Miss Dorothy M. Macdonald - BEAGLES 13 IN. PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Park Shore KcGrayslakeIL 01/25/97Beagles 13 In.
Heart Of Amer KcKansas CityMO 03/16/97Beagles 13 In. 7
Sioux Empire KcSioux CityIA 03/29/97Beagles 13 In.
Tidewater Kc Of VaChesapeakeVA 05/04/97Beagles 13 In. 6
/ / Beagles 13 In.
Co Springs KcColorado SpringsCO 06/08/97Beagles 13 In.
Dayton KcTrotwoodOH 06/28/97Beagles 13 In. 2
Palisades KcJersey CityNJ 10/11/97Beagles 13 In. 4
Crawford Co KcMarionOH 07/24/98Beagles 13 In. 401
West Volusia KcDelandFL 09/13/98Beagles 13 In. 200
Chintimini Kennel Club, Inc.CorvallisOR 03/20/99Beagles 13 In.
Council Bluffs Kennel ClubCouncil BluffsIA 05/22/99Beagles 13 In.
Stone City Kennel ClubMorrisIL 06/06/99Beagles 13 In.
Lake Minnetonka Kennel ClubWaconiaMN 06/12/99Beagles 13 In.
Umpqua Kennel Club, Inc.RoseburgOR 09/03/99Beagles 13 In.
Somerset Hills Kennel ClubNorth BranchNJ 09/11/99Beagles 13 In. 703
Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club, Inc.ShelbyvilleTN 10/09/99Beagles 13 In.
Treasure Coast Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.Fort PierceFL 04/29/00Beagles 13 In. 200
Flagstaff Kennel ClubFlagstaffAZ 06/10/00Beagles 13 In.
Eureka Kennel ClubFerndaleCA 08/27/00Beagles 13 In. 100
Hawaiian Kennel ClubHonoluluHI 09/03/00Beagles 13 In.
Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/18/00Beagles 13 In.
Lizard Butte Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/19/00Beagles 13 In.
Mispillion Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/12/00Beagles 13 In. 200
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/26/00Beagles 13 In.
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.BostonMA 12/08/00Beagles 13 In. 401
Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.ScottsdaleAZ 03/23/01Beagles 13 In.
Douglasville Kennel Club Of GeorgiaNewnanGA 04/01/01Beagles 13 In.
Yosemite Kennel ClubMercedCA 04/08/01Beagles 13 In. 400
Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Inc.OgdenUT 05/19/01Beagles 13 In.
Spokane Kennel ClubSpokaneWA 05/25/01Beagles 13 In.
Bryn Mawr Kennel ClubLudwigs CornerPA 06/15/01Beagles 13 In.
Muncie Kennel Club, Inc.MuncieIN 08/18/01Beagles 13 In.
Leavenworth Kennel ClubKansas CityMO 08/24/01Beagles 13 In. 804
Belle-city Kennel Club, Inc.BellevilleIL 09/09/01Beagles 13 In.
Chief Solano Kennel ClubVallejoCA 04/20/02Beagles 13 In. 402
Klamath Dog Fanciers, Inc.Klamath FallsOR 05/11/02Beagles 13 In. 401
Greater Lafayette Kennel ClubLebanonIN 09/15/02Beagles 13 In.
Blossom Valley Beagle ClubPleasantonCA 10/19/02Beagles 13 In.
Sandusky Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/14/02Beagles 13 In. 301
Montgomery Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 11/24/02Beagles 13 In.
Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club, Inc.FayettevilleAR 12/07/02Beagles 13 In.
San Fernando Kennel ClubVenturaCA 01/18/03Beagles 13 In.
Sioux Valley Kennel Club, Inc.South Sioux CityNE 03/29/03Beagles 13 In.
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterKS 04/06/03Beagles 13 In.
Mount Bachelor Kennel ClubRedmondOR 06/28/03Beagles 13 In.
Bexar County Kennel Club, Inc.San AntonioTX 07/10/03Beagles 13 In.
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.MarionOH 07/27/03Beagles 13 In. 301
Coulee Kennel Club, Inc.La CrosseWI 08/03/03Beagles 13 In.
Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/13/03Beagles 13 In.
Helena Montana Kennel ClubHelenaMT 09/21/03Beagles 13 In.
San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc.San MateoCA 11/29/03Beagles 13 In. 400
Land O' Lakes Kennel Club, Inc.St PaulMN 01/04/04Beagles 13 In.
North Arkansas Kennel ClubHarrisonAR 04/18/04Beagles 13 In.
Singing River Kennel Club Of MississippiBiloxiMS 07/24/04Beagles 13 In.
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.GreenfieldMA 07/31/04Beagles 13 In. 200
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 08/06/04Beagles 13 In.
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 09/25/04Beagles 13 In.
Mohawk Valley Kennel ClubSaratoga SpringsNY 02/06/05Beagles 13 In. 100
Three Rivers Kennel Club Of MissouriBellevilleIL 03/05/05Beagles 13 In.
Steel City Kennel Club, Inc.Crown PointIN 04/17/05Beagles 13 In.
Corn Belt Kennel ClubBloomingtonIL 05/28/05Beagles 13 In.
Snake River Canyon Kennel Club Of IdahoFilerID 06/15/05Beagles 13 In.
Eugene Kennel Club, Inc.EugeneOR 09/10/05Beagles 13 In.
Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club, Inc.MurfreesboroTN 10/01/05Beagles 13 In.
Westminster Kennel ClubNew YorkNY 02/13/06Beagles 13 In. 1400
Baytown Kennel Club, Inc.BeaumontTX 04/28/06Beagles 13 In.
Spokane Kennel ClubSpokaneWA 05/27/06Beagles 13 In.
James River Kennel Club, Inc.SalemVA 08/02/06Beagles 13 In. 602
Missouri Rhineland Kennel ClubSullivanMO 09/16/06Beagles 13 In.
Sheboygan Kennel Club, Inc.PlymouthWI 09/23/06Beagles 13 In.
Brandon Kennel Club Of MississippiJacksonMS 12/17/06Beagles 13 In.
Claremore Kennel Club Of OklahomaClaremoreOK 04/01/07Beagles 13 In.
Hangtown Kennel Club Of Placerville, CaPlacervilleCA 05/26/07Beagles 13 In. 300
Champlain Valley Kennel Club, Inc.Essex JunctionVT 07/14/07Beagles 13 In. 100
Chattanooga Kennel ClubEast RidgeTN 09/16/07Beagles 13 In.
Sun Maid Kennel Club Of Fresno, Inc.FresnoCA 02/03/08Beagles 13 In. 701
D'arbonne Kennel ClubBossier CityLA 04/20/08Beagles 13 In.
Carroll Kennel ClubWestminsterMD 05/19/08Beagles 13 In. 100
Mckinley Kennel ClubCantonOH 06/08/08Beagles 13 In.
/ / Beagles 13 In.
Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.ManitowocWI 09/14/08Beagles 13 In.
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 09/27/08Beagles 13 In. 503
Sandemac Kennel ClubSpringfieldIL 10/18/08Beagles 13 In.
Minneapolis Kennel Club, Inc.ShakopeeMN 11/09/08Beagles 13 In.
Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers AssociationWest Palm BeachFL 03/07/09Beagles 13 In. 602
Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 05/17/09Beagles 13 In.
Arkansas Kennel Club, Inc.Little RockAR 08/09/09Beagles 13 In.
Talbot Kennel Club, Inc.EastonMD 08/16/09Beagles 13 In. 200
Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/10/09Beagles 13 In.
Saline County Kennel Club Of ArkansasBentonAR 10/24/09Beagles 13 In.
Fort Bend Kennel Club, Inc.RosenbergTX 01/23/10Beagles 13 In.
Oakland Kennel ClubVallejoCA 03/28/10Beagles 13 In. 501
Saginaw Valley Kennel ClubBirch RunMI 04/11/10Beagles 13 In. 200
Anniston Kennel ClubMontgomeryAL 04/23/10Beagles 13 In.
Lost Coast Kennel Club Of CaliforniaFerndaleCA 07/03/10Beagles 13 In. 100
Eugene Kennel Club, Inc.EugeneOR 09/12/10Beagles 13 In. 100
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/18/10Beagles 13 In.
Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI 10/03/10Beagles 13 In. 603
Durham Kennel Club IncRaleighNC 03/25/11Beagles 13 In. 501
Scottsbluff Kennel ClubMitchellNE 04/02/11Beagles 13 In.
Chief Solano Kennel ClubVallejoCA 04/23/11Beagles 13 In. 301
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubValley CenterCA 05/22/11Beagles 13 In.
Jefferson City Missouri Kennel ClubSedaliaMO 07/08/11Beagles 13 In.
Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc.WaukeshaWI 07/30/11Beagles 13 In.
Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Inc.Santa BarbaraCA 08/28/11Beagles 13 In.
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.Valley CenterKS 04/08/12Beagles 13 In.
Spokane Kennel ClubSpokaneWA 05/26/12Beagles 13 In.
Trinity Valley Kennel ClubDallasTX 07/06/12Beagles 13 In.
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.RomulusNY 09/27/12Beagles 13 In.
Lake Mathews Kennel Club, Inc.ChinoCA 04/27/13Beagles 13 In.

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