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Two methods are available for checking the status of previously made online entries. Each method REQUIRES a reference number. Reference numbers are assigned when entries are completed online.

Telephone: call 336-379-9352 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm eastern time Monday through Friday.

Online: check the status of an online entry at any time by entering the reference number in the box below, entering the Captcha security code, and pressing the "Continue" button. If you can not read the Captcha code please click the "refresh image" image link to get a new code.

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Security Measure: The image with the crazy letters below is called a Captcha and it's used to figure out if you're a person or a computer. Filling out the Captcha adds an additional level of security on InfoDog.
A Captcha (Security) code is displayed below. This must be entered properly in order to continue.
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