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A collection of utilities you can use to search out or view; Show Calendars,  Judges Panels, Show Results and even make AKC show entries!
A feature that highlights WABR members having a win in the last 7 days. MB-F, Inc. show wins are added automatically. Other superintendent wins may be added upon notification.
  A comprehensive index of Web Pages showcasing individual Dog Show Champions, their photos, descriptions and updated Show History & Statistics.
Everything you need to enter an AKC show (except a dog!)
Go to the Fancier Services Directory An on-line resource to help you cut to the chase for quality dog fancier products and services.
Go to the Fancier Services Directory An on-line resource for buying or selling Kennel Property, Kennel Businesses, and other types of dog fancier oriented real estate.
An on-line resource for buying or selling RVs, Trailers, and Vans converted or customized for the Dog Fancier and their stars!
An on-line resource devoted to helping canine rescue organizations. Listings are free to all non-profit canine rescue organizations.
Locate breeders of AKC Dogs
Informative monthly newsletters from MB-F, Inc.
Learn about the InfoDog web site, the information it offers,  and why over 19,400 people visit us each day... 
Learn more about MB-F Inc., the premier producers and managers of dog shows in the United States, take a tour of the MB-F facility, and even meet the MB-F President.
View and order ribbons, rosettes, and badges.
Read useful articles designed for the beginner. View and read breed pictures and profiles.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

In an effort to quickly respond to our customers support questions, we have provided a list of the most asked questions and their answers.

  • How do I clear my browser's cache?
    Please find browser specific cache clearing instructions here.

  • I've uploaded my dog's latest picture to WABR, but I still see the old one. What's wrong?
    The number one issue that we get e-mail's on is one in which old data is still cached in the user's browser. This cached data manifests itself in many instances. In this case, with the WABR pictures. You should clear your browser's cache. For browser-specific instructions, click here.
  • I've uploaded my dog's latest picture to WABR, but it is huge. What's wrong?
    The optimal picture size is 350 x 326 pixels at 72 dpi (dots per inch). You should use your digital camera's software or purchase a photo editing software program to reduce the size of the picture. Then, upload it again to WABR. Be sure to clear your cache if it still looks huge.
  • Can you please tell me how to post the icon for WABR "See Winning Record" next to my dog in the show results?
    First, you need to create a WABR page for your dog. Second, make sure the AKC number is correct on the WABR page. Next, enter a dog show. The results are entered into the system the week following the show and the WABR icon will automatically appear.

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