Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson - CHOW CHOWS PAST ASSIGNMENTS

St Petersburg DfaSarasotaFL 01/11/97Chow Chows 9
Obed Trng WichitaflsWichita FallsTX 03/01/97Chow Chows
Grtr Panama City DfaPanama CityFL 02/26/97Chow Chows
Kennel Cl Columbus InLouisvilleKY 03/14/97Chow Chows
Peninsula DfcBremertonWA 03/22/97Chow Chows
Progressive Dc Wayne CoDetroitMI 04/26/97Chow Chows 7
Clemson KcAndersonSC 06/22/97Chow Chows 821
Manatee KcPalmettoFL 07/06/97Chow Chows 711
St Croix Vly KcLake ElmoMN 08/24/97Chow Chows
Mad River Vly KcSpringfieldOH 10/12/97Chow Chows 10
Golden Vly KcTurlockCA 11/21/97Chow Chows
Alexandria KcAlexandriaLA 01/25/98Chow Chows
Saw Mill Rvr KcWhite PlainsNY 03/08/98Chow Chows 601
Lakes Region KcHopkintonNH 07/09/98Chow Chows 100
Sir Francis Drake KcSan RafaelCA 09/13/98Chow Chows 911
Va KcRichmondVA 09/26/98Chow Chows 1605
Grtr Orange Park DcStarkeFL 01/31/99Chow Chows 1523
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubColumbiaMO 03/13/99Chow Chows
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.BremertonWA 03/27/99Chow Chows
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubTuscaloosaAL 04/24/99Chow Chows
Wilmington Kennel Club, Inc.BearDE 05/01/99Chow Chows 500
Greater Kingsport Kennel ClubGrayTN 05/23/99Chow Chows 1311
Los Encinos Kennel Club, Inc.PomonaCA 05/30/99Chow Chows
South Hills Kennel ClubFinleyvillePA 06/27/99Chow Chows 400
Kennel Club Of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX 11/06/99Chow Chows
Montgomery Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 11/28/99Chow Chows
Pearl River Kennel Club, Inc.BiloxiMS 12/12/99Chow Chows
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc.ValdostaGA 02/25/00Chow Chows
Fort Worth Kennel ClubFort WorthTX 03/26/00Chow Chows 3953
St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.St PetersburgFL 04/02/00Chow Chows
Olive Branch Mississippi Kennel ClubMemphisTN 04/08/00Chow Chows
Framingham District Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 06/04/00Chow Chows 200
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of GeorgiaAtlantaGA 08/25/00Chow Chows
Mid-kentucky Kennel Club, Inc.LexingtonKY 09/04/00Chow Chows
Shreveport Kennel Club, Inc.TylerTX 09/17/00Chow Chows
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 09/30/00Chow Chows 701
Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.MobileAL 11/04/00Chow Chows
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 11/24/00Chow Chows 1412
South Dade Kennel ClubMiamiFL 06/02/01Chow Chows 1003
Clackamas Kennel ClubCanbyOR 06/24/01Chow Chows
Ventura County Dog Fanciers AssociationVenturaCA 07/08/01Chow Chows
Greenville Kennel ClubGreenvilleSC 07/28/01Chow Chows 2445
Douglasville Kennel Club Of GeorgiaAtlantaGA 09/21/01Chow Chows
Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Assoc. Inc.DixonCA 10/28/01Chow Chows 1013
Greater Ocala Dog Club, Inc.OcalaFL 11/17/01Chow Chows 602
Eastern Dog ClubBostonMA 12/09/01Chow Chows 100
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationFt Walton BeachFL 02/27/02Chow Chows
/ / Chow Chows 1314
Long Island Kennel ClubRoslynNY 05/19/02Chow Chows 1833
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubPomonaCA 05/24/02Chow Chows
Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 07/14/02Chow Chows 100
Burlington Wisconsin Kennel ClubElkhornWI 07/29/02Chow Chows 301
St. Croix Valley Kennel Club, Inc.Lake ElmoMN 08/24/02Chow Chows
Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club, Inc.AlbionNY 09/01/02Chow Chows
Sunflower Kennel Club Of Olathe, KansasGardnerKS 09/29/02Chow Chows
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/12/02Chow Chows 200
Westminster Kennel ClubNew YorkNY 02/10/03Chow Chows 1000
Columbia Kennel Club, Inc.CharlotteNC 04/06/03Chow Chows 511
Huntingdon Valley Kennel Club, Inc.AmblerPA 05/31/03Chow Chows 500
Glens Falls Kennel Club, Inc.Ballston SpaNY 08/07/03Chow Chows 200
Burlington Kennel Club, Inc.West BurlingtonIA 08/16/03Chow Chows
American Kennel Club,inc.Long BeachCA 12/03/03Chow Chows
Wheaton Kennel ClubWheatonIL 01/17/04Chow Chows
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationFt Walton BeachFL 02/24/04Chow Chows
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.KalamazooMI 05/24/04Chow Chows
Taconic Hills Kennel Club, Inc.Yorktown HeightsNY 06/04/04Chow Chows
Jupiter-tequesta Dog Club, Inc.West Palm BeachFL 07/11/04Chow Chows 610
Conyers Kennel Club Of GeorgiaAtlantaGA 08/22/04Chow Chows
Mason City Kennel ClubMason CityIA 10/10/04Chow Chows
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/06/04Chow Chows 300
Worcester County Kennel ClubWorcesterMA 11/27/04Chow Chows
Springfield Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 04/22/05Chow Chows 500
Virginia Beach Kennel ClubWilliamsburgVA 05/30/05Chow Chows 200
Cambridge Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/25/05Chow Chows
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc.MonroeMI 07/10/05Chow Chows 800
Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/20/05Chow Chows 210
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/17/05Chow Chows 301
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 11/28/05Chow Chows 301
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.BostonMA 12/09/05Chow Chows 200
Sand To Sea Non-sporting Association Of Southern CaliforniaIndioCA 01/05/06Chow Chows
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc.ValdostaGA 02/24/06Chow Chows
Stephenville Kennel Club Of TexasStephenvilleTX 04/15/06Chow Chows
Gavilan Kennel ClubHollisterCA 04/30/06Chow Chows 100
Corn Belt Kennel ClubBloomingtonIL 05/29/06Chow Chows
Columbiana County Kennel ClubCanfieldOH 08/04/06Chow Chows 902
Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/16/06Chow Chows
Greenville Mississippi Kennel ClubGreenvilleMS 01/20/07Chow Chows
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc.San JoseCA 02/19/07Chow Chows 801
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc.PensacolaFL 03/02/07Chow Chows
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubColumbiaMO 03/11/07Chow Chows
New Brunswick Kennel Club, Inc.EdisonNJ 03/24/07Chow Chows
Fort St. Clair Kennel ClubEatonOH 04/29/07Chow Chows
Mississippi Valley Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/02/07Chow Chows
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/16/07Chow Chows
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club Of Washington, Inc.SequimWA 07/28/07Chow Chows
Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.Corpus ChristiTX 08/11/07Chow Chows
Vicksburg Kennel Club Of Mississippi, Inc.MonroeLA 09/02/07Chow Chows
Kenosha Kennel Club, Inc.WilmotWI 09/09/07Chow Chows
Mobile Kennel ClubMobileAL 11/17/07Chow Chows
Saratoga New York Kennel ClubQueensburyNY 02/02/08Chow Chows 100
Clarksville Kennel ClubClarksvilleTN 04/26/08Chow Chows
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/17/08Chow Chows 2633
Little Fort Kennel Club Of WaukeganGrayslakeIL 06/13/08Chow Chows
Medina Kennel Club, Inc.MedinaOH 07/19/08Chow Chows 100
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.UnionME 08/29/08Chow Chows
Tuxedo Park Kennel ClubNorth BranchNJ 09/05/08Chow Chows 600
Salina Kennel Club, Inc.SalinaKS 09/12/08Chow Chows
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/02/08Chow Chows 1221
Greater Muskegon Kennel ClubGrand RapidsMI 11/07/08Chow Chows
Nashville Kennel ClubFranklinTN 03/05/09Chow Chows
St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.PalmettoFL 03/28/09Chow Chows 601
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubColumbianaAL 04/04/09Chow Chows
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/10/09Chow Chows
Echo Hills Kennel Club Of OhioTroyOH 06/13/09Chow Chows 601
Mountaineer Kennel Club, Inc.WaynesburgPA 06/21/09Chow Chows
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/12/09Chow Chows
West Volusia Kennel ClubDelandFL 09/26/09Chow Chows 1423
Chaparral Kennel Club, Inc.AlamogordoNM 10/03/09Chow Chows
Skokie Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RosemontIL 12/20/09Chow Chows
Indianhead Kennel ClubEau ClaireWI 04/17/10Chow Chows
Shreveport Kennel Club, Inc.Bossier CityLA 04/24/10Chow Chows
Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.KalamazooMI 05/30/10Chow Chows 2845
Jefferson City Missouri Kennel ClubSedaliaMO 07/09/10Chow Chows
Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.SintonTX 01/16/10Chow Chows
Singing River Kennel Club Of MississippiBiloxiMS 09/09/10Chow Chows
West Volusia Kennel ClubDelandFL 09/26/10Chow Chows 911
Tri-star Kennel Club Of williamson County, TennesseeNashvilleTN 10/17/10Chow Chows
Greater Monroe Kennel ClubConcordNC 11/20/10Chow Chows 710
Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 01/15/11Chow Chows
Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 01/29/11Chow Chows 1302
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 04/09/11Chow Chows 200
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc.PerryGA 04/15/11Chow Chows
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.DecaturIL 05/01/11Chow Chows
Badger Kennel ClubJeffersonWI 05/08/11Chow Chows
Vacationland Dog Club, Inc.ScarboroughME 05/21/11Chow Chows 1031
Kennel Club Of The California SierraPlacervilleCA 05/30/11Chow Chows
Southern Indiana Kennel ClubCorydonIN 06/04/11Chow Chows
Cambridge Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/26/11Chow Chows
Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/14/11Chow Chows
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/17/11Chow Chows
Huntsville Kennel ClubPricevilleAL 11/10/11Chow Chows
Central New York Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 11/19/11Chow Chows
Worcester County Kennel ClubFitchburgMA 12/04/11Chow Chows 902
Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon, Inc.PortlandOR 01/20/12Chow Chows
Sara Bay Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/17/12Chow Chows 300
Claremore Kennel Club Of OklahomaClaremoreOK 03/31/12Chow Chows
Kennel Club Of PasadenaPasadenaCA 06/03/12Chow Chows
Burlington Wisconsin Kennel ClubElkhornWI 07/30/12Chow Chows
Louisiana Kennel Club, Inc.KennerLA 08/02/12Chow Chows
Greater Emporia Kennel Club, Inc.TopekaKS 08/20/12Chow Chows
Mensona Kennel Club, Inc.Santa RosaCA 08/26/12Chow Chows 200
Gig Harbor Kennel ClubSheltonWA 09/23/12Chow Chows 601
Greater Naples Dog Club (BREED/OBED #1)ArcadiaFL 10/12/12Chow Chows 200
Savannah Kennel ClubSavannahGA 12/02/12Chow Chows 511
Northern Neck Kennel Club Of VirginiaFredericksburgVA 01/09/13Chow Chows 100
Central Iowa Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 01/20/13Chow Chows
Pensacola Dog Fanciers AssociationPensacolaFL 03/03/13Chow Chows
Northern California Non-sporting Dog ClubVallejoCA 05/17/13Chow Chows 300
Fargo-moorhead Kennel Club, Inc.West FargoND 06/01/13Chow Chows
Asheville Kennel Club, Inc.FletcherNC 06/08/13Chow Chows 100
Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc.CanfieldOH 08/01/13Chow Chows 601
Bayou Kennel Club, Inc.MonroeLA 08/31/13Chow Chows
Panhandle Kennel Club Of Texas, Inc.AmarilloTX 09/14/13Chow Chows
National Capital Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 10/13/13Chow Chows 701
Stephenville Kennel Club Of TexasBeltonTX 10/17/13Chow Chows
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/03/13Chow Chows 711
Whidbey Island Kennel Club IncMonroeWA 11/17/13Chow Chows
Eastern Dog ClubW SpringfieldMA 12/07/13Chow Chows 201
Ochlockonee River Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.TallahasseeFL 02/22/14Chow Chows
Monticello New York Kennel Club, Inc.MiltonNY 03/08/14Chow Chows
Cary Kennel ClubRaleighNC 03/19/14Chow Chows
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 05/31/14Chow Chows 1012
Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 06/28/14Chow Chows
Elgin Kennel ClubSt CharlesIL 08/23/14Chow Chows
Rio Pecos Kennel ClubRoswellNM 09/06/14Chow Chows
Greenville Mississippi Kennel ClubJacksonMS 09/12/14Chow Chows
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/26/14Chow Chows 100
Greater Naples Dog ClubArcadiaFL 10/12/14Chow Chows
Troy Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 10/19/14Chow Chows 100
La Porte County Kennel ClubFort WayneIN 10/30/14Chow Chows
Fort Bend Kennel Club, Inc.RosenbergTX 01/18/15Chow Chows
Alaska Kennel ClubAnchorageAK 01/25/15Chow Chows
San Antonio Kennel Club, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/07/15Chow Chows
Greater Monroe Kennel ClubConcordNC 03/29/15Chow Chows 200
Utah Valley Kennel ClubSouth JordanUT 05/03/15Chow Chows
Coronado Kennel Club Of New MexicoAlbuquerqueNM 05/11/15Chow Chows
Kokomo Kennel ClubGreentownIN 05/17/15Chow Chows
Cambridge Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/21/15Chow Chows

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