Northern California Terrier AssociationSacramentoCA 04/12/07Pars Russell Ter 1110
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubFairbanksAK 05/27/07Pars Russell Ter
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.Mt VernonWA 07/01/07Pars Russell Ter
Bismarck Kennel ClubBismarckND 08/03/07Pars Russell Ter
Mohawk Valley Kennel ClubBallston SpaNY 08/10/07Pars Russell Ter 200
Kenosha Kennel Club, Inc.WilmotWI 09/08/07Pars Russell Ter
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/16/07Pars Russell Ter
Fun-tier Kennel Club Of Greater KilleenBeltonTX 10/20/07Pars Russell Ter
Ashtabula Kennel ClubHamburgNY 01/13/08Pars Russell Ter
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc.San JoseCA 02/17/08Pars Russell Ter 702
San Antonio Kennel Club, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/08/08Pars Russell Ter
Chambersburg Area Kennel ClubHarrisburgPA 04/11/08Pars Russell Ter
Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 05/18/08Pars Russell Ter
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 05/31/08Pars Russell Ter 831
Yellowstone Valley Kennel ClubBillingsMT 06/17/08Pars Russell Ter
Hockamock Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 06/27/08Pars Russell Ter 502
Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc.WestonWI 07/19/08Pars Russell Ter
Raleigh Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 09/01/08Pars Russell Ter 812
Wenatchee Kennel ClubWenatcheeWA 09/14/08Pars Russell Ter
Butler County Kennel Club, Inc.ProspectPA 09/20/08Pars Russell Ter 100
Ramapo Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 10/13/08Pars Russell Ter
Thronateeska Kennel ClubAlbanyGA 10/18/08Pars Russell Ter
Holyoke Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 11/24/08Pars Russell Ter 301
Tampa Bay Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/16/09Pars Russell Ter 501
St. Charles Missouri Kennel ClubLake St LouisMO 01/25/09Pars Russell Ter
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationMariannaFL 02/25/09Pars Russell Ter
Seattle Kennel Club, Inc.SeattleWA 03/08/09Pars Russell Ter
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 03/29/09Pars Russell Ter 610
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc.PerryGA 04/09/09Pars Russell Ter
Fort St. Clair Kennel ClubEatonOH 04/26/09Pars Russell Ter
Key City Kennel Club, Inc.St. PeterMN 05/24/09Pars Russell Ter
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisonburgVA 06/08/09Pars Russell Ter 201
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubHattiesburgMS 06/27/09Pars Russell Ter
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.BerryvilleVA 07/12/09Pars Russell Ter 100
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.GreensboroNC 08/08/09Pars Russell Ter 200
Redwood Empire Kennel ClubPetalumaCA 09/05/09Pars Russell Ter
Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/10/09Pars Russell Ter 400
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/26/09Pars Russell Ter 702
Tupelo Kennel ClubMemphisTN 10/10/09Pars Russell Ter
Malibu Kennel ClubCosta MesaCA 12/07/09Pars Russell Ter
Starved Rock Kennel ClubWheatonIL 12/11/09Pars Russell Ter
Clemson Kennel ClubPendletonSC 01/09/10Pars Russell Ter 802
Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 01/31/10Pars Russell Ter 100
Newnan Kennel ClubNewnanGA 04/03/10Pars Russell Ter
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 04/10/10Pars Russell Ter
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/15/10Pars Russell Ter
Greater Kingsport Kennel ClubGrayTN 05/23/10Pars Russell Ter
Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater CovingtonGonzalesLA 06/26/10Pars Russell Ter
Southern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.Bel AltonMD 07/03/10Pars Russell Ter 600
Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.SintonTX 01/17/10Pars Russell Ter
Olympic Kennel Club, Inc.EnumclawWA 08/21/10Pars Russell Ter
Vicksburg Kennel Club Of MississippiMonroeLA 09/06/10Pars Russell Ter
Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.OwensvilleOH 09/12/10Pars Russell Ter
Bonneville Basin Kennel AssociationFarmingtonUT 09/19/10Pars Russell Ter
Rockford-freeport Illinois Kennel ClubFreeportIL 10/03/10Pars Russell Ter
Sammamish Kennel ClubPuyallupWA 01/17/11Pars Russell Ter
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubAnchorageAK 03/26/11Pars Russell Ter
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 04/03/11Pars Russell Ter
Heartland Dog Club Of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL 04/24/11Pars Russell Ter 300
Macomb Kennel ClubArmadaMI 06/26/11Pars Russell Ter
Kettle Moraine Kennel Club, Inc.West BendWI 07/02/11Pars Russell Ter
Upper Marlboro Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 07/09/11Pars Russell Ter 300
Louisiana Kennel Club, Inc.KennerLA 08/05/11Pars Russell Ter
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/27/11Pars Russell Ter
Fulton County Ohio Kennel ClubWauseonOH 10/08/11Pars Russell Ter 411
Greater Ocala Dog Club, Inc.OcalaFL 11/19/11Pars Russell Ter 502
South Windsor Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 11/25/11Pars Russell Ter 400
West Oahu Kennel ClubEwaHI 01/21/12Pars Russell Ter
Garden City Kansas Kennel ClubGarden CityKS 03/10/12Pars Russell Ter
York Kennel ClubYorkPA 03/14/12Pars Russell Ter
Greater Orange Park Dog ClubElktonFL 04/07/12Pars Russell Ter
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/13/12Pars Russell Ter
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/20/12Pars Russell Ter
Southeastern Iowa Kennel ClubWest BurlingtonIA 08/03/12Pars Russell Ter
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineUnionME 09/01/12Pars Russell Ter
Grand Valley Kennel ClubGrand JunctionCO 09/29/12Pars Russell Ter
Champlain Valley Kennel Club, Inc.Essex JunctionVT 10/06/12Pars Russell Ter
Merrimack Valley Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 01/05/13Pars Russell Ter
Colorado Kennel ClubDenverCO 02/18/13Pars Russell Ter
Kennel Club Of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/08/13Pars Russell Ter
Gavilan Kennel Club (BREED/OBED #1)Tres PinosCA 05/04/13Pars Russell Ter 100
Blennerhassett Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 05/16/13Pars Russell Ter 400
Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater CovingtonBiloxiMS 05/31/13Pars Russell Ter
Macomb Kennel Club (BREED & OBED #1)ArmadaMI 06/22/13Pars Russell Ter 603
Southern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.RichmondVA 06/28/13Pars Russell Ter 200
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.MacungiePA 09/13/13Pars Russell Ter
Arapahoe Kennel ClubAuroraCO 09/21/13Pars Russell Ter
Cornhusker Kennel Club Of Lincoln, Nebraska, Inc.LincolnNE 10/03/13Pars Russell Ter
Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 11/15/13Pars Russell Ter 520
Conroe Kennel ClubConroeTX 11/30/13Pars Russell Ter
First Company Governor's Foot Guard Athletic AssociationHartfordCT 02/16/14Pars Russell Ter 621
Meri-miss Kennel Club, Inc.HattiesburgMS 02/21/14Pars Russell Ter
Columbia Kennel Club, Inc.ConcordNC 03/27/14Pars Russell Ter
Shreveport Kennel Club, Inc.Bossier CityLA 04/18/14Pars Russell Ter
Snake River Canyon Kennel Club Of IdahoFilerID 06/11/14Pars Russell Ter
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/15/14Pars Russell Ter
Lima Kennel ClubLimaOH 06/28/14Pars Russell Ter 200
St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel ClubSt ClairsvilleOH 08/17/14Pars Russell Ter
Des Moines Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 09/06/14Pars Russell Ter
Wenatchee Kennel ClubCashmereWA 09/13/14Pars Russell Ter
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers AssociationChesapeakeVA 09/21/14Pars Russell Ter 100
Grand Valley Kennel ClubGrand JunctionCO 09/28/14Pars Russell Ter
Suwannee Valley Kennel Club Of FloridaLake CityFL 10/04/14Pars Russell Ter 410
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/23/14Pars Russell Ter 400
Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountyCosta MesaCA 12/05/14Pars Russell Ter
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/22/15Pars Russell Ter

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