brag.jpg Total Subscribed Swedish Vallhunds: 26
Arvad Tor No.
Ch BH Olaf's Market Master Yes
Ch Beidelyn You're The One That I Want Yes
Ch Caval's What's It All About Yes
Ch. Jonricker Guld Nougat Yes
Ch. Jonricker Moustaffa NAJ NA CD RAE Yes
Ch Jonricker Nicke Lilltroll No.
Ch. Jonricker Prince Gustaf No.
Ch. Jonricker Prince Oscar HIC,BN,RN,OA,AXJ,AXP,MJP2,OF,XFP Yes
Ch. Jonricker Princess Victoria Yes
Ch. Laurelwood's Noah's Ark Av JNKR Yes
Ch Minikota's Nicholas Copernicus Yes
Ch Skyview's Crimson Flyer Yes
Ch Skyview's Crimson Hawk RN Yes
Ch Starvon Just Hear The Cheer, RA, BN, CGC, HCTs Yes
Ch Starvon Justa Miracle Yes
Ch Walborah Charlotte's Web Av JNKR Yes
Caval Eye Of The Storm No.
Caval Outrun The Sun At Hurrikane No.
Caval's Herr Owen No.
Caval's Sacajuliea No.
Dlarah Summer Rain No.
GCh Beidelyn Heaven Can Wait Yes
Jonricker Nastan Noelle Yes
Skyview's Need You Now at Beidelyn No.
UK Ch & Am GCh Starvon I'm The One, ROM Yes

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