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Please visit wethepeopleusa.us for information on how you can sign the CA pet initiatives now circulating for signatures in California. Be a part of securing the future of our Dog Fancy as well as the family pet that comes from responsible CA breeders. Do not delay as more than 600,000 signatures are needed by April 2008.
Please click on the following sites for other concerned dog organization links: naiatrust.org, naiaonline.org, http://petpac.net/, and cdoca.org.

PetPAC: Protecting the Rights of Pets and Owners
PetPAC is an organization formed to protect the rights of pets and owners through public awareness education, grassroots organizing, and advocacy at the local, state and national level.

Concerned Dog Owners of California
As a part of their fund raising activity, which needs to be a continual effort on their part, the Concerned Dog Owners of California are doing a survey to gather demographic information on dog owners, in all facets of life, from across the country. The more responses they get, the more leverage they will have with firms that can work with us in fund raising.

Take The Lead California Wildfire Relief Fund
The California Wildfire Relief Fund has been created to assist people in the sport of purebred dogs with immediate financial relief from the devastation suffered from this disaster.

Take The Lead Press Release
Take The Lead establishes California Wildfire Relief Fund to provide assistance to dog show people.

NATIONAL ANIMAL INTEREST ALLIANCE (NAIA) is an organization whose mission is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners. Don't wait until legislation rears its head in your town or state. Click here for more information.

A successful joint effort by the kennel clubs and Fancy in California, the AKC, and the efforts of breeders and exhibitors throughout the nation, was evidenced as CA AB 1634 was pulled today from the California Senate Local Government Committee by the bill sponsor Assemblymember Lloyd Levine. As a result, AB 1634 will not be considered for the remainder of this legislative session. The bill would have required owners to spay or neuter all dogs and cats six months of age, with few practical exceptions. For details and information on how you can help click here



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