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Equipment and Supplies

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Everything your dog will need on his road to becoming the next Best In Show, or at least looking like one!
Dog Show Cart/Crate Dolly - The Multi Cart
Multi-Carts change shape and length to carry huge amounts of gear yet fold small for storage. Designed for professionals where speed and efficiency are crucial, Multi-Carts fold small leaving more room for cargo. Multi-Carts carry everything and carry with you!  Instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape.
Plush Puppy TN Grooming Products
A great new range of coat care designed especially for show dogs and the owner and handler seeking that definable extra enhancement to their presentation. Shampoos and conditioners are all formulated from naturally sourced ingredients. They are all organic, environmentally friendly and have not been tested on laboratory animals. All products are road tested on our own dogs, friends' show dogs and other show volunteers. Secure online ordering
Your online source for all the products you need to give your dog that "Winning-Edge". 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
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