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New to Dogs?

Is this your first dog? Perhaps you had a dog before but it has been a few years. In either case, welcome to the wonderful world of dogs. They truely are man's and woman's best friend.

AKC events are as fun for your dog as they are for you. Click here for descriptions of AKC events and breeds eligible to compete in them.

If you are new to dogs or just want to reference some newby material, then you might like to check-out these useful articles.

If you are dogless then why not consider a dog which is homeless. Rescue dogs are a vital source of love and affection for dog lovers.

If you want to see the picture and profile for a specific breed, then select the breed from the menu below. Or, view the complete breed list.

Here are some useful links to some very important foundations.

If you want help in determining the correct breed for you then select Find a Breed.



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