Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 01/11/08Pyrenean Shep
West Oahu Kennel ClubEwaHI 01/17/09Pyrenean Shep
San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc.VallejoCA 03/21/09Pyrenean Shep
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubColumbianaAL 04/04/09Pyrenean Shep
Greater Clarksburg Wv Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 05/15/09Pyrenean Shep
Paducah Kennel Club, Inc.PaducahKY 06/06/09Pyrenean Shep
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/13/09Pyrenean Shep
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandME 06/20/09Pyrenean Shep
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubHattiesburgMS 06/25/09Pyrenean Shep
Crab Orchard Kennel Club, Inc.MarionIL 08/02/09Pyrenean Shep
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.SalinaKS 09/11/09Pyrenean Shep
Lizard Butte Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/09/09Pyrenean Shep
Ponce Kennel ClubBayamonPR 10/22/09Pyrenean Shep
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubPomonaCA 10/31/09Pyrenean Shep
Greater Naples Dog Club, Inc.NaplesFL 11/22/09Pyrenean Shep
Northern Neck Kennel Club Of VirginiaFredericksburgVA 01/13/10Pyrenean Shep 100
Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 01/31/10Pyrenean Shep
West Texas Kennel ClubMidlandTX 02/12/10Pyrenean Shep
Seward County Kennel ClubSewardNE 05/02/10Pyrenean Shep
St. Hubert Kennel ClubN StoningtonCT 05/14/10Pyrenean Shep 100
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 08/08/10Pyrenean Shep
Bennington County Kennel ClubBallston SpaNY 08/15/10Pyrenean Shep 700
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldIL 10/22/10Pyrenean Shep
Delaware Water Gap Kennel ClubAllentownPA 12/19/10Pyrenean Shep
Jacksonville Dog Fanciers' AssociationOrmond BeachFL 01/10/11Pyrenean Shep
Santa Cruz Kennel Club, Inc.VallejoCA 03/24/11Pyrenean Shep
Kachina Kennel ClubGlendaleAZ 04/08/11Pyrenean Shep
Wyoming Valley Kennel ClubAlexanderNY 05/21/11Pyrenean Shep
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.WrenthamMA 06/04/11Pyrenean Shep 200
Bahia Sur Kennel Club Of Chula VistaChula VistaCA 06/19/11Pyrenean Shep
Duluth Kennel ClubDuluthMN 07/14/11Pyrenean Shep
Lompoc Valley Kennel Club IncLompocCA 07/30/11Pyrenean Shep
Northern Kentucky Kennel Club, Inc.LexingtonKY 09/02/11Pyrenean Shep
Grand Valley Kennel ClubGrand JunctionCO 10/01/11Pyrenean Shep
Newnan Kennel ClubAtlantaGA 10/23/11Pyrenean Shep
Clemson Kennel ClubPendletonSC 01/07/12Pyrenean Shep
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 03/04/12Pyrenean Shep
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 03/16/12Pyrenean Shep
Treasure Coast Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.Vero BeachFL 04/29/12Pyrenean Shep
Oconee River Kennel ClubWatkinsvilleGA 05/05/12Pyrenean Shep 100
Cincinnati Kennel Club, Inc.HamiltonOH 05/27/12Pyrenean Shep
Mountaineer Kennel Club, Inc.WaynesburgPA 06/22/12Pyrenean Shep
Jaxon Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 08/03/12Pyrenean Shep
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 09/30/12Pyrenean Shep
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc.North AugustaSC 10/07/12Pyrenean Shep
Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Assoc. Inc.DixonCA 10/27/12Pyrenean Shep
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/03/12Pyrenean Shep
Chesapeake Kennel Club Of Maryland, Inc.FredericksburgVA 01/13/13Pyrenean Shep 100
Hilton Head Island Kennel ClubHilton HeadSC 03/03/13Pyrenean Shep
Yosemite Kennel ClubMercedCA 04/07/13Pyrenean Shep
D'arbonne Kennel ClubBossier CityLA 04/21/13Pyrenean Shep
Durango Kennel ClubCortezCO 05/17/13Pyrenean Shep
Corn Belt Kennel ClubBloomingtonIL 05/25/13Pyrenean Shep
Lawton Dog Fanciers AssociationOklahoma CityOK 06/23/13Pyrenean Shep
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.MarionOH 07/28/13Pyrenean Shep 100
Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/17/13Pyrenean Shep
Marquette Kennel ClubMarquetteMI 09/01/13Pyrenean Shep
Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 11/14/13Pyrenean Shep 201
Savannah Kennel ClubSavannahGA 11/29/13Pyrenean Shep
Skokie Valley Kennel Club, Inc.RosemontIL 12/07/13Pyrenean Shep
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/22/14Pyrenean Shep
Berrien Kennel ClubSouth BendIN 07/20/14Pyrenean Shep
Rio Pecos Kennel ClubRoswellNM 09/07/14Pyrenean Shep
Rockford-freeport Illinois Kennel ClubFreeportIL 09/28/14Pyrenean Shep
Brandon Florida Kennel ClubPlant CityFL 10/25/14Pyrenean Shep 201
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/11/14Pyrenean Shep 310
Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.SintonTX 01/11/15Pyrenean Shep
Central Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/07/15Pyrenean Shep
Mckenzie Cascade Dog FanciersAlbanyOR 02/23/15Pyrenean Shep
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubColumbianaAL 04/04/15Pyrenean Shep
Grand Island Kennel ClubGrand IslandNE 04/18/15Pyrenean Shep
Scott County Kennel Club, Inc. (Breed/Obed #1)Rock IslandIL 05/09/15Pyrenean Shep
McKinley Kennel ClubCantonOH 06/07/15Pyrenean Shep 200
Yellowstone Valley Kennel ClubBillingsMT 06/18/15Pyrenean Shep
Comal County Kennel ClubSan AntonioTX 07/12/15Pyrenean Shep
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 07/29/15Pyrenean Shep

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