg Kennel ClubLeesburgVA 10/28/07Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1122
Eastern Dog ClubBostonMA 12/08/07Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 200
Carroll Kennel ClubWestminsterMD 05/18/08Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MacungiePA 09/13/08Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Richland Kennel Club, Inc.KennewickWA 09/28/08Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 11/13/08Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 601
American Kennel Club,inc.Long BeachCA 12/12/09Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/29/10Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 600
Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.Coeur D'AleneID 07/17/10Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/15/10Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.OaksPA 11/18/10Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 200
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc.FredericksburgVA 01/16/11Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1934
York Kennel ClubYorkPA 03/16/11Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Huntingdon Valley Kennel Club, Inc.WrightstownPA 06/04/11Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/08/11Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1112
Inverness Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/14/12Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 200
Sand And Sea Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 02/02/12Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 500
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 07/08/12Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1011
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 09/02/12Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 600
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 03/10/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1310
Riverhead Kennel Club, Inc.YaphankNY 07/13/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 610
Lorain County Kennel Club, Inc.OberlinOH 08/11/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 501
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineUnionME 09/01/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.MacungiePA 09/13/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Minneapolis Kennel Club, Inc.ShakopeeMN 11/23/13Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc.San JoseCA 02/17/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Ladies' Kennel Association Of AmericaOyster BayNY 05/16/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 831
Hockamock Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 06/27/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 100
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockVA 07/12/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 1012
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/24/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers AssociationChesapeakeVA 09/20/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Richland Kennel Club, Inc.KennewickWA 09/27/14Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 02/01/15Gtr Sws Mtn Dogs 611

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