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Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue, Inc.

Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue finds good homes for Samoyeds of all ages throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have limited facilities to take in dogs who are being given up. We have a group of volunteers who evaluate each dog and each potential home before any placement is made.

Samoyeds are loving, companion dogs. They are not outside dogs. They want to be part of a family and need time, patience and love to make the adjustment to a new home. They are an active breed which needs ample exercise to burn off their energy.

It is DVSR, Inc.ís goal to place each dog in the best home for its age, temperament, and abilities ont he first try. In the event of any problems or concerns with the Samoyed, DVSR, Inc. offers its experience and knowledge for their resolution and, if necessary, another placement.

Sandra Phifer
Salfordville, PA