Saw Mill River Kennel ClubWhite PlainsNY 03/07/04Whippets 910
Carroll Kennel ClubWestminsterMD 05/16/04Whippets 2222
Chico Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.GridleyCA 06/12/04Whippets 711
Beaumont Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 07/17/04Whippets
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/22/04Whippets
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/09/04Whippets 1001
Town And Country Kennel Club, Inc.ShawneeOK 10/23/05Whippets
Bronx County Kennel ClubFlushingNY 10/30/05Whippets 710
San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc.San MateoCA 12/03/05Whippets 1311
Rockland County Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/25/06Whippets
York Kennel ClubYorkPA 07/23/06Whippets
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.GreenfieldMA 08/05/06Whippets 500
Saw Mill River Kennel ClubWhite PlainsNY 03/11/07Whippets 1011
Kennel Club Of SalinasVallejoCA 03/23/07Whippets 1311
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/16/07Whippets
Grand River Kennel Club, Inc.MadisonOH 07/15/07Whippets 1511
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.GreenfieldMA 08/02/08Whippets 300
New Brunswick Kennel Club, Inc.EdisonNJ 03/20/09Whippets
Staten Island Kennel Club, Inc.FreeholdNJ 05/22/09Whippets
Bronx County Kennel ClubEdisonNJ 03/28/10Whippets
Kennel Club Of SalinasSan MateoCA 12/30/10Whippets 1311
Monticello New York Kennel Club, Inc.MiltonNY 03/11/11Whippets
Union County Kennel Club, Inc.FreeholdNJ 05/30/11Whippets
Del-otse-nango Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 07/02/11Whippets
Grand River Kennel Club, Inc.MadisonOH 07/17/11Whippets 2423
Back Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.BloomsburgPA 11/06/11Whippets
Ashtabula Kennel ClubHamburgNY 01/15/12Whippets 1212
Sussex Hills Kennel Club, Inc.MorristownNJ 09/02/12Whippets 501
Huntsville Kennel ClubDecaturAL 11/11/12Whippets
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.W Windsor TwpNJ 05/06/13Whippets
Macomb Kennel Club (BREED & OBED #1)ArmadaMI 06/22/13Whippets 801
Greater Shelby Kennel ClubSouthavenMS 07/14/13Whippets
Alaska Hound Group AssociationPalmerAK 07/25/13Whippets
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/25/13Whippets
Silver Bay Kennel Club Of San DiegoDel MarCA 02/22/14Whippets
/ / Whippets
Genesee Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RushNY 06/21/14Whippets 1001
Brookhaven Kennel Club, Inc.YaphankNY 07/12/14Whippets 100
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/11/14Whippets
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWestminsterMD 11/30/14Whippets
Union County Kennel Club, Inc.WildwoodNJ 01/28/15Whippets
Colorado Kennel ClubDenverCO 02/15/15Whippets
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockCT 05/10/15Whippets 300
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockVA 05/30/15Whippets 701
Mid-Hudson Kennel Association, Inc.New PaltzNY 06/21/15Whippets 501

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