Terre Haute Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/23/05Pars Russell Ter
Greater Dekalb Kennel ClubDe KalbIL 07/10/05Pars Russell Ter
St. Louis Dog Breeders Association, Inc.Gray SummitMO 09/23/05Pars Russell Ter
Lorain County Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/15/05Pars Russell Ter 603
St. Joseph Kennel Club, Inc.St JosephMO 02/05/06Pars Russell Ter
Chester Valley Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 05/13/06Pars Russell Ter
Great Lakes All Terrier AssociationGrayslakeIL 06/17/06Pars Russell Ter
Keomah Kennel Club, Inc.Des MoinesIA 02/18/07Pars Russell Ter
Logansport Kennel Club, Inc.AuburnIN 03/10/07Pars Russell Ter
Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc.BremertonWA 03/24/07Pars Russell Ter
Fox River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockIL 06/01/07Pars Russell Ter
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/25/07Pars Russell Ter
Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc.WaukeshaWI 07/29/07Pars Russell Ter
Logansport Kennel Club, Inc.AuburnIN 03/09/08Pars Russell Ter
Wheaton Kennel ClubWheatonIL 06/07/08Pars Russell Ter
Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Inc.MonroeMI 07/05/08Pars Russell Ter 721
Heart Of America Kennel Club, Inc.Kansas CityMO 08/24/08Pars Russell Ter
Moore County Kennel Club Of North CarolinaPinehurstNC 09/14/08Pars Russell Ter 501
Spirit Of The Heartland Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 09/20/08Pars Russell Ter
Virginia Beach Kennel ClubVirginia BeachVA 11/02/08Pars Russell Ter 100
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 11/09/08Pars Russell Ter
Park Shore Kennel Club, Inc.GrayslakeIL 01/24/09Pars Russell Ter
Sahuaro State Kennel ClubPhoenixAZ 02/08/09Pars Russell Ter
Progressive Dog Club Of Wayne County, Inc.Birch RunMI 04/25/09Pars Russell Ter 410
Mt. Baker Kennel Club, Inc.LyndenWA 05/17/09Pars Russell Ter
Catoctin Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/02/09Pars Russell Ter 511
Greater Dekalb Kennel ClubDe KalbIL 07/05/09Pars Russell Ter
Putnam Kennel Club, Inc.StormvilleNY 07/18/09Pars Russell Ter 602
Columbiana County Kennel ClubCanfieldOH 07/31/09Pars Russell Ter 1233
Greater Lafayette Kennel ClubLebanonIN 09/13/09Pars Russell Ter
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldIL 10/16/09Pars Russell Ter
Canadian Valley Kennel ClubChickashaOK 11/13/09Pars Russell Ter
Plum Creek Kennel Club Of ColoradoDenverCO 02/13/10Pars Russell Ter
Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Inc.LoganUT 05/22/10Pars Russell Ter
Hawkeye Kennel ClubIowa CityIA 06/27/10Pars Russell Ter
St. Louis Dog Breeders Association, Inc.Gray SummitMO 09/26/10Pars Russell Ter
Onondaga Kennel Association, Inc.RomulusNY 10/01/10Pars Russell Ter
Dubuque Kennel ClubDubuqueIA 03/26/11Pars Russell Ter
Grand Rapids Kennel ClubKalamazooMI 11/13/11Pars Russell Ter 500
Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL 11/17/11Pars Russell Ter 100
Logansport Kennel Club, Inc.AuburnIN 03/10/12Pars Russell Ter
Sandemac Kennel ClubDecaturIL 04/27/12Pars Russell Ter
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubPomonaCA 05/27/12Pars Russell Ter
Fox River Valley Kennel Club, Inc.WoodstockIL 06/03/12Pars Russell Ter
Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club (BREED & OBED 1)Mt PleasantMI 06/10/12Pars Russell Ter
Greater Dekalb Kennel ClubDe KalbIL 07/07/12Pars Russell Ter
Eugene Kennel Club, Inc.BrownsvilleOR 09/08/12Pars Russell Ter 400
Sheboygan Kennel Club, Inc.PlymouthWI 09/23/12Pars Russell Ter
Talbot Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/07/12Pars Russell Ter 100
Malibu Kennel ClubCosta MesaCA 12/10/12Pars Russell Ter
Sara Bay Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/17/13Pars Russell Ter 805
Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.DecaturIL 04/28/13Pars Russell Ter
Jaxon Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 08/02/13Pars Russell Ter
Kennel Club Of Freeborn County, Minnesota, Inc.Albert LeaMN 08/11/13Pars Russell Ter
Mississippi State Kennel ClubJacksonMS 09/14/13Pars Russell Ter
San Luis Obispo Kennel ClubPaso RoblesCA 09/28/13Pars Russell Ter
Stone City Kennel ClubMorrisIL 10/05/13Pars Russell Ter
Middleburg Kennel ClubLeesburgVA 10/26/13Pars Russell Ter
Clearwater Kennel ClubBrooksvilleFL 01/18/14Pars Russell Ter 721
Chain O'lakes Kennel ClubGrayslakeIL 01/24/14Pars Russell Ter
Logansport Kennel Club, Inc.AuburnIN 03/08/14Pars Russell Ter
Clinton Iowa Kennel ClubDe WittIA 03/30/14Pars Russell Ter
Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc.ColumbianaAL 04/04/14Pars Russell Ter
Terre Haute Kennel Club, Inc.Terre HauteIN 04/19/14Pars Russell Ter
South County Kennel Club, Inc.RichmondRI 04/27/14Pars Russell Ter
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubFairbanksAK 05/25/14Pars Russell Ter
Virginia Kennel Club, Inc.RichmondVA 06/21/14Pars Russell Ter
Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 06/28/14Pars Russell Ter
Greater Dekalb Kennel ClubDe KalbIL 07/05/14Pars Russell Ter
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.HarrisburgPA 08/09/14Pars Russell Ter
Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/13/14Pars Russell Ter
Warrenton Kennel ClubMillwoodVA 09/26/14Pars Russell Ter 100
Illinois Capitol Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldIL 10/16/14Pars Russell Ter
Decatur Alabama Kennel ClubDecaturAL 11/06/14Pars Russell Ter
Ingham County Kennel Club, Inc.East LansingMI 11/30/14Pars Russell Ter 100
Ochlockonee River Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.TallahasseeFL 02/22/15Pars Russell Ter
Belle-city Kennel Club, Inc.Gray SummitMO 02/28/15Pars Russell Ter
Terrier Club Of MichiganBirch RunMI 04/24/15Pars Russell Ter 400
Langley Kennel ClubHamptonVA 05/22/15Pars Russell Ter
Dan Emmett Kennel ClubMarionOH 07/25/15Pars Russell Ter

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