Grand Rapids Kennel ClubKalamazooMI 05/29/99Toy Poodles
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc.MonroeMI 10/03/99Toy Poodles 711
Tacoma Kennel ClubPuyallupWA 01/14/00Toy Poodles
Livingston Kennel ClubNoviMI 01/21/00Toy Poodles 14
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineWaldoboroME 09/03/00Toy Poodles
Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Assoc. Inc.DixonCA 10/29/00Toy Poodles 1321
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel ClubMt PleasantMI 06/10/01Toy Poodles 1030
Ventura County Dog Fanciers AssociationVenturaCA 07/08/01Toy Poodles
Poodle Club Of Southeast MichiganEast LansingMI 11/30/01Toy Poodles 411
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.NewburghNY 07/07/02Toy Poodles 100
New Brunswick Kennel Club, Inc.EdisonNJ 03/22/03Toy Poodles 1433
Sacramento Kennel ClubSacramentoCA 04/12/03Toy Poodles 410
Sandusky Kennel ClubLimaOH 06/30/03Toy Poodles 601
Malibu Kennel ClubSanta MonicaCA 08/16/03Toy Poodles
Bartlesville Kennel ClubTulsaOK 10/31/03Toy Poodles
Whidbey Island Kennel Club IncMonroeWA 11/15/03Toy Poodles
Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.PuebloCO 11/29/03Toy Poodles
Ravenna Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 05/09/04Toy Poodles 511
Los Encinos Kennel Club, Inc.PomonaCA 05/31/04Toy Poodles
Berrien Kennel ClubBerrien SpringsMI 06/20/04Toy Poodles
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/11/04Toy Poodles 301
Tidewater Kennel Club Of Virginia, Inc.Virginia BeachVA 10/28/04Toy Poodles 1722
Sacramento Kennel ClubSacramentoCA 04/17/05Toy Poodles 921
Flagstaff Kennel ClubFlagstaffAZ 06/11/05Toy Poodles
Upper Potomac Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandMD 10/22/05Toy Poodles 301
Poodle Club Of Southeast MichiganEast LansingMI 11/25/05Toy Poodles 1814
Sacramento Kennel ClubSacramentoCA 04/16/06Toy Poodles 801
San Luis Obispo Kennel ClubPaso RoblesCA 11/12/06Toy Poodles
Galveston County Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 03/18/07Toy Poodles
Lake Mathews Kennel Club, Inc.ChinoCA 04/29/07Toy Poodles
Holland Michigan Kennel ClubMarshallMI 07/13/07Toy Poodles
Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.KalamazooMI 05/25/08Toy Poodles
Upper Potomac Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandMD 10/18/08Toy Poodles 501
Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.Grand RapidsMI 11/08/08Toy Poodles
Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.Corpus ChristiTX 08/08/09Toy Poodles
Mission Trail Poodle Club, Inc.DixonCA 10/23/09Toy Poodles 711
Kokomo Kennel ClubGreentownIN 05/23/10Toy Poodles
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.MarionOH 08/01/10Toy Poodles 711
Logansport Kennel Club, Inc.AuburnIN 03/12/11Toy Poodles
Trumbull County Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/29/11Toy Poodles 200
Arapahoe Kennel ClubAuroraCO 09/24/11Toy Poodles
Cypress Creek Kennel Club Of TexasHoustonTX 11/13/11Toy Poodles
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/28/11Toy Poodles 1020
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansBiloxiMS 06/01/12Toy Poodles
Mississippi Valley Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/03/12Toy Poodles
Mount Bachelor Kennel ClubRedmondOR 07/01/12Toy Poodles
South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/15/12Toy Poodles
Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club, Inc.MurfreesboroTN 09/30/12Toy Poodles
Greater Collin Kennel Club, Inc.DallasTX 12/09/12Toy Poodles
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/15/13Toy Poodles 1131
Belle-city Kennel Club, Inc.Gray SummitMO 03/03/13Toy Poodles
Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/18/13Toy Poodles
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers AssociationWrightstownPA 05/31/13Toy Poodles
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/14/13Toy Poodles 500
Greater Venice Florida Dog ClubArcadiaFL 10/13/13Toy Poodles 1011
Talbot Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/06/13Toy Poodles 200
Whidbey Island Kennel Club IncMonroeWA 11/17/13Toy Poodles
Golden Triangle Kennel Club Of MississippiStarkvilleMS 01/12/14Toy Poodles
Fort Bend Kennel Club, Inc.RosenbergTX 01/18/14Toy Poodles
Gavilan Kennel ClubTres PinosCA 05/04/14Toy Poodles 201
Indianhead Kennel ClubEau ClaireWI 05/10/14Toy Poodles
Greater Kingsport Kennel ClubGrayTN 05/18/14Toy Poodles 841
Putnam Kennel Club, Inc.StormvilleNY 07/18/14Toy Poodles 100
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.MarionOH 07/28/14Toy Poodles 200
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriGray SummitMO 09/13/14Toy Poodles
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 11/09/14Toy Poodles
Brazoria Kennel Club, Inc.HumbleTX 11/16/14Toy Poodles
Minneapolis Kennel Club, Inc.ShakopeeMN 11/23/14Toy Poodles
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/11/14Toy Poodles 401
Nolan River Kennel ClubGlen RoseTX 01/04/15Toy Poodles
South Arkansas Kennel ClubCamdenAR 02/22/15Toy Poodles

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