Illinois Valley Kennel Club Of Peoria, Inc.BloomingtonIL 05/23/03Cairn Terr
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/13/03Cairn Terr
Greater Ocala Dog Club, Inc.OcalaFL 11/15/03Cairn Terr 710
Lake Shore Kennel Club, Inc.CreteIL 11/23/03Cairn Terr
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/18/04Cairn Terr
Seminole Kennel ClubShawneeOK 05/30/04Cairn Terr
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.PuyallupWA 06/05/04Cairn Terr
Danville Illinois Kennel Club, Inc.UrbanaIL 06/27/04Cairn Terr
Greater Freeport Illinois Kennel ClubFreeportIL 09/25/04Cairn Terr
Delaware Ohio Kennel ClubDelawareOH 10/23/04Cairn Terr 1112
Trinity Valley Kennel ClubMesquiteTX 11/26/04Cairn Terr
Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc.BrierfieldAL 04/08/05Cairn Terr
Danville Illinois Kennel Club, Inc.GeorgetownIL 09/03/05Cairn Terr
Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.Fort WayneIN 11/06/05Cairn Terr
Central Iowa Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 01/22/06Cairn Terr
Detroit Kennel ClubDetroitMI 03/18/06Cairn Terr 912
Steel City Kennel Club, Inc.Crown PointIN 04/16/06Cairn Terr
Blackhawk Kennel Club, Inc.AmboyIL 07/08/06Cairn Terr
Fort Worth Kennel ClubFort WorthTX 03/25/07Cairn Terr
Mississippi Valley Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/03/07Cairn Terr
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/14/07Cairn Terr
Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club, Inc.Fort WayneIN 11/05/07Cairn Terr
Oshkosh Kennel Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 01/13/08Cairn Terr
St. Charles Missouri Kennel ClubLake St LouisMO 01/27/08Cairn Terr
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubColumbiaMO 03/08/08Cairn Terr
Terre Haute Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/19/08Cairn Terr
Illinois Valley Kennel Club Of Peoria, Inc.BloomingtonIL 05/23/08Cairn Terr
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubPomonaCA 05/25/08Cairn Terr
Berrien Kennel ClubValparaisoIN 06/22/08Cairn Terr
Ashtabula Kennel ClubMadisonOH 07/12/08Cairn Terr
St. Louis Dog Breeders Association, Inc.Gray SummitMO 09/19/08Cairn Terr
Monroe Kennel ClubMonroeMI 09/27/08Cairn Terr 1833
Stone City Kennel ClubMorrisIL 10/05/08Cairn Terr
Tri-star Kennel Club Of williamson County, TennesseeNashvilleTN 10/19/08Cairn Terr
Lake Shore Kennel Club, Inc.CreteIL 11/23/08Cairn Terr
Worcester County Kennel ClubFitchburgMA 11/30/08Cairn Terr 400
Steel City Kennel Club, Inc.Crown PointIN 04/12/09Cairn Terr
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 07/11/09Cairn Terr
Nita Nee Kennel Club, Inc.Centre HallPA 07/19/09Cairn Terr
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriSullivanMO 09/14/09Cairn Terr
Stone City Kennel ClubMorrisIL 10/04/09Cairn Terr
Huntsville Kennel ClubPricevilleAL 11/05/09Cairn Terr
Hernando County Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 11/08/09Cairn Terr 901
Kankakee River Valley Kennel ClubKankakeeIL 11/29/09Cairn Terr
Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.DenverCO 02/15/10Cairn Terr
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.DecaturIL 05/02/10Cairn Terr
Cincinnati Kennel Club, Inc.HamiltonOH 05/31/10Cairn Terr 310
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/17/10Cairn Terr
Danville Illinois Kennel Club, Inc.GeorgetownIL 09/04/10Cairn Terr
Central Ohio Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/21/10Cairn Terr 200
Edwardsville Illinois Kennel ClubBellevilleIL 12/05/10Cairn Terr
Fox River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockIL 06/05/11Cairn Terr
Virginia Terrier ClubRichmondVA 06/24/11Cairn Terr 1933
Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/20/11Cairn Terr 200
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriGray SummitMO 09/18/11Cairn Terr
Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club, Inc.CerritosCA 09/25/11Cairn Terr
Louisville Kennel Club, Inc.LouisvilleKY 03/16/12Cairn Terr
Bartlesville Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/13/12Cairn Terr
Corn Belt Kennel ClubBloomingtonIL 05/28/12Cairn Terr
Huntington Kennel Club, Inc.HuntingtonWV 07/08/12Cairn Terr 200
St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel ClubSt ClairsvilleOH 08/18/12Cairn Terr
Greater Monroe Kennel ClubConcordNC 11/17/12Cairn Terr 700
Worcester County Kennel ClubFitchburgMA 12/01/12Cairn Terr 500
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc.San JoseCA 02/17/13Cairn Terr 3443
Belle-city Kennel Club, Inc.Gray SummitMO 03/02/13Cairn Terr
Ravenna Kennel ClubTallmadgeOH 05/12/13Cairn Terr 400
Corn Belt Kennel ClubBloomingtonIL 05/25/13Cairn Terr
Butte County Kennel ClubGridleyCA 05/30/13Cairn Terr 200
Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc.BelvidereIL 07/13/13Cairn Terr
Memphis Kennel Club, Inc.SouthavenMS 08/17/13Cairn Terr
Lexington Kennel Club IncLexingtonKY 08/29/13Cairn Terr
Rockford-freeport Illinois Kennel ClubFreeportIL 09/29/13Cairn Terr
Hanover Kennel ClubWilmingtonNC 10/13/13Cairn Terr 100
Marion Kennel Club, Inc.Fort WayneIN 11/02/13Cairn Terr
Council Bluffs Kennel ClubOmahaNE 11/17/13Cairn Terr
Golden Valley Kennel Club, Inc.TurlockCA 11/23/13Cairn Terr 100
Chain O'lakes Kennel ClubGrayslakeIL 01/26/14Cairn Terr
Sahuaro State Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 02/01/14Cairn Terr
Gateway Terrier AssociationGray SummitMO 05/29/14Cairn Terr
Fox River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockIL 06/01/14Cairn Terr
Lake County Kennel Club Of Northern CaliforniaVallejoCA 06/06/14Cairn Terr 601
Tri-city Kennel Club, Inc.AmanaIA 08/30/14Cairn Terr
Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/14/14Cairn Terr 600
Del Sur Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterCA 03/15/15Cairn Terr
Columbia Missouri Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 03/28/15Cairn Terr

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