Danville Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 03/18/08Sealyham Terr 100
Chester Valley Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 05/10/08Sealyham Terr 401
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.PuyallupWA 06/07/08Sealyham Terr
Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Inc.Santa BarbaraCA 08/23/08Sealyham Terr
Hanover Kennel ClubWilmingtonNC 10/12/08Sealyham Terr
Middlesex County Kennel ClubBostonMA 12/04/08Sealyham Terr 300
Sahuaro State Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 02/07/09Sealyham Terr
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/23/09Sealyham Terr 200
Berks County Kennel Club, Inc.KutztownPA 09/13/09Sealyham Terr
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers AssociationOaksPA 11/13/09Sealyham Terr 200
Nolan River Kennel ClubGlen RoseTX 01/09/10Sealyham Terr
Vacationland Dog Club, Inc.ScarboroughME 05/20/10Sealyham Terr
Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Inc.LovelandCO 07/04/10Sealyham Terr
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 07/18/10Sealyham Terr
Longview Kennel ClubLongviewTX 07/31/10Sealyham Terr
Muncie Kennel Club, Inc.MuncieIN 08/19/10Sealyham Terr
Mobile Kennel ClubBiloxiMS 09/12/10Sealyham Terr
Carolina Terrier AssociationPinehurstNC 09/17/10Sealyham Terr
Westbury Kennel Association, Inc.Oyster BayNY 10/03/10Sealyham Terr
Del Valle Dog Club Of LivermorePleasantonCA 10/24/10Sealyham Terr
Delaware Ohio Kennel ClubDelawareOH 10/31/10Sealyham Terr 100
Tidewater Kennel Club Of Virginia, Inc.Virginia BeachVA 11/04/10Sealyham Terr
Oak Ridge Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/07/10Sealyham Terr
Framingham District Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 11/13/10Sealyham Terr
Greater Sierra Vista Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/22/10Sealyham Terr
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/11/10Sealyham Terr 301
Bronx County Kennel ClubEdisonNJ 03/27/11Sealyham Terr
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.W Windsor TwpNJ 05/09/11Sealyham Terr
Rio Grande Kennel ClubAlbuquerqueNM 05/15/11Sealyham Terr
Wampanoag Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 07/03/11Sealyham Terr
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 10/01/11Sealyham Terr 100
Hanover Kennel ClubWilmingtonNC 10/16/11Sealyham Terr 100
Travis County Kennel ClubAustinTX 10/29/11Sealyham Terr
Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc.CharlotteNC 04/08/12Sealyham Terr 100
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.W Windsor TwpNJ 05/06/12Sealyham Terr
Sequoia Kennel Club, Inc.HanfordCA 06/15/12Sealyham Terr
Hernando County Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 11/10/12Sealyham Terr
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers AssociationOaksPA 11/16/12Sealyham Terr 100
Carroll Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 01/18/13Sealyham Terr 100
Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 03/28/13Sealyham Terr
Myrtle Beach Kennel ClubFlorenceSC 04/28/13Sealyham Terr
Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 05/19/13Sealyham Terr
Alamance Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 08/30/13Sealyham Terr
Albany Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 10/19/13Sealyham Terr 200
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/07/13Sealyham Terr
Tampa Bay Terrier ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/06/14Sealyham Terr 100
Northern California Terrier AssociationSacramentoCA 04/10/14Sealyham Terr 300
New Castle Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/24/14Sealyham Terr 301
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 07/25/14Sealyham Terr
Berks County Kennel Club, Inc.MacungiePA 09/14/14Sealyham Terr
Southern Oregon Kennel ClubCentral PointOR 11/01/14Sealyham Terr
Salisbury North Carolina Kennel ClubConcordNC 11/14/14Sealyham Terr 401
Myrtle Beach Kennel ClubLumbertonNC 04/25/15Sealyham Terr
Hilton Head Island Kennel ClubRidgelandSC 07/18/15Sealyham Terr

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