InfoDog Past Entry Counts and Points for

Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. Saturday 10/26/13

InfoDog provides historical dog show information to see how many dogs competed in a certain dog breed at a certain dog show and how many points were awarded. This data could be useful for show chairmen planning a future dog show event or for exhibitors planning for upcoming dog shows.

Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. Saturday 10/26/13 historical entry data:

Friday 10/26/12 - AB/O/JSHW
Saturday 10/27/12 - AB/O/JSHW
Sunday 10/30/11 - AB/O/JSHW
Saturday 10/29/11 - AB/O/JSHW
Sunday 10/31/10 - AB/O/JSHW
Saturday 10/30/10 - AB/O/JSHW
Friday 10/23/09 - AB/O/JSHW
Saturday 10/24/09 - AB/O/JSHW

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