Mr. William R. Russell - BEAGLES 15 IN. PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Mckinley KcCantonOH 10/05/70Beagles 15 In.
New Brunswick KcEdisonNJ 03/22/97Beagles 15 In. 13
Canadian Vly KcOklahoma CityOK 05/04/97Beagles 15 In.
Clermont Co KcHamiltonOH 05/26/97Beagles 15 In. 8
Reno KcRenoNV 05/31/97Beagles 15 In.
Leavenworth KcKansas CityMO 09/01/97Beagles 15 In. 2
Ozarks KcSpringfieldMO 10/19/97Beagles 15 In.
Worcester Co KcWorcesterMA 11/29/97Beagles 15 In. 8
So Co KcWarwickRI 04/25/98Beagles 15 In.
Inland Empire KaSpokaneWA 05/24/98Beagles 15 In.
Lima KcLimaOH 06/28/98Beagles 15 In. 300
Lawrence Jayhawk KcLawrenceKS 10/11/98Beagles 15 In.
Maury County Kennel Club Of TennesseeColumbiaTN 03/28/99Beagles 15 In.
Hangtown Kennel Club Of Placerville, CaPlacervilleCA 05/29/99Beagles 15 In.
Central Maine Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaME 06/27/99Beagles 15 In.
Coos Kennel ClubNorth BendOR 07/10/99Beagles 15 In.
Southern Adirondack Dog Club, Inc.Ballston SpaNY 08/14/99Beagles 15 In. 610
Wenatchee Kennel ClubWenatcheeWA 09/19/99Beagles 15 In.
Albany Kennel Club, Inc.TroyNY 10/23/99Beagles 15 In. 501
Linn County Kennel Club, Inc.AlbanyOR 02/13/00Beagles 15 In.
Holland Michigan Kennel ClubKalamazooMI 05/26/00Beagles 15 In.
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 07/02/00Beagles 15 In.
Magic Valley Kennel Club, Inc.CharlestonWV 07/08/00Beagles 15 In. 801
Sand & Sea Kennel Club, Inc.Berkeley Twp.NJ 08/13/00Beagles 15 In.
Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club, Inc.MurfreesboroTN 10/08/00Beagles 15 In.
Sara Bay Kennel Club, Inc.SarasotaFL 01/09/01Beagles 15 In. 1211
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.YakimaWA 04/30/01Beagles 15 In.
Bennington County Kennel ClubBallston SpaNY 08/12/01Beagles 15 In. 500
Tyler Texas Kennel ClubTylerTX 09/15/01Beagles 15 In.
Central Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.IndianapolisIN 02/09/02Beagles 15 In.
Silver Bay Kennel Club Of San DiegoDel MarCA 02/24/02Beagles 15 In.
Maury County Kennel Club Of TennesseeFranklinTN 03/23/02Beagles 15 In.
Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Inc.OgdenUT 05/19/02Beagles 15 In.
Bonneville Basin Kennel AssociationFarmingtonUT 09/15/02Beagles 15 In.
Kennesaw Kennel ClubMariettaGA 10/26/02Beagles 15 In.
Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.SpokaneWA 11/30/02Beagles 15 In.
Sara Bay Kennel Club, Inc.SarasotaFL 01/07/03Beagles 15 In. 801
Blossom Valley Beagle ClubSacramentoCA 04/12/03Beagles 15 In.
La Porte County Kennel ClubMichigan CityIN 07/20/03Beagles 15 In.
Malibu Kennel ClubSanta MonicaCA 08/17/03Beagles 15 In.
Tyler Texas Kennel ClubCantonTX 09/14/03Beagles 15 In.
Del Sur Kennel Club, Inc.Rancho Santa FeCA 05/16/04Beagles 15 In.
Portland Kennel Club, Inc.HillsboroOR 07/07/04Beagles 15 In.
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 04/03/05Beagles 15 In. 1314
Fort St. Clair Kennel ClubEatonOH 05/01/05Beagles 15 In.
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/22/05Beagles 15 In. 600
Southern Indiana Kennel ClubCorydonIN 06/05/05Beagles 15 In.
Long Beach Kennel ClubLong BeachCA 06/26/05Beagles 15 In.
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.Mt VernonWA 07/03/05Beagles 15 In.
Slidell Dog Fanciers AssociationBiloxiMS 09/11/05Beagles 15 In.
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 10/01/05Beagles 15 In. 100
Trumbull County Kennel Club, Inc.New CastlePA 05/28/06Beagles 15 In. 812
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/25/06Beagles 15 In.
Saratoga New York Kennel ClubBallston SpaNY 08/09/06Beagles 15 In. 200
Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club, Inc.AlbionNY 09/02/06Beagles 15 In.
Platte Valley Kennel Club Of Fremont, NebraskaFremontNE 10/01/06Beagles 15 In.
Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc.SuffernNY 02/23/07Beagles 15 In.
Olympia Dog Fanciers AssociationElmaWA 05/06/07Beagles 15 In.
Coeur D'alene Dog FanciersCoeur D'AleneID 05/28/07Beagles 15 In.
Snake River Canyon Kennel Club Of IdahoFilerID 06/12/07Beagles 15 In.
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 04/12/08Beagles 15 In.
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.Mt VernonWA 06/28/08Beagles 15 In.
Conyers Kennel Club Of GeorgiaAtlantaGA 08/24/08Beagles 15 In.
Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, IncSan RafaelCA 09/13/08Beagles 15 In. 610
Richland Kennel Club, Inc.KennewickWA 09/28/08Beagles 15 In.
Walla Walla Kennel ClubWalla WallaWA 04/26/09Beagles 15 In. 811
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansBiloxiMS 05/15/09Beagles 15 In.
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club Of Washington, Inc.SequimWA 07/26/09Beagles 15 In.
Sacramento Kennel ClubSacramentoCA 04/17/10Beagles 15 In. 501
Mt. Baker Kennel Club, Inc.LyndenWA 05/22/10Beagles 15 In.
Kennel Club Of PasadenaPasadenaCA 06/05/10Beagles 15 In.
South Bay Kennel ClubTorranceCA 08/14/10Beagles 15 In.
Inverness Florida Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/15/11Beagles 15 In. 1021
Kenai Kennel Club Inc.AnchorageAK 01/22/11Beagles 15 In.
Sand And Sea Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 02/03/11Beagles 15 In. 200
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 04/10/11Beagles 15 In.
Bahia Sur Kennel Club Of Chula VistaChula VistaCA 06/18/11Beagles 15 In.
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc. (OBED 1)MonroeMI 07/09/11Beagles 15 In. 610
Nisqually Kennel ClubLaceyWA 08/13/11Beagles 15 In.
Cabrillo Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterCA 09/04/11Beagles 15 In.
Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, IncVallejoCA 09/17/11Beagles 15 In. 1432
Nolan River Kennel ClubGlen RoseTX 01/07/12Beagles 15 In.
Gavilan Kennel ClubTres PinosCA 05/06/12Beagles 15 In. 200
Kettle Moraine Kennel Club, Inc.West BendWI 06/30/12Beagles 15 In.
Travis County Kennel ClubAustinTX 10/27/12Beagles 15 In.
Golden Gate Kennel ClubDaly CityCA 01/27/13Beagles 15 In. 100
Galveston County Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 03/17/13Beagles 15 In.
Burbank Kennel ClubCity of IndustryCA 04/20/13Beagles 15 In.
Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.Coeur D'AleneID 07/13/13Beagles 15 In.
Longview Kennel ClubLongviewTX 07/27/13Beagles 15 In.
San Luis Obispo Kennel ClubPaso RoblesCA 09/29/13Beagles 15 In.
Devon Dog Show Association, Inc.Ludwigs CornerPA 10/05/13Beagles 15 In. 400
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 02/01/14Beagles 15 In. 1323
Tullahoma Kennel Club Of TennesseeFranklinTN 03/08/14Beagles 15 In.
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/18/14Beagles 15 In. 931
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansBiloxiMS 05/29/14Beagles 15 In.
Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc.GreenvilleSC 07/26/14Beagles 15 In. 700
Cornhusker Kennel Club Of Lincoln, Nebraska, Inc.LincolnNE 10/04/14Beagles 15 In.
Sooner State Kennel ClubEnidOK 10/11/14Beagles 15 In.
Rubber City Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 01/04/15Beagles 15 In. 711
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 04/11/15Beagles 15 In.

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