Mrs. Polly (Mrs. Robert) D. Smith - STD POODLES PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Southeast Missouri Kennel Club, Inc.Cape GirardeauMO 06/15/02Std Poodles
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubEast RidgeTN 04/07/02Std Poodles 901
Kennel Club Of Palm Springs, Inc.IndioCA 01/04/03Std Poodles
Livingston Kennel ClubNoviMI 01/18/03Std Poodles 1911
Olean Kennel Club, Inc.ClarenceNY 02/16/03Std Poodles
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 03/19/03Std Poodles 1912
Grand Island Kennel ClubLincolnNE 05/04/03Std Poodles
St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel ClubSt ClairsvilleOH 05/17/03Std Poodles 711
Rock Creek Kennel ClubBel AltonMD 06/30/03Std Poodles 201
Mahoning-shenango Kennel Club, Inc.CanfieldOH 08/03/03Std Poodles 2742
Orange Empire Dog Club, Inc.San BernardinoCA 01/24/04Std Poodles
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubColumbiaMO 03/07/04Std Poodles
Flagstaff Kennel ClubFlagstaffAZ 06/05/04Std Poodles
Conewango Valley Kennel ClubStocktonNY 06/12/04Std Poodles
Del Monte Kennel Club, Inc.SeasideCA 07/11/04Std Poodles 1721
Evansville Kennel Club, Inc.OwensboroKY 07/17/04Std Poodles
Mississippi Coast Kennel ClubBiloxiMS 07/22/04Std Poodles
Tidelands Poodle Club Of VirginiaVirginia BeachVA 10/27/04Std Poodles
Golden Triangle Kennel Club Of MississippiTupeloMS 05/13/05Std Poodles
Ladies' Kennel Association Of AmericaOyster BayNY 05/21/05Std Poodles 610
Langley Kennel ClubWilliamsburgVA 05/27/05Std Poodles 1011
Rock Creek Kennel ClubBel AltonMD 07/04/05Std Poodles 710
Providence County Kennel Club, Inc.East ProvidenceRI 07/30/05Std Poodles 300
Sahuaro State Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 11/26/05Std Poodles
Kankakee River Valley Kennel ClubKankakeeIL 12/04/05Std Poodles
Hobbs New Mexico Kennel ClubHobbsNM 02/04/06Std Poodles
Blennerhassett Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 03/09/06Std Poodles 1211
Lackawanna Kennel Club, Inc.MeshoppenPA 07/28/06Std Poodles
Danville Illinois Kennel Club, Inc.GeorgetownIL 09/02/06Std Poodles
Rio Pecos Kennel ClubRoswellNM 09/10/06Std Poodles
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/29/06Std Poodles 1112
Two Cities Kennel ClubYuba CityCA 10/14/06Std Poodles 2022
Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.Grand RapidsMI 11/11/06Std Poodles
Clearwater Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/16/07Std Poodles 4645
Coos Kennel ClubBandonOR 07/07/07Std Poodles
Evergreen Colorado Kennel ClubGreeleyCO 09/09/07Std Poodles
Butler County Kennel Club, Inc.ProspectPA 09/22/07Std Poodles 2042
Platte Valley Kennel Club Of Fremont, NebraskaFremontNE 09/30/07Std Poodles
Seward County Kennel ClubSewardNE 04/27/08Std Poodles
Hawkeye Kennel ClubIowa CityIA 06/22/08Std Poodles
Ramapo Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 10/13/08Std Poodles
Granite City Kennel Club Of St. Cloud, MinnesotaSt CloudMN 12/07/08Std Poodles
Tualatin Kennel Club, Inc.PortlandOR 01/18/09Std Poodles
Orchid Island Dog Fancier Club, Inc.HiloHI 02/16/09Std Poodles
Kennel Club Of SalinasVallejoCA 03/20/09Std Poodles 2021
Rhode Island Kennel Club, Inc.LincolnRI 04/10/09Std Poodles 1011
Baltimore County Kennel Club, Inc.TimoniumMD 04/19/09Std Poodles 2322
Clarksville Kennel ClubJacksonTN 05/15/09Std Poodles
Rock Creek Kennel ClubBel AltonMD 06/28/09Std Poodles 1911
Burlington Wisconsin Kennel ClubElkhornWI 07/27/09Std Poodles
Newton Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 08/29/09Std Poodles 1011
Cen-tex Kennel Club, Inc.BeltonTX 11/22/09Std Poodles
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationMariannaFL 03/02/10Std Poodles
Lancaster Kennel Club, Inc.YorkPA 03/18/10Std Poodles
Champaign Illinois Kennel ClubDecaturIL 05/01/10Std Poodles
Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc.AlbuquerqueNM 05/14/10Std Poodles
Coeur D'alene Dog FanciersCoeur D'AleneID 05/31/10Std Poodles
South Hills Kennel ClubWaynesburgPA 06/24/10Std Poodles 811
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/05/10Std Poodles 1711
Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club, Inc.MiddleburgPA 08/29/10Std Poodles
Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club, Inc.RochesterMN 09/18/10Std Poodles
Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc.AtlantaGA 10/23/10Std Poodles
Ponce Kennel ClubBayamonPR 04/17/11Std Poodles
Treasure Coast Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.Vero BeachFL 05/01/11Std Poodles 1011
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/27/11Std Poodles
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockVA 07/16/11Std Poodles 1331
Tioga County Kennel ClubApalachinNY 08/20/11Std Poodles
Laurel Highlands Kennel AssociationCumberlandMD 10/21/11Std Poodles 100
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 03/15/12Std Poodles
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.BearDE 04/29/12Std Poodles
Intermountain Kennel Club, Inc.South JordanUT 05/05/12Std Poodles
Panorama Poodle Club Of Mt. SpokaneSpokaneWA 05/25/12Std Poodles
Grand Traverse Kennel ClubTraverse CityMI 06/17/12Std Poodles 911
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of CaliforniaFerndaleCA 07/01/12Std Poodles 400
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/15/12Std Poodles
Kennel Club Of SalinasStocktonCA 07/22/12Std Poodles
Bald Eagle Kennel Club Of Williamsport, Pa., Inc.BloomsburgPA 07/26/12Std Poodles
Bismarck Kennel ClubBismarckND 08/04/12Std Poodles
Memphis Kennel Club, Inc.SouthavenMS 08/19/12Std Poodles
Marquette Kennel ClubMarquetteMI 09/02/12Std Poodles
Nebraska Kennel ClubOmahaNE 11/15/12Std Poodles
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 03/30/13Std Poodles
South Windsor Kennel ClubW SpringfieldMA 04/21/13Std Poodles 1512
Key City Kennel Club, Inc.St. PeterMN 05/26/13Std Poodles
Olean Kennel Club, Inc.DunkirkNY 05/30/13Std Poodles 811
Midland Michigan Kennel Club (BREED/OBED #1)MidlandMI 06/07/13Std Poodles 1302
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 07/28/13Std Poodles
Mississippi State Kennel ClubJacksonMS 09/15/13Std Poodles
Oak Ridge Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 10/31/13Std Poodles 601
Town And Country Kennel Club, Inc.ChickashaOK 11/16/13Std Poodles
Boardwalk Kennel Club Of Cape May CountyWildwoodNJ 02/02/14Std Poodles
Paducah Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonTN 03/21/14Std Poodles
Gloucester Kennel Club Of VirginiaRichmondVA 06/23/14Std Poodles 1111
Cudahy Kennel ClubSouth MilwaukeeWI 08/08/14Std Poodles
Space Coast Kennel Club Of Palm BayOrlandoFL 12/09/14Std Poodles 3834
Hoosier Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/08/15Std Poodles
Northeast Oklahoma Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/10/15Std Poodles
Conejo Kennel ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/16/15Std Poodles
William Penn Poodle ClubColmarPA 05/01/15Std Poodles
Rio Grande Kennel ClubAlbuquerqueNM 05/09/15Std Poodles
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubCumberlandME 06/20/15Std Poodles 811
Duluth Kennel ClubDuluthMN 07/11/15Std Poodles

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