/ / G S H Pointers 1915
Sacramento KcSacramentoCA 04/13/97G S H Pointers 34
Shreveport KcBossier CityLA 04/19/97G S H Pointers
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockCT 05/14/00G S H Pointers 1301
Jaxon Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 08/06/00G S H Pointers
Macon Kennel ClubPerryGA 09/02/00G S H Pointers
Kennel Club Of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX 11/05/00G S H Pointers
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterKS 04/06/01G S H Pointers
Berrien Kennel ClubMarshallMI 08/03/01G S H Pointers
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.GreensboroNC 08/11/01G S H Pointers 801
Spartanburg Kennel Club, Inc.GreenvilleSC 02/16/02G S H Pointers 801
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers AssociationChesapeakeVA 04/27/02G S H Pointers 100
Salisbury North Carolina Kennel ClubRaleighNC 09/01/02G S H Pointers 200
Donner Trail Kennel Club, Inc.RosevilleCA 10/06/02G S H Pointers
Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.DelandFL 01/03/03G S H Pointers 1111
Taconic Hills Kennel Club, Inc.Yorktown HeightsNY 06/06/03G S H Pointers 1611
Long Beach Kennel ClubLong BeachCA 12/07/03G S H Pointers
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.SalinaKS 09/11/04G S H Pointers
St. Charles Missouri Kennel ClubWentzvilleMO 01/29/05G S H Pointers
Arkansas Kennel Club, Inc.Little RockAR 06/26/05G S H Pointers
Mid-continent Kennel Club Of Tulsa, Inc.TulsaOK 11/06/05G S H Pointers
Savannah Kennel ClubSavannahGA 12/03/05G S H Pointers 100
Middlesex County Kennel ClubBostonMA 12/08/05G S H Pointers 2121
Greenville Mississippi Kennel ClubGreenvilleMS 01/21/06G S H Pointers
Orange Empire Dog Club, Inc.San BernardinoCA 01/28/06G S H Pointers
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 03/22/06G S H Pointers 1821
Trap Falls Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 04/07/06G S H Pointers 1812
Minnesota River Valley Kennel ClubEaganMN 05/13/06G S H Pointers
Beaufort Kennel Club, Inc.BeaufortSC 05/21/06G S H Pointers 300
Oak Ridge Kennel ClubHarrimanTN 05/27/06G S H Pointers
Louisiana Kennel Club, Inc.HoumaLA 06/18/06G S H Pointers
Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club, Inc.West Palm BeachFL 07/16/06G S H Pointers 511
Northern Kentucky Kennel Club, Inc.LexingtonKY 09/03/06G S H Pointers
Hanover Kennel ClubWilmingtonNC 10/15/06G S H Pointers
Montgomery Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 11/26/06G S H Pointers
Greater Hickory Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/08/06G S H Pointers 1101
Newnan Kennel ClubNewnanGA 03/31/07G S H Pointers
Clemson Kennel ClubAndersonSC 05/05/07G S H Pointers 712
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club, Inc.TampaFL 06/16/07G S H Pointers
Columbia Kennel Club, Inc.ColumbiaSC 09/30/07G S H Pointers 300
Ramapo Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 10/14/07G S H Pointers
Savannah Kennel ClubSavannahGA 12/01/07G S H Pointers 400
Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/16/08G S H Pointers 1211
Raleigh Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 09/01/08G S H Pointers 1011
Wichita Kennel Club, Inc.SalinaKS 09/13/08G S H Pointers
Lompoc Valley Kennel Club IncLompocCA 07/25/09G S H Pointers
Cheyenne Kennel ClubCheyenneWY 08/29/09G S H Pointers
Albany Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 10/16/09G S H Pointers 801
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/06/09G S H Pointers 100
Coronado Kennel Club Of New MexicoAlbuquerqueNM 05/18/10G S H Pointers
Mid-continent Kennel Club Of Tulsa, Inc.TulsaOK 05/31/10G S H Pointers
Memphis Kennel Club, Inc.SouthavenMS 08/22/10G S H Pointers
Donner Trail Kennel Club, Inc.RosevilleCA 10/10/10G S H Pointers
Anoka County Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/23/11G S H Pointers
Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 06/30/11G S H Pointers
Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.OwensvilleOH 09/11/11G S H Pointers
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc.North AugustaSC 10/08/11G S H Pointers 100
Worcester County Kennel ClubFitchburgMA 12/03/11G S H Pointers 1903
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/10/11G S H Pointers 1623
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterKS 04/08/12G S H Pointers
Badger Kennel ClubJeffersonWI 05/04/12G S H Pointers
Midland Michigan Kennel Club (BREED & OBED 1)MidlandMI 05/12/12G S H Pointers 200
Kennel Club Of Columbus, IndianaEdinburghIN 09/23/12G S H Pointers
Clemson Kennel ClubPendletonSC 01/05/13G S H Pointers 410
Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 01/12/13G S H Pointers 2123
Blennerhassett Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 05/16/13G S H Pointers 510
Naugatuck Valley Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 07/07/13G S H Pointers 2923
Comal County Kennel ClubSan AntonioTX 07/12/13G S H Pointers
Licking River Kennel ClubLancasterOH 09/14/13G S H Pointers
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/28/13G S H Pointers 600
Sooner State Kennel ClubEnidOK 10/12/13G S H Pointers
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/08/13G S H Pointers 410
Vacationland Dog Club, Inc.ScarboroughME 05/15/14G S H Pointers 401
Cambridge Minnesota Kennel ClubCambridgeMN 06/22/14G S H Pointers
Olympic Kennel Club, Inc.EnumclawWA 08/17/14G S H Pointers
Lexington Kennel Club IncLexingtonKY 08/28/14G S H Pointers
Utah Valley Kennel ClubSouth JordanUT 05/02/15G S H Pointers
Mattaponi Kennel ClubManassasVA 05/16/15G S H Pointers 611
Missouri Rhineland Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 05/31/15G S H Pointers
Dan Emmett Kennel ClubMarionOH 07/24/15G S H Pointers

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