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National Borzoi Rescue Foundation

A non-profit rescue group that places, retrieves and assists people who are either looking for a borzoi rescue ,need to give up an existing pet or any borzoi that is found and in a animal shelter.

All animals are neutered/spayed prior to placement. Vetted with all shots and worming. All animals are permanently micro-chipped for identification purposes. An application is sent to prospective homes and in home visits done prior to placing. We have kennel facilities in Hamilton, Ohio and we use foster homes in other parts of the country. We screen animals for health and temperament prior to being placed.

You may call 1-888-264-8898 or 513-896-7387 for further information on getting or giving up a borzoi.

Director: Carol Backers, Alden, Michigan
Co-Director: Barbara O'Neill, Seattle, Washington
Secy/tres: Mary Childs, Hamilton, Oh.

Carol Backers
PO Box 190
Alden, MI 49612