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Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club Rescue

Interested in adopting a rescue dog? Contact Marsha Reed. Dogs in our rescue organization are evaluated, spayed/neuters, restored to health, and given immunizations.

After the initial contact is made, a questionnaire will be sent to the applicant to fill out. The completed evaluation form helps to determine lifestyles of the applicants so that they can be paired with the dog that is most suitable for them. Next, the applicant is invited to visit dog(s) available for adoption. A "new" home visit is scheduled. A donation of $150.00 is appreciated to help perpetuate rescue.

Pam Tobin, Rescue Chair
8700 Golden Spur Drive, Granite Bay, CA 95746
Phone/Fax: 916-791-7580
Email: petpyrs@surewest.net
Web: http://www.spgpc.com/