Langley KcVirginia BeachVA 11/01/96Chow Chows 11
Pearl River KcBiloxiMS 12/08/96Chow Chows
Co KcDenverCO 02/16/97Chow Chows
Imperial Polk Oc LaklndflAuburndaleFL 03/01/97Chow Chows
Clarksville KcClarksvilleTN 05/25/97Chow Chows
Ms Vly KcAltonIL 06/01/97Chow Chows
Longshore-soport KcPurchaseNY 06/08/97Chow Chows 1845
Tri-city KcDavenportIA 09/21/97Chow Chows 710
Columbia KcCharlotteNC 09/27/97Chow Chows 2
Golden Gate KcDaly CityCA 01/31/98Chow Chows 1532
Ladies Ka Of AmerHempsteadNY 05/16/98Chow Chows
Twin Brooks KcMorristownNJ 07/12/98Chow Chows 401
Memphis Kennel Club, Inc.MemphisTN 04/11/99Chow Chows
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/25/99Chow Chows
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.W. Windsor Twp.NJ 05/09/99Chow Chows 3444
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel ClubMt PleasantMI 06/12/99Chow Chows 400
Park Shore Kennel Club, Inc.GrayslakeIL 07/18/99Chow Chows
Nisqually Kennel ClubLaceyWA 08/14/99Chow Chows
Indianhead Kennel ClubAltoonaWI 10/10/99Chow Chows
Kennel Club Of Philadelphia, Inc.PhiladelphiaPA 11/21/99Chow Chows 700
Kennel Club Of Palm Springs, Inc.IndioCA 01/08/00Chow Chows
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 03/05/00Chow Chows
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 04/01/00Chow Chows 700
Salisbury North Carolina Kennel ClubSalisburyNC 05/13/00Chow Chows 1111
Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.SpokaneWA 05/28/00Chow Chows
Newnan Kennel ClubAtlantaGA 09/24/00Chow Chows
Shasta Kennel ClubYuba CityCA 10/13/00Chow Chows 400
Grand Rapids Kennel ClubGrand RapidsMI 11/12/00Chow Chows
Canada Del Oro Kennel ClubTucsonAZ 11/20/00Chow Chows
Blackhawk Kennel Club, Inc.ChicagoIL 02/23/01Chow Chows
Fort Lauderdale Dog Club, Inc.DavieFL 03/18/01Chow Chows 700
Lake Eustis Kennel Club, Inc.OcalaFL 04/06/01Chow Chows 501
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc.PerryGA 04/13/01Chow Chows
Kenai Kennel Club Inc.SoldotnaAK 07/13/01Chow Chows
Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/19/01Chow Chows 901
Kenosha Kennel Club, Inc.WilmotWI 09/08/01Chow Chows
Michiana Kennel ClubTerre HauteIN 09/28/01Chow Chows
Dayton Kennel Club, Inc.ColumbusOH 11/16/01Chow Chows 903
Tuscaloosa Kennel ClubBrierfieldAL 04/20/02Chow Chows
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers AssociationChesapeakeVA 04/28/02Chow Chows 511
St. Lawrence Valley Dog ClubAlexandria BayNY 06/02/02Chow Chows
Champaign Illinois Kennel ClubUrbanaIL 06/28/02Chow Chows
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of CaliforniaFerndaleCA 08/25/02Chow Chows 100
Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/16/02Chow Chows
La Porte County Kennel ClubFort WayneIN 10/31/02Chow Chows
Orange Empire Dog Club, Inc.San BernardinoCA 01/25/03Chow Chows
Seattle Kennel Club, Inc.SeattleWA 02/01/03Chow Chows
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 03/30/03Chow Chows
Snake River Canyon Kennel Club Of IdahoFilerID 06/10/03Chow Chows
Virginia Kennel Club, Inc.RichmondVA 06/22/03Chow Chows 1222
Galveston County Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 07/20/03Chow Chows
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 08/21/03Chow Chows
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/08/03Chow Chows 1212
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/06/03Chow Chows 1313
Pasco Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/18/04Chow Chows 700
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.BremertonWA 03/20/04Chow Chows
Paducah Kennel Club, Inc.PaducahKY 06/06/04Chow Chows
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaME 06/19/04Chow Chows
New River Valley Kennel ClubSalemVA 08/01/04Chow Chows 1413
Burlington Kennel Club, Inc.West BurlingtonIA 08/15/04Chow Chows
Laurel Highlands Kennel AssociationCumberlandMD 10/15/04Chow Chows 200
Kenai Kennel Club Inc.AnchorageAK 01/22/05Chow Chows
Abilene Kennel Club, Inc.AbileneTX 01/30/05Chow Chows
International Kennel Club Of Chicago, Inc.ChicagoIL 02/26/05Chow Chows
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 04/02/05Chow Chows 400
Boca Raton Dog Club IncWest Palm BeachFL 05/14/05Chow Chows 610
Champlain Valley Kennel Club, Inc.Essex JunctionVT 07/16/05Chow Chows 300
Cen-tex Kennel Club, Inc.WacoTX 11/26/05Chow Chows
Chow Chow Club, Inc.OlympiaWA 04/27/06Chow Chows
Evansville Kennel Club, Inc.OwensboroKY 07/22/06Chow Chows
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/05/06Chow Chows 2754
Gold Country Kennel ClubGrass ValleyCA 09/02/06Chow Chows
Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club, Inc.RochesterMN 09/17/06Chow Chows
Bartlesville Kennel ClubTulsaOK 11/03/06Chow Chows
Mississippi State Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonMS 12/15/06Chow Chows
Golden Gate Kennel ClubDaly CityCA 01/27/07Chow Chows 501
Sierra-tuolumne Kennel Club, Inc.MercedCA 04/09/07Chow Chows 300
Terre Haute Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/19/07Chow Chows
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubFairbanksAK 05/26/07Chow Chows
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 06/03/07Chow Chows 601
Yellowstone Valley Kennel ClubBillingsMT 06/20/07Chow Chows
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 09/02/07Chow Chows
Suwannee Valley Kennel Club Of FloridaOcalaFL 11/15/07Chow Chows 711
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc.Ft Walton BeachFL 02/29/08Chow Chows
Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers AssociationWest Palm BeachFL 03/09/08Chow Chows 100
Kennel Club Of Yorkville, IllinoisDe KalbIL 04/06/08Chow Chows
Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/20/08Chow Chows
Ravenna Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 05/11/08Chow Chows 300
Acadiana Kennel Club, Inc.LafayetteLA 05/31/08Chow Chows
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/23/08Chow Chows
Moore County Kennel Club Of North CarolinaPinehurstNC 09/13/08Chow Chows 100
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 09/27/08Chow Chows 1953
Fort Lauderdale Dog Club, Inc.DavieFL 03/14/09Chow Chows 100
Sacramento Kennel ClubSacramentoCA 04/12/09Chow Chows 100
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/14/09Chow Chows
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/01/09Chow Chows 1521
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/01/09Chow Chows 1001
Savannah Kennel ClubSavannahGA 11/28/09Chow Chows
Pasco Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/24/10Chow Chows 811
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 03/07/10Chow Chows 100
Leavenworth Kennel ClubIndependenceMO 03/18/10Chow Chows
Clinton Iowa Kennel ClubDe WittIA 04/03/10Chow Chows
Ponce Kennel ClubBayamonPR 04/24/10Chow Chows
Pocatello Kennel Club, Inc.BlackfootID 06/18/10Chow Chows
Burlington Wisconsin Kennel ClubElkhornWI 08/03/10Chow Chows 301
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/13/10Chow Chows
Greater Fort Myers Dog ClubN Fort MyersFL 05/15/11Chow Chows
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/03/11Chow Chows 410
Key City Kennel Club, Inc.St. PeterMN 05/27/12Chow Chows
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 09/01/12Chow Chows
Moore County Kennel Club Of North CarolinaPinehurstNC 09/15/12Chow Chows 200
Arrowhead Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 04/08/13Chow Chows
Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater CovingtonBiloxiMS 05/30/13Chow Chows
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriGray SummitMO 09/14/13Chow Chows
Fort Lauderdale Dog Club, Inc.DavieFL 03/15/14Chow Chows 210
Caribe Kennel ClubSan JuanPR 04/24/14Chow Chows
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubValley CenterCA 05/18/14Chow Chows
Manhattan Kansas Kennel ClubTopekaKS 08/21/14Chow Chows

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