Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson - TOY POODLES PAST ASSIGNMENTS

Hendersonville KcGreenvilleSC 07/25/97Toy Poodles 18
Talbot KcEASTONMD 08/16/97Toy Poodles 701
Lawrence Jayhawk KcSt JosephMO 08/23/97Toy Poodles
Carroll Co KcNorth ConwayNH 09/06/97Toy Poodles 6
Worcester Co KcWorcesterMA 11/29/97Toy Poodles 5
Golden Gate KcDaly CityCA 02/06/99Toy Poodles 400
Hendersonville KcGreenvilleSC 02/19/99Toy Poodles 1522
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc.PerryGA 04/16/99Toy Poodles
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.BerryvilleVA 04/22/99Toy Poodles 700
Treasure Coast Kennel Club Of Florida, Inc.Fort PierceFL 05/01/99Toy Poodles 1812
Elkhorn Kennel ClubElkhornWI 08/03/99Toy Poodles 1102
Crab Orchard Kennel Club, Inc.Du QuoinIL 10/16/99Toy Poodles
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.MarshallMI 10/24/99Toy Poodles
Kachina Kennel ClubGoodyearAZ 10/30/99Toy Poodles 711
Sioux Valley Kennel Club, Inc.Sioux CityIA 04/02/00Toy Poodles
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/14/00Toy Poodles 210
Riverhead Kennel Club, Inc.WesthamptonNY 07/15/00Toy Poodles 401
Bald Eagle Kennel Club Of Williamsport, Pa., Inc.WilliamsportPA 07/30/00Toy Poodles
Raleigh Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 09/04/00Toy Poodles 1011
Greenspring Poodle ClubWestminsterMD 10/12/00Toy Poodles
Gloucester County Kennel Club, Inc.PennsaukenNJ 01/19/01Toy Poodles 1422
San Antonio Kennel Club, Inc.San AntonioTX 03/12/01Toy Poodles
Kennel Club Of Beverly HillsLong BeachCA 06/24/01Toy Poodles
Susque-nango Kennel Club, Inc.BainbridgeNY 06/29/01Toy Poodles
Lumberton Kennel ClubFayettevilleNC 11/17/01Toy Poodles 401
Augusta Kennel Club, Inc.PerryGA 04/12/02Toy Poodles
Mattaponi Kennel ClubManassasVA 05/18/02Toy Poodles 801
Griffin Georgia Kennel ClubHamptonGA 10/12/02Toy Poodles
Medina Kennel Club, Inc.ClevelandOH 12/13/02Toy Poodles 1212
Onondaga Kennel Association, Inc.SyracuseNY 03/28/03Toy Poodles
Wilmington Kennel Club, Inc.BearDE 04/25/03Toy Poodles
Key To The Sea Poodle Club, Inc.MaumeeOH 05/30/03Toy Poodles 1522
North Shore Kennel ClubTopsfieldMA 06/14/03Toy Poodles 530
Western Reserve Poodle Club, Inc.Chagrin FallsOH 08/22/03Toy Poodles 1413
Furniture City Kennel Club, Inc.GreensboroNC 08/30/03Toy Poodles
Tennessee Valley Kennel ClubKnoxvilleTN 11/02/03Toy Poodles 1413
Sandusky Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/13/03Toy Poodles 1313
Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers AssociationWest Palm BeachFL 03/07/04Toy Poodles 1012
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers AssociationChesapeakeVA 04/24/04Toy Poodles 1312
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/09/04Toy Poodles 401
Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Inc.LoganUT 05/15/04Toy Poodles
Upper Marlboro Kennel Club, Inc.West FriendshipMD 07/03/04Toy Poodles 501
Ashtabula Kennel ClubMadisonOH 07/10/04Toy Poodles 501
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/21/04Toy Poodles
Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.PuebloCO 11/27/04Toy Poodles
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.Winston-SalemNC 12/04/04Toy Poodles 1021
Bushy Run Kennel ClubVandergriftPA 07/03/05Toy Poodles 310
Orchid Island Dog Fancier Club, Inc.HiloHI 02/20/06Toy Poodles
Badger Kennel ClubMadisonWI 05/07/06Toy Poodles
St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel ClubSt ClairsvilleOH 05/20/06Toy Poodles 400
Farmington Valley Kennel Club, Inc.W SpringfieldMA 07/08/06Toy Poodles 1133
Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.BerryvilleVA 07/16/06Toy Poodles 1111
Raleigh Kennel Club, Inc.RaleighNC 09/04/06Toy Poodles 902
Yuma Kennel ClubYumaAZ 12/02/06Toy Poodles
St. Clair Kennel ClubGoodellsMI 09/15/07Toy Poodles 1141
Quinnipiac Poodle Club, Inc.HamdenCT 09/21/07Toy Poodles
Boardwalk Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 02/03/08Toy Poodles 601
Bartlesville Kennel ClubGroveOK 04/27/08Toy Poodles
Midland Michigan Kennel ClubMidlandMI 05/11/08Toy Poodles 401
Duluth Kennel ClubDuluthMN 07/12/08Toy Poodles
Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.FitchburgMA 08/16/08Toy Poodles 1003
Greenspring Poodle ClubPoint of RocksMD 10/09/08Toy Poodles 1112
Central Carolina Poodle ClubConcordNC 11/13/08Toy Poodles 801
York Kennel ClubYorkPA 03/13/09Toy Poodles
Charlottesville - Albemarle Kennel Club, Inc.CharlottesvilleVA 05/30/09Toy Poodles 811
Nita Nee Kennel Club, Inc.Centre HallPA 07/19/09Toy Poodles
Middleburg Kennel ClubLeesburgVA 10/24/09Toy Poodles 1313
Brazoria Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 11/14/09Toy Poodles
Long Beach Kennel ClubLong BeachCA 12/11/09Toy Poodles
Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.PittsburghPA 03/28/10Toy Poodles
St. Hubert Kennel ClubN StoningtonCT 05/15/10Toy Poodles 100
Catoctin Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/08/10Toy Poodles
Berks County Kennel Club, Inc.MacungiePA 09/19/10Toy Poodles
Butler County Kennel Club, Inc.ProspectPA 09/26/10Toy Poodles 501
Central Ohio Kennel ClubColumbusOH 11/21/10Toy Poodles 811
San Joaquin Kennel ClubStocktonCA 11/28/10Toy Poodles
Mississippi State Kennel Club, Inc.JacksonMS 12/17/10Toy Poodles
Boardwalk Kennel ClubWildwoodNJ 02/05/11Toy Poodles 1332
Central New York Kennel Club, Inc.SyracuseNY 03/31/11Toy Poodles
St. Hubert Kennel ClubN StoningtonCT 05/14/11Toy Poodles 903
Oshkosh Kennel Club, Inc.OshkoshWI 05/21/11Toy Poodles
Mississippi Valley Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 06/04/11Toy Poodles
Evergreen Colorado Kennel ClubGreeleyCO 09/10/11Toy Poodles
South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.FalmouthMA 09/17/11Toy Poodles
Superstition Kennel Club, Inc.ScottsdaleAZ 03/04/12Toy Poodles
Galveston County Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 03/18/12Toy Poodles
Langley Kennel Club (BREED & OBED #1)HamptonVA 05/25/12Toy Poodles 1124
Kennel Club Of Beverly HillsLong BeachCA 06/30/12Toy Poodles
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/06/12Toy Poodles 1202
Cheshire Kennel Club, Inc.KeeneNH 08/05/12Toy Poodles
Bonneville Basin Kennel AssociationFarmingtonUT 09/15/12Toy Poodles
Hot Springs National Park Kennel ClubHot Springs Nat'l PkAR 09/29/12Toy Poodles
Bucks County Kennel Club, Inc.ErwinnaPA 05/04/13Toy Poodles 1004
Greater Cincinnati Poodle ClubHamiltonOH 05/25/13Toy Poodles 831
Putnam Kennel Club, Inc.StormvilleNY 07/20/13Toy Poodles 401
Spartanburg Kennel Club, Inc.GreenvilleSC 07/28/13Toy Poodles 701
Louisiana Kennel Club, Inc.KennerLA 08/04/13Toy Poodles
Cudahy Kennel ClubSouth MilwaukeeWI 08/10/13Toy Poodles
Ozarks Kennel Club, Inc.SpringfieldMO 11/10/13Toy Poodles
Poodle Club Of The Lehigh ValleyAllentownPA 12/14/13Toy Poodles
Annapolis Kennel ClubWestminsterMD 01/19/14Toy Poodles 601
William Penn Poodle ClubWillow GrovePA 05/02/14Toy Poodles
Macon Kennel ClubPerryGA 05/11/14Toy Poodles
York County Kennel Club Of MaineScarboroughME 05/16/14Toy Poodles 301
Northeastern Maryland Kennel ClubWest FriendshipMD 07/04/14Toy Poodles 502
Del Monte Kennel Club, Inc.CarmelCA 07/13/14Toy Poodles 100
St. Clair Kennel Club (Breed/Obed #1)GoodellsMI 09/14/14Toy Poodles 301
Nassau Dog Training Club, Inc.Oyster BayNY 09/28/14Toy Poodles 310
Westbury Kennel Association, Inc.Oyster BayNY 09/28/14Toy Poodles
Mispillion Kennel Club, Inc.SalisburyMD 11/09/14Toy Poodles 410
Progressive Dog ClubNew YorkNY 02/13/15Toy Poodles 400
New Brunswick Kennel Club, Inc.EdisonNJ 03/20/15Toy Poodles
Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater CovingtonBiloxiMS 05/28/15Toy Poodles
Detroit Kennel Club (Breed/Obedience #1)NoviMI 06/21/15Toy Poodles 811
Chenango Valley Kennel ClubBainbridgeNY 06/27/15Toy Poodles
Santa Maria Kennel Club, Inc.VenturaCA 07/04/15Toy Poodles

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