brag.jpg Total Subscribed American Hairless Terriers: 16
Bellridge Line'Em Up Wudnshu Yes
Curio's Cor Blimey CM4 No.
Curio's Mr Lover Man No.
Curio's Strip Tease Yes
UKC Ch. "PR" Slick's Whispering Winds Yes
UKC CH Flinthill's Wild Wild Wudnshu Yes
UKC Ch. Keough's Wudnshu Knockout Yes
UKC CH Kidd K's Top Gun Yes
UKC Ch. Slick's I.B. Too Hot To Handle Yes
UKC Ch. Wudnshu's I.B. One Slick Chick Yes
UKC CH Wudnshu's Sarah Smiles @ Rdhous Yes
UKC Ch."PR" Kalon's Wudnshu Starman Yes
UKC Ch."PR" Slick's Lengend Has It Yes
UKC GRCH Wudnshu's Red Letter Day Yes
UKC GRCH Wudnshu's Rev' N It Up Yes
UKC Multi BIMBS GRCH Wudnshu's Noble Gift To Pentastar No.

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