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Collie Rescue of Mississippi
My name is Barbara Leggette and I am the President of this Organization. I provide unconditional love to all stray, abused, and neglected Collies. I provide veterinary care, all vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm treatment when applicable and any other medical attention that is needed. Each Collie is groomed and provided with a heart shaped Collie Rescue of Mississippi identification tag which all are individually numbered and lists my phone number in the event of being lost.

When each dog is rehabilitated they are placed in good loving homes after appoval of each application and home inspection. If a Collie is determined unadoptable, he or she remains with my husband and I and all our other beloved Collies at our 3 1/2 acre home known as Meadowview Collies.

Barbara Leggette
Brandon, MS