Mr. Lawrence C. Terricone - BEAGLES 13 IN. PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.OttsvillePA 08/01/03Beagles 13 In.
Owensboro's River City Kennel ClubOwensboroKY 08/24/03Beagles 13 In.
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc.FlushingNY 10/25/03Beagles 13 In. 400
Nashville Kennel ClubFranklinTN 03/07/04Beagles 13 In.
Genesee County Kennel Club, Inc.FlintMI 05/16/04Beagles 13 In.
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.BainbridgeNY 06/25/04Beagles 13 In.
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 08/29/04Beagles 13 In. 813
Wright County Minnesota Kennel ClubHutchinsonMN 10/02/04Beagles 13 In.
Tupelo Kennel ClubMemphisTN 10/09/04Beagles 13 In.
Newtown Kennel Club, Inc.HartfordCT 07/31/05Beagles 13 In. 201
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc.FlushingNY 10/28/05Beagles 13 In. 100
Monticello New York Kennel Club, Inc.SecaucusNJ 03/04/06Beagles 13 In. 100
South Hills Kennel ClubWaynesburgPA 06/22/06Beagles 13 In.
Hockamock Kennel Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 07/01/06Beagles 13 In. 100
Kenosha Kennel Club, Inc.WilmotWI 09/10/06Beagles 13 In.
Souhegan Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 11/12/06Beagles 13 In. 902
Del-otse-nango Kennel ClubSyracuseNY 11/16/06Beagles 13 In.
Greater Orange Park Dog ClubJacksonvilleFL 04/08/07Beagles 13 In. 200
Erie Kennel Club, Inc.AlbionPA 06/17/07Beagles 13 In.
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.New PaltzNY 06/21/07Beagles 13 In. 100
Cyclone Country Kennel Club Of Ames, Inc.Des MoinesIA 09/10/07Beagles 13 In.
Donner Trail Kennel Club, Inc.RosevilleCA 10/06/07Beagles 13 In.
Caribe Kennel ClubToa BajaPR 10/26/07Beagles 13 In.
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/10/07Beagles 13 In. 400
Lake Shore Kennel Club, Inc.CreteIL 11/25/07Beagles 13 In.
Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 04/12/08Beagles 13 In.
Cincinnati Kennel Club, Inc.HamiltonOH 05/26/08Beagles 13 In. 100
Naugatuck Valley Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 07/03/08Beagles 13 In. 702
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.BerryvilleVA 07/13/08Beagles 13 In. 500
Richmond Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.DixonCA 08/02/08Beagles 13 In. 601
Westbury Kennel Association, Inc.Oyster BayNY 09/28/08Beagles 13 In. 200
Willamette Valley Kennel ClubSalemOR 11/08/08Beagles 13 In.
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.ReadingPA 11/20/08Beagles 13 In.
Ashtabula Kennel ClubHamburgNY 01/11/09Beagles 13 In.
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 04/18/09Beagles 13 In. 901
Echo Hills Kennel Club Of OhioTroyOH 06/14/09Beagles 13 In. 100
Mountaineer Kennel Club, Inc.WaynesburgPA 06/19/09Beagles 13 In.
Staten Island Kennel Club, Inc.Staten IslandNY 06/21/09Beagles 13 In.
Sturgis Kennel ClubMarshallMI 08/01/09Beagles 13 In.
Elm City Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 08/21/09Beagles 13 In. 100
Wine Country Kennel ClubNapaCA 11/07/09Beagles 13 In. 100
Baltimore County Kennel Club, Inc.TimoniumMD 04/25/10Beagles 13 In. 501
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 09/05/10Beagles 13 In. 100
Springfield Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 11/28/10Beagles 13 In. 200
Fort St. Clair Kennel ClubEatonOH 04/30/11Beagles 13 In. 100
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 06/05/11Beagles 13 In. 200
Tioga County Kennel ClubApalachinNY 08/20/11Beagles 13 In.
Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club, Inc.GoshenCT 09/25/11Beagles 13 In.
Back Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.BloomsburgPA 11/05/11Beagles 13 In.
Furniture City Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 11/13/11Beagles 13 In. 600
Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 11/18/11Beagles 13 In. 401
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockVA 07/14/12Beagles 13 In.
Mississippi State Kennel ClubJacksonMS 09/16/12Beagles 13 In.
Southern New York Beagle ClubYorktown HeightsNY 09/21/12Beagles 13 In.
Del Valle Dog Club Of LivermorePleasantonCA 10/22/12Beagles 13 In. 400
Fort Lauderdale Dog Club, Inc.DavieFL 03/17/13Beagles 13 In. 301
South Windsor Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 04/21/13Beagles 13 In. 701
Warren County Kennel Club Of OhioHamiltonOH 05/24/13Beagles 13 In.
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/05/13Beagles 13 In. 100
Hunterdon Hills Kennel ClubRingoesNJ 08/03/14Beagles 13 In.
Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon, Inc.PortlandOR 01/16/15Beagles 13 In.
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.West SpringfieldMA 02/01/15Beagles 13 In. 401
Monticello New York Kennel Club, Inc.MiltonNY 03/07/15Beagles 13 In.
Naugatuck Valley Kennel ClubWest SpringfieldMA 07/01/15Beagles 13 In. 500

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