Nolan River KcGlen RoseTX 01/04/97Boxers
Dan Emmett KcColumbusOH 04/22/97Boxers 3111
Nor Country KcWatertownNY 06/01/97Boxers
Golden Gate KcDaly CityCA 07/19/97Boxers 4442
Spokane KcKennewickWA 09/26/97Boxers
Springfld KcW SpringfieldMA 05/09/98Boxers 1943
Saratoga Ny KcBallston SpaNY 08/05/98Boxers 2411
Devon DsaLudwigs CornerPA 10/03/98Boxers 2911
Sequoia Kennel Club, Inc.BakersfieldCA 04/02/99Boxers
Seminole Kennel ClubShawneeOK 05/31/99Boxers
Fargo-moorhead Kennel Club, Inc.West FargoND 06/05/99Boxers
Newton Kennel ClubAugustaNJ 09/03/99Boxers 3321
Jefferson County Kennel Club Of MissouriBellevilleIL 09/12/99Boxers
Chenango Valley Kennel ClubSyracuseNY 11/18/99Boxers
Tacoma Kennel ClubPuyallupWA 06/11/00Boxers
Sugarbush Kennel Club, Inc.BurtonOH 07/23/00Boxers 4612
Lackawanna Kennel Club, Inc.MeshoppenPA 07/29/00Boxers
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineWaldoboroME 09/02/00Boxers
Tri-city Kennel Club, Inc.DavenportIA 09/23/00Boxers
Donner Trail Kennel Club, Inc.RosevilleCA 10/08/00Boxers
South County Kennel Club, Inc.WarwickRI 04/29/01Boxers 3822
Alaska Kennel ClubAnchorageAK 06/24/01Boxers
Saratoga New York Kennel ClubBallston SpaNY 08/08/01Boxers 1711
Malibu Kennel ClubSanta MonicaCA 08/19/01Boxers
Lizard Butte Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/19/01Boxers
Greater Muskegon Kennel ClubGrand RapidsMI 11/09/01Boxers
Rhode Island Kennel Club, Inc.WarwickRI 04/14/02Boxers 2912
Durango Kennel ClubCortezCO 05/18/02Boxers 300
Union County Kennel Club, Inc.FreeholdNJ 05/27/02Boxers
St. Lawrence Valley Dog ClubAlexandria BayNY 06/02/02Boxers
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineWaldoboroME 09/01/02Boxers
Missouri Rhineland Kennel ClubSullivanMO 09/15/02Boxers
Wisconsin Rapids Kennel ClubWisconsin RapidsWI 09/21/02Boxers
Penobscot Valley Kennel ClubBangorME 10/12/02Boxers
Fun-tier Kennel Club Of Greater KilleenBeltonTX 10/20/02Boxers
Delaware Ohio Kennel ClubDelawareOH 10/26/02Boxers 4321
Boardwalk Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 12/01/02Boxers 3011
Sara Bay Kennel Club, Inc.SarasotaFL 01/07/03Boxers 8334
Blennerhassett Kennel Club, Inc.MariettaOH 03/06/03Boxers 4011
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.BremertonWA 03/23/03Boxers
Kern County Kennel Club, Inc.BakersfieldCA 03/29/03Boxers
Mountaineer Kennel Club, Inc.MorgantownWV 06/01/03Boxers
Tioga County Kennel ClubOwegoNY 08/16/03Boxers
Cyclone Country Kennel Club Of Ames, Inc.Mason CityIA 10/11/03Boxers
Caribe Kennel ClubCarolinaPR 10/24/03Boxers 921
San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc.San MateoCA 11/30/03Boxers 3311
Rubber City Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 01/03/04Boxers 4212
Durham Kennel Club IncRaleighNC 03/19/04Boxers 9644
St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.St PetersburgFL 03/27/04Boxers 2911
Illinois Valley Kennel Club Of Peoria, Inc.BloomingtonIL 05/21/04Boxers
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubFairbanksAK 05/30/04Boxers
Central Florida Kennel Club, Inc.OrlandoFL 06/19/04Boxers
Greater Hattiesburg Kennel ClubHattiesburgMS 06/24/04Boxers
Dan Emmett Kennel ClubMarionOH 07/23/04Boxers 8644
Annapolis Kennel Club, Inc.ArnoldMD 08/15/04Boxers 3511
Mid-coast Kennel Club Of MaineWaldoboroME 08/28/04Boxers
Kenosha Kennel Club, Inc.WilmotWI 09/04/04Boxers
Chattanooga Kennel ClubEast RidgeTN 09/11/04Boxers
Southeast Arkansas Kennel ClubPine BluffAR 02/05/05Boxers
Jefferson County Kennel Club Of MissouriGray SummitMO 05/07/05Boxers
St. Lawrence Valley Dog ClubClaytonNY 06/04/05Boxers
Lewiston-auburn Kennel Club, Inc.TopshamME 10/01/05Boxers 910
Cabrillo Kennel Club, Inc.San DiegoCA 05/13/07Boxers
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/06/07Boxers 1611
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.UnionME 08/30/07Boxers
Kennel Club Of Columbus, IndianaColumbusIN 09/22/07Boxers
Golden Gate Kennel ClubDaly CityCA 01/27/08Boxers 911
Heartland Dog Club Of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL 04/20/08Boxers 3311
Boardwalk Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 01/31/09Boxers 4623
Ponce Kennel ClubBayamonPR 04/05/09Boxers
Waterloo Kennel Club, Inc.WaterlooIA 04/18/09Boxers
Seward County Kennel ClubSewardNE 04/26/09Boxers
Electric City Kennel ClubGreat FallsMT 06/19/09Boxers
Salina Kennel Club, Inc.SalinaKS 09/12/09Boxers
Council Bluffs Kennel ClubLincolnNE 11/15/09Boxers
Kennel Club Of The California SierraPlacervilleCA 05/31/10Boxers 510
Olean Kennel Club, Inc.StocktonNY 06/17/10Boxers 2631
Mensona Kennel Club, Inc.Santa RosaCA 08/28/10Boxers 2111
Ox Ridge Kennel ClubSheltonCT 09/25/10Boxers 611
Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 01/15/11Boxers 2512
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.Whitney PointNY 07/03/11Boxers 601
St. Hubert Kennel ClubN StoningtonCT 05/10/13Boxers 1001

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