Mr. Steven D. Gladstone - BEAGLES 15 IN. PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Bryn Mawr KcLudwigs CornerPA 06/13/98Beagles 15 In. 720
Wine Country KcNapaCA 06/20/98Beagles 15 In. 510
Upper Potomac Vly KcCumberlandMD 10/17/98Beagles 15 In. 100
Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/19/99Beagles 15 In. 803
Chicago Goldcoast Kennel ClubVilla ParkIL 12/19/99Beagles 15 In.
South County Kennel Club, Inc.WarwickRI 04/30/00Beagles 15 In.
Olympia Dog Fanciers AssociationElmaWA 05/07/00Beagles 15 In.
Muskogee Kennel Club, Inc.ShawneeOK 05/27/00Beagles 15 In.
James River Kennel Club, Inc.LynchburgVA 09/24/00Beagles 15 In. 812
Greater Freeport Illinois Kennel ClubFreeportIL 10/01/00Beagles 15 In.
Anoka County Minnesota Kennel ClubFridleyMN 07/21/01Beagles 15 In.
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubBiloxiMS 07/29/01Beagles 15 In.
Lorain County Kennel Club, Inc.Henrietta TwpOH 08/12/01Beagles 15 In. 200
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.PuyallupWA 06/08/02Beagles 15 In.
Richland Kennel Club, Inc.KennewickWA 09/29/02Beagles 15 In.
Lumberton Kennel ClubFayettevilleNC 11/15/02Beagles 15 In. 401
Olympic Kennel Club, Inc.EnumclawWA 08/16/03Beagles 15 In.
Gold Country Kennel ClubGrass ValleyCA 08/30/03Beagles 15 In. 410
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 09/28/03Beagles 15 In. 510
Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc.EdisonNJ 03/21/04Beagles 15 In. 1523
Heartland Dog Club Of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL 04/18/04Beagles 15 In. 911
Reno Kennel ClubCarson CityNV 05/29/04Beagles 15 In. 100
Longview Kennel ClubLongviewTX 07/25/04Beagles 15 In.
Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers AssociationCentraliaWA 04/09/05Beagles 15 In. 1231
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club, Inc.LakelandFL 06/18/05Beagles 15 In.
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 08/06/05Beagles 15 In.
Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club, Inc.CypressCA 09/25/05Beagles 15 In.
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/27/06Beagles 15 In.
Skokie Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RosemontIL 12/17/06Beagles 15 In.
International Kennel Club Of Chicago, Inc.ChicagoIL 02/25/07Beagles 15 In.
Trap Falls Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 04/06/07Beagles 15 In. 501
Reno Kennel ClubCarson CityNV 06/02/07Beagles 15 In. 100
Mid-del-tinker Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 06/28/07Beagles 15 In.
Rapid City Kennel Club, Inc.Rapid CitySD 10/21/07Beagles 15 In.
Fort Worth Kennel ClubFort WorthTX 03/22/08Beagles 15 In.
Spirit Of The Heartland Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 05/02/08Beagles 15 In.
Bonneville Basin Kennel AssociationFarmingtonUT 09/14/08Beagles 15 In.
Southern New York Beagle ClubYorktown HeightsNY 09/19/08Beagles 15 In.
Cypress Creek Kennel Club Of TexasHoustonTX 11/08/09Beagles 15 In.
Reno Kennel ClubRenoNV 08/22/10Beagles 15 In. 1313
Town And Country Kennel Club, Inc.ChickashaOK 11/18/10Beagles 15 In.
Ashtabula Kennel ClubHamburgNY 01/16/11Beagles 15 In. 300
Union County Kennel Club, Inc.WildwoodNJ 02/02/11Beagles 15 In. 100
Myrtle Beach Kennel ClubFlorenceSC 05/01/11Beagles 15 In.
Rio Grande Kennel ClubAlbuquerqueNM 05/15/11Beagles 15 In.
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.New PaltzNY 06/23/11Beagles 15 In. 100
Newton Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 09/02/11Beagles 15 In. 400
Troy Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 10/23/11Beagles 15 In. 500
Cyclone Country Kennel Club Of AmesDes MoinesIA 02/18/12Beagles 15 In.
Chester Valley Kennel Club (PHILADELPHIA DTC)Ludwigs CornerPA 05/12/12Beagles 15 In. 100
Missouri Rhineland Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/02/12Beagles 15 In.
Grand River Kennel Club, Inc.MadisonOH 07/15/12Beagles 15 In. 1331
Greater Emporia Kennel Club, Inc.TopekaKS 08/18/12Beagles 15 In.
Sioux Empire Kennel Club, Inc.Sioux FallsSD 10/26/12Beagles 15 In.
Virginia Beach Kennel ClubVirginia BeachVA 11/04/12Beagles 15 In. 300
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 03/10/13Beagles 15 In. 1022
Clinton Iowa Kennel ClubDe WittIA 03/31/13Beagles 15 In.
Wilmington Kennel Club, Inc.BearDE 04/26/13Beagles 15 In.
Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/15/13Beagles 15 In.
Imperial Valley Kennel ClubYumaAZ 12/02/13Beagles 15 In.
Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.DelandFL 01/05/14Beagles 15 In. 601
Columbiana County Kennel ClubCanfieldOH 08/01/14Beagles 15 In. 1011
Greater Hickory Kennel Club, Inc.GreensboroNC 08/15/14Beagles 15 In. 1414
Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc.AtlantaGA 08/23/14Beagles 15 In.
Northern Kentucky Kennel Club, Inc.LexingtonKY 08/29/14Beagles 15 In.
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriGray SummitMO 09/13/14Beagles 15 In.
Devon Dog Show Association, Inc.Ludwigs CornerPA 10/04/14Beagles 15 In. 510
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of MarylandWestminsterMD 11/29/14Beagles 15 In.
First Company Governor's Foot Guard Athletic AssociationWest SpringfieldMA 02/07/15Beagles 15 In. 612
Wichita Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterKS 04/06/15Beagles 15 In.
Kennel Club Of The California SierraPlacervilleCA 05/25/15Beagles 15 In. 100
Kettle Moraine Kennel Club, Inc.West BendWI 06/27/15Beagles 15 In.
Southeastern Iowa Kennel ClubOttumwaIA 07/11/15Beagles 15 In.
Providence County Kennel Club, Inc.KingstonRI 07/25/15Beagles 15 In. 511

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